Neighbour Parking in The Driveway in Front of My Living Room Door

Hi everyone,

Actually this for my friend who is having trouble with her neighbour and it is very distressing for her.

She bought a new house-in group of 4 independent units that share a common driveway and with individual parking spots for each house.
One of the neighbours (a tenant actually)- who has recently moved into the house next door parks their car in front of the living room of my friend, inspite of having a parking spot in their unit.
My friend finds it very disturbing that the car is obstructing the peaceful view that she normally gets when she is sitting in her living room and intruding on her privacy everytime they are in the car to start or park the car.
My friend tried to talk politely to the neighbour but it did not work. The neighbour mentioned that the agent has given them the permission ot park the car so they will continue parking there.
My friend also tried to contact the real estate agent for the neighbour house - but he was not willing to listen or help with her problem

My friend is very stressed as to what to do? Can anyone suggest what is the best way to get the neighbour's car out of her front door?

Thanks for your time and looking forward to some useful answers!

Here is the layout of the 4 independent houses. My friend's house is 3rd triangle from the road and the annoying neighbour is the last triangle -(furthermost from the road)-



      • board up ur windows so its smash proof. unless ur referring to ur parked car outside and no room in the garage or no garage in which case….would be a good reason to continue driving a bomb of a car with already rusted spots and scratches, dents and chips everywhere that u could careless about if they revenge keyed ur car back for letting air out off their tyres….

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    Reason # 643 not to buy a townhouse/unit/battleaxe block etc….

    So what did the neighbour say when she spoke to them?

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      The neighbour mentioned that the agent has given them the permission ot park the car so they will continue parking there.

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        What did the agent say when she asked them?

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          The answer is in the OP.

          My friend also tried to contact the real estate agent for the neighbour house - but he was not willing to listen or help with her problem

    • where else are you going to get cheap accommodations? crash at a friends place for free? If you have any friends to start with that are fine with you crashing at their place….

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    Not to shit on you too much OP, but some friendly advice. If you own a unit/townhouse/etc you really need to be familiar with your body corporate policy and how things like common property work. I am suprised you don't immediately know what to do in this situation, but nows a very good time to learn.

    • yes indeed- thanks!

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        This is obviously about you lol.

    • Seems pretty clear that its the tentant and REA who dont know or dont care how common property works.

      Are you really surprised they dont immediately know what to do? They are just 4 units, they arent a managed body corporate, so they dont just have a contact they can call to make the complaint on their behalf.

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    Next there'll be a thread about how some Karen doesn't like where I park my car as it blocks her peaceful view of the fence.

    • Would depend on the car, it might not be a high yield.

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    I’m really surprised no one has said bikies yet

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    Go to the tribunal because you can’t get enough signature from the other owners, their real estate agent couldn’t care less, and you already talked to the neighbour but they didn’t listen.

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    MS Paint picture makes it look like your "friend" is living in tent city

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    Why not put some pot plants or planter box outside the window so the car can't park there anymore?

    • It is on a road 1 car wide and the neighbour needs the road to access their car space. Not really possible to put objects in the way unfortunately

      • Make it narrow down and just enough to drive pass, but not wide enough to open the door.

        • Yes - if that could be calculated precisely it would be the winner. Just hopefully the tenant doesn't take revenge and damage her car or something.

  • I have two questions.

    Why are you doing this for your friend?

    Why doesn't your friend ask on here?

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      because its member since

      • Yes, not even a day ago, so just joined up to post this.

        • is it really that surprising. Your friend asks you for some advice, you arent sure but are curious and want to be helpful so you go to a website you visit often but havnet bothered creating an account for and ask for other opinions.

          Maybe the friend isnt tech savvy.

          I mean honestly, the amount of energy in this thread wasted by people just asserting the 'friend' must be the OP. Like whatever, who cares.

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    Why don't you park your car there instead ?!

    Do that for a month and that should make him park else where and make it become his routine.

    Putting up with your own car is better than his car

    • It is on a road 1 car wide which the neighbour needs for access to his car spot

      • Just park it there and tell them that its common property and they might have to park on the road if they can't get through.

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    Might be hard to get agreement from other owners because of the cost, but clearly painted car spaces may help.

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    It's actually quite simple and logical.

    1) The Owner's Corporation consists of the 4 owners.

    2) An Owner's Corporation Manager is contracted by the owners to manage the property on their behalf, according to their wishes and in line with mandated/agreed OC rules.

