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Genio Mirabella Wi-Fi Dimmable 9W LED Colour Changing $15 @ Woolworths


Been looking for a deal on these for a while now; Woolies prices are usually jacked up; but this is cheaper than the standard KMart price!

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  • Thanks OP!

  • Showing up as $20 on their website for Melbourne stores

  • Colour changing meaning not RGB?

  • Costco sells another brand rgb smart led’s which i find pretty decent for the price. 4 for $32.
    They have Samsung Leds and work with SmartHome/Tuya.

  • I personally have bought these last time they were half price at Woolies and after trying to set one up for my parents, gave up and it's back in the box. There seemed to be constant issues with getting it to connect/pair using a cumbersome method of switching on/off power and waiting etc… I'm sure I'll get around to trying again at some point but they definitely are nowhere near as seamless as say Hue bulbs (granted, for a fraction of the price).

    • I agree, mine sometimes just decide to cease connecting to the network. It's really frustrating. I think it has something to do with their thermals. They seem to run quite warm… I wouldn't recommend due to the unreliability.

    • Instructions are quite easy to follow. I've over 5 Genio globes and have no issues setting them up. Whether it is globes or smart plug, the setup process is pretty much the same and quite easy to follow.

      • I don't think it's the instructions but rather it just didn't want to stay connected to wifi, even after I disabled the 5Ghz wifi, etc… it was in the same room as my parents' Telstra provided Smart modem/router combo, so a very typical basic networking environment. Could've been a dud bulb, user error, or any other factor really… so YMMV.

        • I had the exact same issue. I also use a telstra router. Maybe that could be causing some issues.

          • @Jake17: Sounds like it. I’m using Asus and never had a drop out. I’ve over 5 genio globes and 8 brilliant smart plugs for over a year now.

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      Hate them, got a couple but they keep losing sync and turning themselves on automatically.

  • Good price. I have this in my bedroom as the main light and works well with Google. Haven't had any issues and use it daily.

  • I bought these last time they were on special. I do NOT recommend these. Unless you have really good wifi or your router is real close to the light it won't connect.

    Even if they do connect, they don't work as well as they should. Just my 2c

    • Yeah I found they would barely connect outside the room containing the router. I would say about a 5-10 metre range at best depending on if any walls in between.

  • I returned the only one I purchased. Couldn't get it to connect. I looked online for tips but it didn't help. I read something saying it has to be within 30cms of router. I wouldn't recommend

  • How warm is the warm white?

    I bought the brilliant Smart rgbw bulbs from Bunnings (also about $15) and the white was terrible. It was 3000k so the light is orange colour and cannot be set to an actual white colour.

  • Connect Smart ‘colour changing’ bulbs are $10 at Harvey Norman (2700K – 6500K Adjustable)

    RGB are $15

  • I have 1 - they don't work at least half the time. And by that i just mean don't even turn on when you flick the light switch

  • Thanks OP. My local woollies has the sale 👍

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    Pieces of crap. Lose sync all the time, and randomly turn on.

    Got tired of waking up to lights being in on the morning, now use exclusively yeelights

    • Does your yeelight sync with google home well? I find mine always disconnect from google home.

      • Yeah, never had a problem with Google home. Honestly that sounds like a router issue, not sending updates through to devices

        • I like mine, I'll take yours, lol (maybe new models blow?)

        • Most likely.. I've had a lot of issues with my router.. Probably time for an upgrade.. Might grab one of those xiaomi one

          • @buckethat: I had a Xiaomi one, with a built in 1tb harddrive. I'm sure they have English versions now, but that one was a nightmare - no option to set to English. Had a lot of issues with it, including getting yeelights to connect.

            Got myself a Google wi-fi and have never had a problem. I hate routers

            • @Salmando: Oh really, I've read some good reviews of the xiaomi ones here on ozb, but yeah the newer model doesn't have English support which could be a problem.

              Google Wi-Fi might be more reliable.. since if theres issue atleast I'll be able to get local support. Is the one you're using the small puck looking one? Or this newer rounder ones?

  • RGB Colour bulbs are a gimmick. I have a bunch of Xiaomi ones and it's unnecessary.

    Will be getting these from kogan instead:


    Cheap at $10 for a single, $16 for 2 or $26 for 4.

  • I have one. Works fine, no connectivity issues. Doesn't have the range of a more expensive brand, but a good introductory wifi bulb.

  • I own two of these. They’re great and works well with Google speaker. Just keep in mind these bulbs are a little dim even with the white setting so it could be too dim for work if you work from home.

  • Thanks I picked up a few of the RGB ones tonight.

    These work well and they seem to be a different model to what is sold at Kmart (unless I happened to purchase older models at Kmart?). The firmware of these bulbs also support Samsung’s Smart Things home automation app — not the best platform, but good to see they are expanding beyond Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • My goddamn OzBargain alert didn't work for this - I just thought I'd randomly search and here we are - I've missed it. Groan

  • These don't work with the Telstra Gen 2 modem, I've tried mine and I'm also having the same issues.