Why Do You Have a Beard and How Does It Feel?

I am just wondering why it is so common in Australia for men to have beard.

Is it symbolic? Doesn't it feel unhygienic and inconvenient? It sure takes more time, effort and money to maintain the beard. What happens when food is hiding there?

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    I am female and I want to have beard


      • Surprisingly I made my comment above which included Islam and got downvoted

        Probably because of your name. lol

  • I've grown a beard during winter for the last few years, keeps your face warm during the colder months. Oh, and not having to shave is a win.

  • Feels like my face is covered in pubes.

  • I originally grew it to piss of the wife but now she likes it and I'm in two minds whether to save it or keep it

    I have only shaved it off twice since I grew it and let it grow back

    1st time was for the worlds greatest shave and the second time for my father funeral

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    I know a guy who has a beard, he had horrible acne and was advised by his GP to grow a beard to help control the oil on his face, therefore helping his acne.. and it worked, he very rarely has breakouts now.

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    next thread

    Women do you have hairy armpits and how does it feel ?

  • Never had a bread till covid. Prefer it, so does partner.

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      White or brown? Baguette or sliced?

  • I have got depression, and one of its signs is unkept facial hair, and real yellow teeth (You dont take care of yourself)

  • I shave virtually everyday ( since it is work from home, I can afford to skip once in a while).

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPqchDH22Vw

    I imagine this is how having a beard feels like :3

  • I prefer to run with a completely shaven body, from head to toe. Slippery Smooth!

  • I'm a really hairy bloke and started shaving at 13.
    At 15 I started growing a goatee / mo
    At 20 I stopped shaving to save time + money (blades are expensive) and I bought myself a hair clipper to "shave"
    I started really growing my beard at 25, I've had it really long, really short, but I haven't been "clean" shaven in over 10 years now.

  • Having a beard is the default. When did it become a necessary to modify our natural state to please everyone else?
    And what's not to love about it?
    The way my wife snuggles into it when we lie together.
    The smile on my daughters face when she gives me plats and butterfly hair clips.
    The feeling of the wind in your hair as your cruise down the highway, beard flapping over your shoulders.
    The burning hair smell when your welding.
    A place to hide the tv remote.
    Stroking your beard makes you feel wiser, regardless of how thick you truly are.
    Found yourself on the run? It's much quicker to remove your beard than it is to grow one. Instant disguise.

    • The smile on my daughters face when she gives me plats and butterfly hair clips.

      Or when the kids pull it to grab your attention.

  • Where is the option in the poll for, no beard, ever?

    In uni days I would shave about once a week. When it got itchy. Smooth as a babies bum after a shave.

    Then when I started full time work I shaved pretty much every day. But gradually expectations in the office have relaxed and I can usually get away with just shaving on Monday mornings.

    I have no desire to grow a beard. Love the feeling of clean shaven (just not always because shaving too much irritates).

  • To all the females wanting a beard, please explain

  • I grow beard to make my face looks skinnier (shadow effect).

  • I hate shaving, haven't done it since my early 20's, it was always so irritable. Having a beard is the obvious solution.

  • As with anything in life, a good beard needs time, patience and care. When you can look after your beard, to me, it's something beautiful, glorious and masculine. Wouldn't have it any other way.

  • the only beard i have is below my waist

  • Over worked and over whelmed right now no time to do a shave but when my neck beard gets heavy I hate it and can feel it scratching which sometimes motivates me to shave it.

    Also my family have indoctrinated me through severe peer pressure that you must shave or you are basically homeless and unwanted by society also professionally you look better says family of women and some men..
    Thanks fam.

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