    3) There are designated car spaces for cars and they should not normally be parked on the driveway.

    If I were the owner of unit 3, I would call the Owner's Corporation Manager and confirm with them that point 3 above applies. I would then ask them to immediately issue a notice to the other owners indicating this, and perhaps place a sign on the property to this effect.

    That should be the end of it. If not the OC Manager will have a dispute resolution process that can be applied.

    • Problem is from a OP’s comment all the other blocks are tenants.

      So, only OP’s friend has skin in the game, others unless it affects them directly would only been focused on rent collection.

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        Fine, then the other owners will get the notice and ignore it. A "no parking in driveway" sign (or similar) will be erected and all should be good. If it's not, off to dispute resolution. Why conjure up possible issues when simple, rational action drives towards a sensible outcome?

        • Doesnt seem they have an OCM.

          THey have a designated parking spot. They've been notified. It seems their only option is to threaten to take the lot owner to VCAT and then do it.

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        The friend should park their car in the driveway outside the property closest to the road for a few days. Then we will see how everyone begins to care.

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      Whilst this makes perfect sense its wishful thinking in a perfect world Im afraid.

      We dont know what the Strata rules are and regardless stratas have no such power.
      Its a very long process to get any fines issued if it gets to that and thats if they do.

      Meanwhile OP should recognise that their freind has already attempted to take the appropriate action.
      Not much we can do from here and regardless its none of OPs business anyway.

      • Good contribution

      • Why is it none of OP's business? WHy cant they help a friend?

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    bbuy a wheel clamp, put it on and charge for the removal

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      That would be illegal and OP's friend would be liable for any damages
      A better idea would be to have removable (lockdown) bollards installed

    • HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHA - I would so want a video recording of this…

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    happened to me. call strata!

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    Park your car behind them, do not move it for like a good week?
    Just say you like it being there.

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    As others have said, if the neighbour is being unreasonable, then engage via strata. If that drags out or doesn't resolve the issue, take matters into your own hands: it would be a shame if every time they park where they shouldn't, one of their tyres would loose all of its air… :)

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      Not a good idea to take matters into your own hands
      The police would come knocking on your door.'Then what?
      Unfortunately That person has done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law.

      A 91ras said above, simply park behind them.
      But as they appear to be an arrogant pig they will respond by doing the same.

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        Then don't answer the door. They won't have a warrant. They can't make you talk to them.

        Even if you do answer the door, what proof do they have that you did it?

        I highly doubt cops would even care.

        You either do something about or you bend over and take it. Your choice.

    • slash their tyres more like it….that way they need brand new tyres everytime they park next to OP's window.

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      The notice must be a formal notice from the Strata manager

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    Get a fence bird feeder. They’ll stop parking there after the birds start dropping 💩.

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      this might actually work

    • really creative ideas from you :-)

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    Nothing seem to motivate an agent more than an angry phone call from the owner after you call them and complain that their agent is causing this grief…. calls to owners happen at 2am of course.

    • sounds useful- thanks

  • Buy a traffic cone

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    What has worked for us in a similar situation is to take a photo of the offending car and email it to the Owners Corp manager, along with a complaint that they are using body corporate land for parking. They should then contact the REA or landlord, who should then instruct their tenant to not park there. For us this was enough to work. If it doesn't, I would continue to contact the Owners Corp about it until they fix the problem.

    Why on earth would they park their car there when they have a perfectly good car spot? Do they have 2 cars?

    Also, your friend should attend the next Owners Corp meeting so that they can bring up any issues like this with the other owners. It's also good to meet the other owners so it's easier to talk to them about any issues, too.

    • True- thanks

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    Woops OP has gone missing! I wonder why.. He's a good bloke it seems…

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    Agents are a bunch of C U Next Tuesday's.

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    $5 bag of nails from Bunnings…

  • Strata life. Love with it or move to an independent house.

