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Zojirushi 480ml Insulated Mug $35.15 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Popular insulated vacuum mug. Local AU stock with quick delivery it seems. Different colours priced differently.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thank OP, I have missed deals previously and been waiting for this one comes up.

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    I’ve got four already. Must resist…

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      wtf for?

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        Because he doesn't need five.

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        no. four.

    • @outofgamut Trying to resist an impulse buy on this one. Should I not resist ???

      • They’re great. But even for our household four’s enough.

  • Ordered. Make sure you change the seller to Amazon AU for the OP's price. Be aware that it is on backorder (1-2 months).

    • In that case I think the local stock has sold out, I got one a few min ago with Amazon AU with estimated delivery Monday.

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    Yep seem the AU stock has sold out. Link is defaulting to US now. Price is still good for now through US.

    Stainless Steel colour still showing AU stock around $37.xx. Delivery tomorrow

  • How are these compared to ones made by Sistema etc?

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      I bought the 2 different style Zojirushi bottles last deal and meh, they are ok but i dont see what's so great about them. I find i reach for the Sistema bottle when they are all in the fridge.

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        Curious - you’re filling up the bottles and putting them in the fridge to chill, or you’re chilling the contents before filling the bottles and then storing them in the fridge to have them ready to go?

        • Yeah if you filled it up and then put it in the fridge, it would insulate itself from getting the water inside cold

          • @brnaodn: No, i just pulled the Zojirushi out of the fridge door and measured the temp of the water in it with the InkBird instant thermometer and it's sitting on 4.1 so i measured the milk sitting in the door next to it and the same 4.1

            The insulated bottle does not stop the water from getting cold, been doing it for decades.

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              @LowRange: Can confirm, my bottle goes in the fridge every night and it's cold af in the morning and for the day ahead.

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            Yeah if you filled it up and then put it in the fridge, it would insulate itself from getting the water inside cold

            If the insulation were that perfect, the liquid inside would stay cold forever after you take it out of the fridge.

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          My fridge has cold filtered water and ice dispenser, after filling 700ml the temp starts rising until it's only as cold as tap water because the fridge only hold a litre for chilling. But since it's run through 3 filters i fill the bottles and put them in the fridge so they can get colder and are ready to go.

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        I don't compare them to Sistema. CamelBak much better comparison, and I'd prefer Camelbak because of its straw, how you feel how much is enough to drink, it's hold, it's spill proof

        • Link ?

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    Why is this called a mug?

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      For all the gullible buyers maybe ?

  • why this look like a lug nut tool