Tesla Model 2 Coming to Australia

This is an exciting news for all the EV fans.
This is the price where I think I can afford to buy one. How about you? 🚗


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  • Not for me if it's made in China.

    • Elon Musk the prophet will wash away any shame of MIC. Just like Apple washes away the MIC in industrial era work house conditions.

      I wouldn't expect it to be at those prices neither. Why under cut Nissan Leaf is there is no competition. Would be more like $50k because RAV4 Hybrid sells like hot cakes.

      Even with Model 3 MIC we still paying US Model 3 pirces.

      • Lol the competition is every other car

        • That's like saying a Ryobi electric is trying to compete against a Honda 4-stroke.

          Yes but also no. Different use cases and considerations.

          If someone is specifically in the market for an EV, they won't be comparing (at least in depth) against ICE vehicles.

          • +4 votes

            @Chandler: Depends on their marketing strategy. Do they want to just compete against current EVs or do they want to price it lower to attempt to capture customers who would otherwise buy ICE? At $32k they could maybe talk up petrol savings and environmental aspects. They might just end up slightly undercutting other EVs though.

            • @Diji: Their plan could be similar to Xiaomi. Sell affordable Tesla base models and let their brand populate the roads.

              People that see a brand 7 or 8 times are more likely to buy that brand over one that is seen once or twice.

          • @Chandler: I would love my next car to be electric, I don’t even need that much range. But if my current car doesn’t last until there is a decent fit and finish electric car for not an enormous amount extra, I’m not going to end up with an electric car as my next car. We cannot still be at the stage where electric vehicles are only competing against each other because the number of people who will by electric just because it’s electric isn’t going to drive much adoption.

          • @Chandler: Not every EV buyer is specifically in the market for an EV - lots of us wouldn't mind an EV but the price premium is - as yet - too much

      • Honestly Tesla has quality and maintenance issues made in the USA as is.

    • Would you offer your backyard?

    • Good for you, but if you count internal components of final products then you must live like a cave man.

    • Chinese cars now 4th biggest seller in oz market.

    • +3 votes

      Not for me if it's made in China.

      Made in China, as our iPhones.

      Times are changing, so we should.
      Adapt or perish.

      • Samsung: Made in Vietnam (whom Australia maintains a strong relationship with)
        Sony: Made in Thailand or Malaysia

        Your choice.

        • -10 votes

          Your choice.


          Why to trust other other country manufacturers but not China?
          Why is Apple not made there? Or Lenovo. Or Tesla.
          They must know something …

          • @LFO:

            Why to trust other other country manufacturers but not China?

            Because it's my money and I'll decide whom I trust, whom I conduct business with, and owe nobody any explanation, whatsoever.

            Besides, unless you've been sleeping under a rock, the Chinese communist party caused a worldwide pandemic that's killed millions of people and has affected me directly in many ways.

            • @CocaKoala: You must care if you are posting it on a website for complete strangers to read and comment…

            • @CocaKoala:

              the Chinese communist party caused a worldwide pandemic

              Sure they did. In their sEcReT CoMmIE Labrotr…labtora…in a lab

              • @GrueHunter:

                Sure they did. In their sEcReT CoMmIE Labrotr…labtora…in a lab

                The word you're looking for is a laboratory, but that's not what I said. Also, I'm not about to be debating about who caused the pandemic with the likes of you because I cannot deal with the level of denial you appear to be exhibiting.

                • @CocaKoala: Please take your conspiracies somewhere else. Yes, It originated in China, but if you want to argue about buying from China mabye from the point of how they treat the Uyghurs or their workplace conditions rather than unfounded consipracies.

                  • @Franc-T:

                    if you want to argue about buying from China mabye from the point of how they treat the Uyghurs or their workplace conditions rather than unfounded consipracies.

                    Gee, you people must be incapable of reading or downright out of your mind. The first one attempts to insinuate that I claimed the virus came out of a lab in China (which I did not), and then you come along to tell me not to talk about the Uyghurs - here's news to you boy: YOU are the one talking about Uyghurs.