  • We can put it down to strata/high density living, but in my experience neighbours can be dicks/inconsiderate with their parking even in suburbs with larger land and houses.
    Their seems to be a general reluctance for people to park on their own driveway and especially visitors to park in front of the house they are visiting, preferring to park in front of a neighbours house or edge of the neighbours driveway.
    The house next to me has space for 3 cars side by side on their driveway, but rarely use it. Preferring to park 2 cars on the grass verge in front of their house, which they've partially gravelled and for their 3rd car they've actually gravelled part of the verge in front of my house and park their car on it, millimetres from the edge of my driveway, so it's a nice easy drive on/off without the inconvenience of reversing off their own drive but difficult for me to see when reversing off my drive.
    I'm actually renting and it was like that already, so don't want to make too much of a fuss.
    The house opposite has space for 2 cars on their drive, but again, parks one on the road opposite my drive and the other on the road outside my house (opposite side to their house) and close to the other edge of my drive.
    Maybe it's some neighbourly joke that I don't know about!
    Anyway, I'm right on the corner, so with that and the chicane of cars to negotiate, hopefully one of them will get smashed soon enough. I hear the screeching of tyres every time it rains, so it's only a matter of time.

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      Thanks for sharing

    • This sounds like such a nightmare. Why are people such inconsiderate shits sometimes?

  • Lol why these always their friends. Just admit it OP. It's you!!!

    • Does it really matter whether it is the OP or their friend or their mother-in-law?

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        lol that's my point.

  • i don't think theres much you can do

    however, i also don't think theres much to see out of (i imagine looking out the window all you see is the fence of the neighbouring property)

    i'd go and plant a row of Bamboo plants to act as a screen

    or your neighbor could put a cutout of a person staring out the window to freak the neighbor into submission

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    1. The driveway is definitely a common area in which there should be no parking. You need to make an official complaint to the strata management and hope that they actually follow it up.

    2. If your friend parks her car head first she would need that common area space to reverse out. Complain that the illegally parked car is obstructing the driveway and she can't reverse out safely.

    • thanks!

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    Thanks for all the useful comments - overwhelmed to see the response and that people do offer genuine advice in this forum ( apart from a few, which I am happy to ignore!)

    I will pass these suggestions to my friend. It was great learning for me too - as to how to deal with such neighbors. Thanks again, everyone!

    Happy to be a part of this community!

  • someone didn't like me parking on the street outside their house, you know how they got me to stop? even though i was legally parked, he would stab my tyres every time i parked there. after 2 times, i realized, not going to park there anymore

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      Yeah a public street is different to a private driveway, whoever damaged your car was in the wrong.

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    If this is enough to cause your friend to be very distressed, she is going to have some serious challenges later in life.

  • Buy nice curtains or a blind

  • Why is it stressing her out so much? She must have a pretty easy life to have this as a big stress.

    Anyway, from what you've said that neighbour cannot park their car there, maybe advise her landlord as they would have more authority. Neighbour seems like an a**wipe.

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    Big Ass Ornamental Rock

  • Assuming civility or the strata routes get your friend nowhere, and I know you mentioned there is only width for one car in this driveway, but could they put a bicycle (plenty of freebies about) in a spot that somewhat blocks off the space near your friend's house but still allows the car to pass through to their garage if they wanted to?

    Lock it to something ideally….or if your friend can be bothered, go out and grab a cheap camera and leave the bike unlocked if your friend suspects a certain 'someone' will lay their hands on it.

  • OP: Get your friend to park her car there. Problem solved.

  • Buy a cheap moped or something similar and park it there, or even better - swap with the car if she has one. Of course, she would then be commiting the same bad act so no leg to stand of she decides to take action.

  • Tint the window then people cannot see from outside, or install a roller shutter? Blind? Shade?

  • Why can't she start parking her own car there long enough for them to get accustomed to another spot. Simples.

  • If they can park in front of your house because it is a common area,
    purchase this OzBargain deal: Gardeon 3 Seater Outdoor Canopy Swing $130.36 Delivered @ Warehouse Deal
    & place it in front of the neighbours lounge room window and start enjoying the outdoors, especially as you have so much shared space in the common areas.

  • Who buys a triangle house?

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    your 'friend' will just have to get over it. it seems he/she are being consumed by an irrational obsession. personal issues that need to be dealt with first, as it hardly sounds like a big deal (see a vehicle outside, beyond their garden?). start with some therapy and a hobby…

  • VCAT.. or

    Run a harsh sprinkler when the car is there.

  • Same situation but its on a tight closed off Lane that has townhouses facing each other with no nature strip or sidewalks.
    Neighbours parks their 3 cars there and the opposite neighbours have to dodge their way out. One parks his car in front of my place so annoying and cant water my front plants properly

    • Now I know why some townhouse complexes have extremely narrow driveways just enough for one car, to deter people from parking as they will block other residents.

      • More likely to maximise livable space and profit rather than a concern for residents.