Dell Rep on OzBargain?

Just wondering if there's one, would save me time dealing with Mumbai support.
Orderd S2127DGF last week, great!
Tracking from Sydney to Brisbane was 3 weeks.
I get it within 6 days of my order (wow dell cleaning their shit)
Open the box, the cables are all over the place like someone just threw them in.
Going in further wait a min this isn't factory packed!!! Ok maybe delivery handling?
No every part in my box seemed like it was thrown in there, and packed by a individual that has less iq then me (aim low)

Now im looking at a lovely screen with a bad DSE (its yellow af)

Before I jump on the phone and try to keep
my cool, is there any representatives here that could help?


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    My cousin in Mumbai works for Dell. Ask for Amir.

  • So, you've not bothered to contact Dell about this issue yet?

  • We don't really have anyone that we can designate as an Official rep who can answer customer queries. the official rep was last seen in 2016 and they were only active for a short period

    Try contacting dell.

    PHONE: 1800 812 393
    EMAIL: [email protected]

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      Cheers for the info.. I'm way too tired to express to someone how I feel. Feels shit that they would resell a dud…assmir get rdy for my call.

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      I work for ozbargain, not Dell. Click my username.

      What I meant to say is that I'm not aware of a dell representative who lurks on Ozbargain and goes around "resolving" customer complaints on the forums: you won't be able to summon them like Batman to come to your rescue.

      So you may have to call / email them the traditional route… and experience the pain of dealing with a call center.

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    I would be furious too.
    Take photos as evidence, get ready to return it as it was received.
    Did you pay with PayPal?
    Hopefully you did, remember PayPal got that refund of return shipping if Dell give you the run around.
    I’d give Dell one chance and any nonsense, straight to PayPal, item not as described.

    • This, I recently got a laptop sleeve looking like it had been dragged across concrete - not the movie - and after a week waiting on Dell CS email I went via Paypal. They take PP seriously.

  • If your photo can show the problem, then email is the best way for returns.

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    Don't get yourself too worked up before you contact Dell they're usually reaaaaally good with returns (how you got it in the first place lol)

    • Just spent an hour talking to "Tisha" . Tbh she was awesome, great support, for what she could do!
      Passed on to tech supp with the shots, and yea they will get back to me…

      Tbh can't shit on their support, would have been great that I never needed it.

      • Yeah it can be a pain but from my experience, especially if you get one of their Ultrasharp monitors, Dell is your best bet for getting a panel without any issues. Most other manufacturers will tell you bad luck unless it's really really bad, with ASUS for example 3-5 dead pixels are considered acceptable - have fun not going insane with 5 dead pixels.

        Dell's also really bad at collecting their faulty equipment so you might score a free monitor out of this.

        • Tbh I just want what was on the paper. Support was great so far, and I hope we can sort it out.
          I was pretty dirty at start (as anyone would be) but just gotta go through the channels. Give a shout out to Tisha! Great support putting up with my morning grumpiness.

          She knows.

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