                    The idea is quite simple, but let me make this even simpler as some of you don't seem to be grasping it: I will boycott Chinese products for WHATEVER reason I want to. It may be for the pandemic, the Uyghurs, a full moon, low tide, whatever I deem appropriate. Because it's MY money.

                  • @Franc-T: So it's a conspiracy that the virus originated in China, and could've have been prevented had China been enforcing their own rules regarding the storage of live animals? Riiiiight. I think the conspiracy theorist is looking at you in the mirror.

                    It was GrueHunter, not CocaKoala, that jokingly raised the idea that the virus originated in the Wuhan virus lab.

            • -3 votes


              the Chinese communist party caused a worldwide pandemic that's killed millions of people and has affected me directly in many ways.

              Everybody knows the virus was orchestrated by North Korea, developed by Syria, funded by Putin and distributed by those nasty military men from Burma/Myanmar.
              (did I forget any other public enemy?)

              It is a fact clearly commented in Twitter.

            • @CocaKoala: mate, you know who benefited the most from this pandemic? go look at wall street to find your answer

              If you keep looking back, and blaming others for your misfortune, you will never move forward

              • @jmel: I don't need unsolicited advise from the likes of you on how I should move forward, and Wall St exists to make money, and they've been making money since before the pandemic.

                Besides, I wasn't talking about who benefited from the pandemic, but about who perpetrated it, and about the fact that I have a right to decide whom I do business with using my own money. What's so difficult to understand?

                Xi Jignpig and his cronies decided to let the virus loose, which DIRECTLY caused the loss of millions of lives worldwide, and misfortune to an untold number of people. You are somehow trying to imply that I should instead look at what's happening in Wall St.

                • @CocaKoala:

                  Xi Jignpig and his cronies decided to let the virus loose

                  Stop it!!

                  It was a Palestinian plot financed by Iran. And orchestrated by Iraq. They went to Yemen and got the virus done over there… using Donald Trump private jet.
                  Don't you read the news …?

                  Stop blaming China!!

    • You must prefer the American made ones with the misaligned panels…

      • Yeah, I mean if their expensive cars are built as if they’re budget priced, how are the budget ones going to be built…,

        • Lots of quality stuff is made in China dude.

          • @AlanHB: Tesla cannot seem to make quality for a lot of money, where they make it is irrelevant.

            Apple make great products in China and charge a premium for it. Apple have good quality control and high standards.

            Tesla sell cheaply made cars for a lot and now they’re making one cheaper in a country that doesn’t yet make good quality cars and is widely known for poor quality products. Yes, they make some good quality products, but they’re the exception because they do cheap better than about anyone and quality is hard to do cheap.

      • Will take Panasonic batteries anytime over CCP crap!!

    • Don’t tell me that nothing in your house Made in China 🤪

      • True but a car is a bit different to household items

        • Why is it different? All of the other items can probably be bought from other countries. It’s probably more important to think about the thousand smaller things than a single vehicle.

          • @Euphemistic: The single vehicle brings China far more profit and likely brings the CCP money if they are funding part of the Tesla factory project. Avoid where possible.

            • @Techie4066: At this point I’d say their GDP is supported a lot more by general consumer goods than it is by vehicles.

              • @Euphemistic: Correct, however their car industry has grown massively in recent years and provides more profit per unit. That goes back to what we were discussing - how much of your money you want to fund China.

      • +5 votes

        Why does everyone default to this all-or-nothing position as if it's some kind of gotcha?

        If someone wants to minimise their money going to China, it's not a failure if some of the capacitors in their Japanese TV came from China… it's just the best they can reasonably achieve with the options available.

        • This is exactly right. Capacitors and small bits aren't even worth much anyway. People need to pay more attention to where products are sourced - forced labour has gone unnoticed.

    • The Chinese-made Tesla cars are better quality than the US made ones.


      • US survey vs China survey (for Chinese only vehicles), totally different consumer groups and driving conditions. I'd say the results are inconclusive.

        • Tesla's US vehicles are well known to have misaligned panels. The same is true for Tesla's US-made vehicles sold in China.

