News Articles and Content Banned from Facebook. Thoughts?

Murdoch just got his way I suppose? News articles gone from Facebook. Thoughts?

In my mind the small players and local news outlets will be the ones struggling here.

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    • I much prefer Malcom Turnbull


      Deserves joke of the week…

      • +1

        Facts are Scomo is a lying, incompetent and dodgy POS. Question, what makes Malcolm worse?

        • Facts are Scomo is a lying

          Which facts?

        • He's a politician, of course he is a liar, incompetent and a dodgy POS. These are all prerequisites for the job.

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    I just tried my included Apple News+ app for the first time and it has news and magazines and everything. Why would I want to see news on facebook anyway, weren’t we all scared a few years ago about misinformation feedback bubbles on Facebook, removing “news” helps solve that problem.

  • So if the bill pass, will Facebook/Google still be cooperative in helping Australian government spying activities?

  • Is Twitter part of this new law?

    That's where I normally go for news.

    I just use Facebook to find the latest meme trends…

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      Twitter probably doesn't have enough market share of advertising to be in the media's sights. If/when that changes, you'll probably hear the same shit about Twitter.

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    For the first time in a long time, this is an amazing move by Facebook. Thank you!! My feed is looking so good. Just family and friend updates. No more crap. Yeah, the odd ad every now and then but that's it!!

    A huge loss for those in the news section though, the government is so out of touch with the world today, they couldn't see how valuable Facebook was for exposure for these platforms.

    Good riddance.

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    the government biased itself by creating a monster to let murdoch and the goanna in the packer mob to take over free journalism. and shovelled tons of money to sky news. the issues are more complex. the government is trying to shovel moeny into the pockets of nine entertainment and for media [not journalism only]. the companies actually give news and nine cheaper advertising than they could get anywhere else. and now they want to be paid for it when they cannot get a better deal, pretending it is for news journalism. the conversation and the newdaily have good write ups on the real issues. it is good to try to google expert sources and not assume that anything the government foists on an ignorant public is the best thing to do. this government in opposition with the mining lobby brought down the rudd government. this government got involved in sports rorts and community grants, recently. you should educate yourself about all political ploys and factcheck everything which is put before you. coal, bushfires, climate change and all the real issues languish while scomo and co spin their way and dazzle you, the innocent public with bull…. this government also destroys labour states who fulfill the national cabinet covide guidelines, where scomo is silent, while his attack dogs demonise 2 labour states while ignorning the ruby princess. Do not assume that the rabbits coming out of the top hat from the fattest cat are real.

  • I'm not really fuzzed by this. I guess I can get my news from other places.

  • Those news anchors better start Tik Tokking the news from now on.

  • I personally hate seeing news on Facebook but I also despise Facebook

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    Dunno if this is a good thing or not 😄

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      Stop posting shit from gab

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        They don't have the miicah seal of approval?

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      Lol look at all those retarded comments on that page.

      The Gateway Pundit (TGP) is an American far-right fake news website.The website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories.


      Gab is an American alt-tech social networking service known for its far-right user base. Widely described as a haven for extremists including neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, the alt-right, and QAnon conspiracy theorists, it has attracted users and groups who have been banned from other social media and users seeking alternatives to mainstream social media platforms.

      Gab says it promotes free speech, individual liberty, and "the free flow of information online", though these statements have been criticized as being a shield for its alt-right and extremist ecosystem.

      Antisemitism is prominent in the site's content, and the company itself has engaged in antisemitic commentary on Twitter. Researchers note that Gab has been "repeatedly linked to radicalization leading to real-world violent events"


      • yep sums up a lot of the nasty gang posters on 'bargain these days - anti australian fascist types posing as patriots.

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    I haven't used Facebook in years.

  • Use to shorten the link and then post it.

  • Australian Government: (rubs hands) It's' not enough that we use this platform for free to operate our business ! You should pay us !
    Facebook: Errr okay, you can stop operating your business here then …….
    Australian Government: WHAa ??!! GET ZUCKERBERG ON THE PHONE RIGHT NOW

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    So the ban lasted a week?

    • -1

      Facebook: 1
      LNP: 0

        • Could maybe read it either way, but "…we are satisfied that the Australian government has agreed to a number of changes and guarantees that address our core concerns…"

        • I read that completely opposite

          100% the law framework wording will be changed based on facebooks requests.

          They will be treated differently than google, as one is actively retrieving/scraping data to be searched, the other is being used by media outlets to post and promote their own material

          • @SBOB: I am advised, pending final amendments to the proposed legislation, that FB secured a significant watering down of the code both on the final offer arbitration model and what content will be covered by the code.

