Going Back to Previous Role at Work - Some Guidance Needed

I have been working in banking industry for past 12 years.. Approx 15 months ago i got a promotion and moved in to a senior role which i really enjoyed for 9 months. We then had a restructure and was offered an unwanted role ( no change in salary) but was completely unrelated to my experience or my skill set. Due to limit roles externally and COVOD i have been trying to push through and honestly thanking that i at least have a job inspite it taking a toll on my mentally and affecting my personal life.

Today, I have seen a role advertised internally for the exact same position which i had left 15 months ago and in the same team who has a new manager. I was exceptional in my previous role, exceeded expectations and highly valued in my previous team.

I am happy to take a step back in career ( and also take a pay cut) to go back in my previous team but struggling to understand how do i approach the existing manager and show my interest. He is aware i was a very good team member but doesn't know me well .

Anyone who has been in a similar situation help me understand the best way to approach the manager and show genuine interest in the role ? Should just be very honest and explain him my current situation ? What would be the best way to approach him ?

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    Go setup a meeting with him and have a conversation about the role and express your interest, it can't hurt? It would be a good opportunity to build rapport.

    I would have thought you would do that, unless there are some boundaries you can't cross in your organisation?

  • Quite frankly, just talk to your manager openly and honestly about your desire to get back into this role.

    Don't mention that you're "frustrated" with your current role, simply that you've noticed this opportunity has arisen and before taking it any further wanted to discuss the matter with them.

    See what they have to say and go from there. There's no magic formula.

  • Do you still have mates in the same group? It might be a good idea to have a quick chat to them about what is going on. Maybe tag along for Friday night drinks to have an informal chat to the new boss. Get a resume of your “best ofs” in the role and an idea of how you would tackle some of the issues they might be experiencing. You also need to be cognisant the boss might be concerned you will do a runner again.

  • Speak to the new manager. As always, don't frame it in your own personal terms, frame it in the team's and the bank's.

    You're not wanting to move roles because you have mental health issues, are anxious, hate your new job or whatever. You're wanting to move because you believe your specialised skillset and past experience in that role will allow you to make the best impact and contribution you can at the company. Remember that.

    Apart from that, speak to your old manager and colleagues and seek recommendations. Given it's all internal, just a word of mouth or email will go a long way. This shouldn't be too hard if you were a good member of the previous team.

  • Maybe you have some old Performance Reviews you could show to the new Manager?