          I don't know if those issues persist in the vehicles coming out of their Chinese plant, but I would think if that were the case, it would be reflected in the Chinese polling.

          • @lint: Cheaper vehicles and a different consumer base, meaning varying expectations. It's hard to compare when the international market will be receiving different vehicles.

            • @Techie4066: Cheaper how exactly? Are you inferring to Chinese-built vehicles being lower quality? Or that Chinese consumers are less discerning about vehicle quality because believe me you would be wrong.

              From my personal experience I think I'd rather a Chinese-made Tesla than a US one.

              • @lint: Do I really need to explain? The Model 2 is far cheaper than anything else Tesla offers. That equates to vastly different expectations of quality.

                I'd rather not have any electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell will be the way forward.

                • @Techie4066: Pretty sure we were talking about comparable Teslas made in China versus those made in the US.

                  The Model 2 hasn't even been unveiled yet so obviously a lot of it can only be inferred, but given the cheaper price you're not going to get the same feature set as their current lineup. But that has nothing to do with whether or not it's made in China.

                  • @lint: Stop reading between the lines. Model 2 is incomparable to vehicles worth twice the price. You get discrepancies in quality between the cheapest Mazda 2 and the most expensive CX-9.

                • @Techie4066: Don’t forget that the model 2 only exists in marketing right now. It is purely speculation in what form/price it will end up.

                  They WANT to build a cheap electric car, they are building hype to raise share prices and capital.

    • Yep, and they are not using our coal, so their mild steel out of china is actually sh** atm.

  • Looks quick.

  • I love Tesla products and wish I could buy one of their EVs.

    I'll happily buy this car, after Beijing lifts punitive tariffs and trade bans on Australian barley, timber, lobsters, wine, cotton, meat and coal. And also the Global Times should stop calling for an end to Chinese students studying in Australia because we're all a bunch of racists.

    • So why doesn't Australia lift it's tariffs on Chinese steel?

      • because: politics

      • Or say sorry for telling all international students to leave the country, but leave your money…

        • International students were repeating and spreading CCP propaganda and lies, saying things like how much better China was compared to Australia, yet couldn't explain their hypocrisy in coming to Australia to study.

          • +19 votes

            @Blitzfx: Not wanting to support CCP, But it is a free country here isn't it? that is what makes it so great, they can say whatever the hell they want, that is part of what separates us from places like China.

          • @Blitzfx: Australian's politicians are behaving like CCP's one, so their propaganda could be true …

          • @Blitzfx: Maybe they can’t get into the universities in China

          • @Blitzfx: Honestly that’s not untrue. They’re coming here because it’s so competitive in China to get into universities. Once they’ve got there degree many of them would much rather go back to China than stay, simply because there’s so many more opportunities there.

            • @unfinishedsentenc: Not quiiiiteee true. They're coming here because they didnt make it to UK/US. Aus is 3rd rate choice compared to those countries. So when they say all this stuff, the parents are quite happy to flow through to UK/US instead.

        • They said international students who were asking for financial assistance to go back home. Not just international students. The visas they are all on include criteria that they are able to fund their own stay.

      • I think that's not a bad idea. Australias basically the closest significant iron ore resource to china with output through the wazoo.

        If they were smart they'd carry out cartel like behaviour like Saudi Arabia and Russia did on oil before America ruined the party.

        South America is still working through teething issues with supply and covid while Africa is around 2/3 years off production.

        Honestly australia should be cashing in on this given china has no real other alternative

      • Because they dump.

    • I love Tesla shares (owned through my fund managers not directly). Won't be paying for the product.

    • +21 votes

      If you stick with your principles, it will be interesting when a lot of major countries start to impose 'carbon tariffs' on Australian exports.
      Japan, USA, UK, etc.

      • This is the best news since the Paris agreement
        I hope Australian industry gets decimated by carbon tariffs - reap what you sow (vote for)

        • Lol okay, sure, I also support decimating a country on 80% of its profits when I live in it cos I'm a cool and rational normal person.

