Boost Mobile Data All Gone??

My mother's $80 SIM plan expiring in May seems to have lost all its included data when I check the balance using the app or dialling #111# . There's no way she could've used it all up considering she's on wifi most of the time.

The 1258881 customer service number no longer works and chat bots are useless.

What can I do??

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  • What do you mean by the "1258881 customer service number no longer works"?

    • OP probably didn't call from his mum's phone?

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    She probably accidentally turned the wifi off. Not hard to do. Doesn't help answer your question though.

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      Or in few cases the wifi doesn't work and the 3g kick in.

    • this always happens to missus and she watches youtube videos with data. now there is only <1GB remaining from 120 GB/1yr plan.

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    If she's using an iPhone she can find out how much data each app used so you can find the culprit

    • No need for the 'if' condition here.

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      If she's using an smart phone she can find out how much data each app used so you can find the culprit

      There fixed that for you.

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        Just speaking from my own experience. I don't know what other phones are capable of.

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          Typically everything the iPhone can do, just a couple of years sooner.

  • How much data did she get for $80

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    Just forget it. In the miniscule chance it was an actual error on Boost Mobile's end you'll spend more than $80 worth of time chasing it up and proving it.

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    From her phone, turn off wi-fi then go to (should be free from a Boost SIM). It should show you the recent data usages.

  • If you dial #100# does it give you the same result - 0GB data available?

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