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Op could do a lease back, it's basically "selling" the car to the lease company, and then lease it from them. You receive your cash back…
19/07/2024 - 10:54
They are happy to renew it as long as you have a new code, which is available from Commbank Yello. I just did it after my 12 months period,…
27/06/2024 - 11:34
More Telecom nbn250/25 $115 but with CBA discount code so $74.75
27/06/2024 - 11:32
Wow, these actually look amazing.
12/06/2024 - 10:24
I just use Revolut’s single use card to activate it. The card is disposed once used, so Kogan can’t charge me for recharge.
24/05/2024 - 11:53
What's the address? Maybe someone here can help You find some clue. Surely noe one would care If it's abandoned.
12/04/2024 - 21:34
+1 for Xiaomi SU7, I have been watching testing and walk through videos non stop on bilibili. Would definitely get this over any other EVs…
06/04/2024 - 16:36
Thanks. I am planning on leasing a eligible EV anyway. Was just confused about the FBT part.
06/04/2024 - 09:47
I am in the process of understanding novated lease, and still don't understand why would I care as an employee if my employer pays FBT?
05/04/2024 - 11:14
But Polestar is not a startup though. It's a joint venture between Volvo and Geely, and if Polestar doesn't sell well, they will just use…
04/04/2024 - 10:23
Great post, just one small error: Nanking is should be Nanjing. Same as one of your tags.
28/03/2024 - 13:10
I agree, cooking is so much cheaper. But time is also money my friend.
27/02/2024 - 17:19
Thanks, signed up and did the $1000 transfer in and out. Hopefully will get the rate next month. Does anyone know if you can open multiple…
19/02/2024 - 16:04
Thanks, I didn't know those deals. I will check it out.
13/02/2024 - 13:50
If you are going to buy something from Amazon anyway, why not buy the gift card first and get the credit back? For example, I am going to…
13/02/2024 - 13:25
Yeah, also if I’m not doing this deal again this year, I’ll be able to switch to a prepaid plan in 12 months time. Which will be a lot…
21/09/2023 - 16:40
I took this deal last year and I’m still on the Vodafone plan. Can I do this again this year? Am I eligible for the $75 plan?
20/09/2023 - 10:21
Did this last year, it’s GST of the (iphone price - $1000). In my case it was a 128GB 14PM, which is $899 after the deal. And it has a…
20/09/2023 - 10:20
How many times do we have to say this? Don’t let they take anything unless the fund is cleared. And yeah CBA does hold payment for new…
25/08/2023 - 20:33
Then just drive food instead of people? I signed up for Uber eats delivery a while ago, the process was very easy and pay is ok considering…
27/05/2023 - 11:58
12/04/2023 - 19:48
V6 is for people want V8 but can't afford it. I am talking the same class of cars of course. There are very powerful V6 and weak V8, but I…
09/02/2023 - 11:54
Firstly it’s CPC, what’s CCP? lol… Then KMT had never ruled Taiwan before WW 2 ended and the Japanese were defeated. But Taiwan was…
31/01/2023 - 00:10
Why would anyone be using cash in 2023??? PayID, Paypal, I don't care as long as the fund is clear instantly I am happy with that. Don't…
27/01/2023 - 17:55
Can this be price matched somewhere? Want to get this now and don’t want to wait for delivery.
16/12/2022 - 09:39
In general yes, you pay for inspections even if the mechanic can’t find the issue. It’s the nature of cars, sometimes issues are so…
26/11/2022 - 10:48
Gold Coast has a delivery cost of $85, but can be picked up for free.
23/11/2022 - 11:21
Anyone know if you can create a blank listing and then later on change it to auction?
17/11/2022 - 11:37