          • @StickMan: Oh well, Australia can get left behind with its isolationist mentality

          • @StickMan: Maybe not "support", but I do understand the ironic satisfaction when the inevitable happens. The government has had a very long time to turn away from coal and curb it's carbon emissions.

            • @AlanHB: “You make the bed, you lie in it”
              Australia voted for ‘complex problem simple solution populism’ & now they’re going to get smashed. Yipeeeeeee

    • And also the Global Times should stop calling for an end to Chinese students studying in Australia because we're all a bunch of racists.

      That wont happen because Global Times is the CCP Propaganda mouth piece. They convey the message of the government. I don't know why we allow them to exist here.

  • $32,000 AUD!

    If it's really that cheap they'll struggle to keep up with demand. Considering the mediocre vehicles you can buy for that much in Australia, these'll sell like hotcakes.

    If you have a lot of solar on your roof and a battery already, the savings in petrol and servicing will add up fast. You'd be looking at a lower lifetime cost than 25k petrol vehicles, in that case.

    And that's assuming Elon's plans for a fully-autonomous uber-style service don't pan out. If they do, the car pays for itself.

    • MIC Model 3s we're going to get in Australia

      Australian prices will follow US made prices. Tesla will bank the difference.

      Also why would they sell Model 2 for less than RAV4 prices which is like $50k. Tesla is not to leave money on the table.

    • And the government is thinking tax on ev base on distance travelled.

      • +16 votes

        This government is thinking what gas/oil industry tells it to think.

        • Once EVs are cost competitive and take off, some way of replacing the lost fuel excise will be required. After all you could think of the current fuel excise as being anti-fossil fuel, but the reality is it’s just a way to raise revenue.

          Sure it’s premature at the moment and the federal government is clearly influenced by the gas industry (not so much oil)…

        • Road infrastructure must be paid for. EV's need to pay their share. If the gov loses their fuel excuse tax, they will regain that lost revenue elsewhere.

    • You'd be looking at a lower lifetime cost than 25k petrol vehicles, in that case.

      I am sure a Model 2 could retail for $AUD32k, but with super charging and autopilot as add on services for the low, low weekly price of $15 a day (minimum purchase period 60 days). After all, you get all the convenience and privacy of your own vehicle with the increase in leisure time afforded by using silver service taxi's. You're worth it.

      After all, daddy Musk needs to be financially responsible and take advantage of a real point of differentiation for the benefit of his owners investors.

      • Musk is a major stockholder. It's reasonable to think that he won't deliberately hurt his portfolio.

        • 20%?

          Henry Ford had over 51% of his stock when the Dodge brothers with 10% destroyed Ford's vision. With 80% of Tesla shares not owned my Musk, he needs to walk a fine line if he wants to continue his R&D spending spree instead of capitalising on the R&D already completed.

          • @This Guy: Yes, a major stockholder and not a majority.

            He has more to lose than any other single individual if things go fubar.

            • @whooah1979: I think we are having two different conversations.

              I replied to a comment stating that at $32k a small Tesla would have a total lifetime cost similar to that of an ICE car at $25k.

              I replied that at $32k, Tesla is going to bend the customer over with a hot poking stick and charge ~$5k a year [in 2024] for access to super charging and autopilot [as autopilot is already $10k, rising $3k each year at current rates].

              I deflected the blame from daddy Musk, as with a majority ownership being institutional investors, he has very little control and risks being voted out if he doesn't profiteer from market leadership.

              Tesla's mission statement is clear about the motivation behind the company being social change, not financial enrichment. This is at odds with legal requirements of US publicly traded companies.

              Daddy Musk is not a sales person. If he was, he would hold back for the good of his company, instead of calling a cave rescuer a pedo, publicly trash talking workers when they are vocal about conditions or publicly trash talking governments and government departments that have the ability to financially impact his companies. If he gave a rat's bottom about profit he would have demonstrated it on stage like when he demoed his bullet proof windows that had already taken a hit.

              • +4 votes

                @This Guy: If you believe a guy doing a pump and dump on dodgecoin is brimfull of ethics and believe all the marketing spin of a mission statement you have a special level of naivety.