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50% off Instant Rockstar Hair Products + Delivery ($0 with $22 Spend/ NSW Pickup) @ Barber House


Please Use Discount Code @ Checkout.

Australia Wide Immediate Shipping.

Please email [email protected] for enquires.

Free Shipping Over $22.00 Spend or only $6.95 Standard Shipping.

Australian Instant Rockstar has been pushing the boundaries of unisex haircare since early 2000. Renowned as one of Australia’s leading styling and grooming product brands, they are constantly innovating and challenging the production of new products. The variation of product range caters for most Australians and dares you to try.

Sourcing plant-based, natural and lab-made ingredients, the Instant Rockstar promise is one of the utmost quality and consideration for the people and the planet.

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2021.

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  • +1

    Fantastic deal!

  • +1

    Perfect timing, have been looking to order more this week. 2 for under $24 delivered is excellent value. Thanks OP!

  • Seems like a good price thanks

  • About to run out of the green Instant Rockstar Matt Rock Wax I got from a deal last year.
    So glad it's on sale again, going to try more of their range this time.

    Added the Green Matt Rock Wax ($23.90) and Yellow Solid Rock Clay ($23.90).
    With promo code, down to $11.95 each, total of $23.90, qualified for free shipping!

    What a steal, thanks OP!

  • +2

    Hi, No Problem, We love to support Australian made as much as possible. Love the Rockstar.

    • Hey rep, placed my order on the 14th and still hasn't shipped over a week later?
      You're going to make me resort to using Taft Gel soon!

      • Same for me. Emailed them yesterday and still waiting for a reply.

        • Same here, sent an email following up with no response. Think it might be worth avoiding here in the future.

      • +1

        Looks like they have always been like this. My first purchase from them and so will be my last.


        • I just emailed them and got a reply straight away with a tracking number.
          It's still "pending" on Auspost so they may have only just sent it today but should have it by Friday apparently.

          • @whitelie: Well Friday came and went…tracking number isn't even logged in Auspost's system yet. Probably give these guys a miss next time

            • @whitelie: Yep.. same here..

              • @Nigelwsk: Same situation here. Still not even logged with auspost.

                • @PolishDumbo: Still no movement on my order, been 17 days

                  • +1

                    @teacherer: Same here, I am going to email them for a refund now. This is ridiculous. They lied about everything they have said, need to avoid and never allow them to post again on Ozbargain. I will report them everytime I see they make a post.

                    • @Nigelwsk: Yep. Customer service is worse than the Ugg deals.
                      I'm sure we didn't all order the same product so if they supposedly "carry more than 60 units of each item", why hasn't anything been sent out yet?

  • Hi All,

    Due to the volume of orders some items are awaiting a further replenishment. During Oz Bargain Sales some delivery may take longer due to the individual popularity of one item. Apologies for the slight delay. During sales shippng times will extend slightly.


    • Items should be clearly marked if on backorder before purchase. What’s a good contact number as I want to cancel my order but am getting no response via email.

      • Hi Polish,

        Please inbox your email or order number. We are having a few emails end up in Junk Mail and constantly checking.

        • I haven't received my order and my emails are being ignored. What kind of service is that?

      • Hi,

        We carry more then 60 units of each item.

  • I haven't received my stuffs yet…

  • Hi All,

    Apologies as we had complaints about our pricing in the sale from certain people. This has been sorted. Shipping commenced. We possibly won’t repeat this price till next year. Let the dust settle.

    • You gave me a tracking number 2 weeks ago which isn't in the system and you're saying only now that shipping has commenced?
      What about all the orders that didn't have an issue with pricing, why weren't they sent straight away? Why say "immediate postage" when it's not?

      What about the complaints in this deal, why are they also still waiting when there's nothing to do with the pricing of this deal?

      Every deal I've looked up on that you've run has comments about taking forever to receive the order. If I knew it would be over 4 weeks, I definitely wouldn't have ordered. Guess I should have done more research prior to ordering.

      • Yep, absolutely agree.

        I think it's safe to say it's a scam as we may never receive our order as the "seller" just disappeared and don't reply to emails, providing "fake tracking" etc..

        • Just got an update from Auspost that it's "being prepared" so should only take another week to make it to Perth. At least it's on its way though, I guess that's something.

          • @whitelie: Yep received the same update. After nearly a month and finally!

            • @Nigelwsk: A week on, still "being prepared"
              It will randomly rock up in my mailbox one day when I've completely forgotten about it lol

              • @whitelie: Not sure if it will ever rock up though… I bought something off eBay yesterday afternoon and it arrived today. Not to mention it was from Sydney to Melbourne too… So it's definitely got nothing to do with Australia Post

                • @Nigelwsk: I got a text message from them yesterday saying there was delays in them moving warehouses and it should arrive within 48hours…Auspost tracking says next week lol

  • Well blow me down, my order arrived today!
    Under 6 weeks, I'm impressed…..

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