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Save up to 20% off Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance + Collect 20,000 Bonus Rewards Points


All in title, I believe. Don't think it's targeted. However, there are a bunch of exclusions, including drivers over the age of 25. (The excess on woolworths for under 25s is ridiculous anyway)

"Save up to 20% plus pocket 20,000 points* when you switch to a Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance policy online. Use promo code REW20K when you get a quote online."

• Savings of up to 20%* off
• Pocket 20,000 Everyday Rewards points*
• 10% off groceries once a month as a Woolworths Insurance customer°
• The option to save more with Drive Less Pay Less for eligible drivers

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  • Be warned they are a pain in the ass to deal with reviews

    • Any of the cheaper providers better?

      I'm thinking of switching to budget direct, but not sure how good they are in case you need to claim.

      • You get what you pay for. Budget will give you a better rate, but you will likely have to exclude things to get that better rate (drive less, no one under 25 etc). I found AAMI to be cheaper than most for me and am paying $900 a year for agreed value, roadside, free glass replacement, and car hire during repairs / after accident. Just got to shop around. Just read online reviews before buying.

        • AAMI used to be very good pricing but don't think so now. I just got a renew quote from AAMI. Insured agreed amount reduced by $5000 and the premium remains the same. The customer service told me the amount is due to inflation blah bla. Time to search and compare.

    • Tried it, never again.would strongly not to recommend to any family and friends.
      If you hit a Lamborghini and make a claim, first thing they ask you to do is to fill in a detailed claim form vs what you said when purchased the policy. This is to validate if you have a policy AFTER an accident. OMG… you will sweat your pants off during the validation, thinking whether you need to sell the house to settle the claim.

  • I put in a car insurance claim with woolworths 2 weeks ago. No word from them since. Great customer service.

  • Allianz bumped my annual premium by 33%

    I've been doing some quotes recently, qbe surprisingly provided competitive quotes. I have dealt with them before and they weren't a lot of pain to deal with, just took longer than I expected in processing.

  • Been with Woolworths for almost 2 years, never had to claim. I read the policy for at least 4 of 5 of the best quotes I got when signing up and they were the best with what you get for the price.
    When renewal came around, they bumped the premium and lowered the agreed value. Went on live chat and renegotiated the value and got the premium down and had another 20k points thrown in to not leave. Had to adjust the drive less km though.

  • Is this for comprehensive insurance only? Just purchased third party last week….might contact them to see if I can use this offer retrospectively.

  • Not sure when I will see the 20% off. The price is comparable to other quotes I have.

  • Definitely targeted.. My email saids up to 15% off

  • With Coles at the moment, just went through the quote process for this as it's due for renewal in a week, more than $300 more to move to Woolies, no thanks.