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XPower Airrow Pro Electric Blower in Black $89 (Was $119) + Shipping* @ PLE Computers


Be BLOWN AWAY - well maybe not with 1!

XPower Airrow Pro Electric Blower in Black $89 (Was $119) + Shipping*

Multipurpose Handheld Blower, Duster, Dryer and Pump

*550 Watt Motor
*90 CFM rated airflow
*2 Speed Tiptronic paddle shiftless gearbox
*Corded, length 10ft./~3m (it's long!)
*9 nozzle attachments

Manufacturers Link -…

I do own 1 of these and its beaten any can of air I've used!

See one of my previous comments for tech comparison to OPOLAR battery powered dusters -

You may get free shipping, I don't know!

*Shipping info direct from PLE Computers' website Shipping Guide -

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  • This vs the metrovac product?

    • +1

      I've got a DataVac and the quality is absolutely incredible.

      Personally I'd spend the extra $100 on it, however if you're just after something to get a job done and don't care then this may be the way to go as it's much cheaper.

      • This - the Metrovac is built like a tank. It feels indestructible.

        • The CFM is not as high as the Airrow but I have a feeling the MetroVac punches out a way higher airpressure. The thing is an absolute beast.

      • Are the attachments included with the DataVac plastic?

        I viewed the MetroVac website and the housing is:

        Sturdy All Steel Baked Enamel Finish

        That somewhat supports the claim of ESD safe but I would think dust has electrostatic properties unless the surface upon which it moves and when it is transported creates that charge or increases it. The best solution is to dust often.

        I would also note that the XPower Airrows' motor from the image ripped by PLE from XPower was also

        rated at 4.5A 540W

        And even though the CFM is different that maybe due to the housing. So I would not be surprised if both units contain the same motor manufactured in the same facility. Sometimes its really hard to find out when something has been completely made in house and none of the components are sourced outside of a country.

        Without actual comparisons not sure how both these units compare.

        • Yep, plastic attachments (not including the ESD bracelet which would be funny)

          I don't want to come across biased, as I have never used the Airrow - I just really REALLY love me DataVac and use it weekly on my PC and Server + various other things.

          It is absolute quality. It's bloody loud, but when you fire the thing up you get a sense of of build quality.

          Take one for the team and buy an Airrow. If it's crap, return it and get a DataVac!

        • That somewhat supports the claim of ESD safe but I would think dust has electrostatic properties unless the surface upon which it moves and when it is transported creates that charge or increases it.

          I've worked in I.T. for over 20 years, and the number of parts that colleagues and I have destroyed through ESD during that time is precisely zero.

          From this sample size of tens of thousands of interactions with hardware, It's not a thing unless you're astronomically unlucky. Don't worry about it.

          • @Nom: I think Razor Blade over on the Linus techtips forum put it succinctly

            It is very difficult or impossible to detect ESD damage.

            If a new product doesn't work how do you know u didn't fob it up. And if you use second hand components that did work but when you move it to another machine they don't cause you dusted that previous machine, well…

            Unless you're using specialised test equipment I really think you can't make that kind of statement. Static, dust accumulation or dusting might damage components and you'd never know and tbh does it really matter. Just replace the component.

            I was originally trying to fathom why a duster would advertise as ESD safe!? Almost gimmicky

  • I've had this around a year maybe, find it awesome.

  • +2

    I paid $150 for mine last year, it's a great unit for dusting out the computer/network cabinet, heatsinks etc. Noisey but powerful

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    • $14.60 for the cheapest delivery.
    • That kind of sux. Their shipping wasn't always like this. If you have other items to purchase I think the general free shipping cap might be 200$ - at least thats what it was for me back in December in 2020

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