        • Here's the ABC's report. Looks like Facebook is okay to put the news back and come back to the bargaining table, if it can struck commercial deals with media companies, similar to what Google has done with News Showcase. So at the end the News Media Bargaining Code might never been enforced, as long as Google and Facebook are paying major media outlets protection money content fees.

  • Glad deleted lamebook year ago. Dont miss it one bit, toxic crazy making trash

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    Did fb fold to the gov? Heard on news but dont know if bs

    • Probably fb will have to pay less … or receive some grant … government grant, this is.

      But I don't know …and I couldn't care less.

    • I'm sure you heard an unbiased report on what the discussion involved…..from the mainstream news, as told by the government :)

  • -1

    Seven West Media is the first major Australian media company to agree to a commercial arrangement with Facebook, with the digital giant to pay the Kerry Stokes-owned group for the use of its news content.

    A commercial arrangement means Facebook has now backflipped from their original position that they would never pay for linking and paves the way for ABC (the taxpayer), Guardian, Fairfax, News Limited, et al. to get paid a fair, commercial amount for something Facebook has been generating ad revenue for at no cost to date. A bit like radio stations having to pay royalties to artists, and not having the radio station using the "oh but we're providing free exposure for the artist so people can buy their album".

    A good win for the ACCC and Rod Sims and all those involved.

    • -2

      has now backflipped from their original position that they would never pay for linking

      did they not already have agreements in US and UK to pay for news which was highlighted on their news feed area?
      doesnt say how much $ they'll get. likely a large portion is 'virtual' $ worth of promoting/advertising/news feed priority

      all this does is continue to
      a) re-enforce the current social media monopoly, as any other 'new' player could ever afford to pay the $ facebook can for any laws regarding news/media licencing
      b) re-enfoce the current large main media outlets monopoly, by ensuring they get $ while any smaller or niche news outlets continue to be left out of such agreements or government assisted attention/subsidies

      • +1

        Unsure about their overseas agreements. But they've back flipped on their original position as per the Guardian which seems to be a pretty trusted source here.

        A week ago, Facebook was telling media companies they would not do any deal if the news media bargaining code became law. Now it appears to accept the right of Australia’s elected representatives to set the rules.

        The amendments it has secured extend the notice period before Facebook would be subject to the code, which is designed to address monopoly power by forcing the social media giant to fund public interest journalism

        • "…(Facebook) appears to accept the right of Australia's elected representatives to set the rules"
          I am informed that the government will be making changes to the proposed legislation, significantly watered down.

  • +4

    With amended bill, it's a win-win-win for he Big Tech, Big Media and the Government.

    • Google / Facebook get to continue with their monopoly in Australia, appearing to have contributed to the local journalism. Moreover, the individual deals with Google News Showcase and Facebook are between individual publishers (less bargaining power), and far less than the annual $600m / $1b quoted by Nine/News previously. Google and Facebook were previous negotiating payments with media groups anyway prior to the whole Bargaining Code saga, so it's not that somehow they have changed their minds.

    • Big Media get a little bit of monetary return from the Big Tech, whom over the last 2 decades have been eating up their adverting revenue. It now appears that the "local" media groups have won the battle, but there's no clause on how that extra revenue needs to be spent on — hopefully some goes to the journalists that produce good content, instead of straight to the executives' bonus.

    • Government now appears to have "stood up" to those international threats. We'll get no short of pad on the shoulder in the next couple of days celebrating the victory, even though the amended bill allows the Big Tech to just do their own deals and allow them to walk away — not much has changed from before.

    Internet users and small publishers are probably the losers here, as the Internet & news in Australia is further locked away by the big guys.

    • What's really getting on my nerves at the moment is the ABC heavily promoting access via other Big Tech platforms' app stores as an alternative to Facebook:

      They had a guest on radio this morning criticising Facebook's market dominance and power - one of the lines the ABC and other media have been pushing - but then they opportunistically encourage those who view the ABC via the open web to access them more often via a duopoly of closed ecosystems with similar power abuse capability.

      It's all just so hollow and self-serving.

      • -1

        government funded, government run, now on an extremely tight leash - what do you expect - truth?

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    Scotty summation largely correct - a staged piece of meaningless garbage to distract from the rapehouse.

    kelly's still a lib at arms length now 'cause of his chief of staff.

    And like all liberals the minister in charge of steam cleaning crime scenes within 12 hours is hiding behind ill health because it suits.

    The small independents were just collateral damage, and rupert wants em gone anyway.

  • So what happens when Biden joins the Trans-Pacific Partnership? USA government has traditionally supported Investor-state disputes
    Obama gave a Billion to sue India over patents.

    • -1

      The only change in american policies is the guy in office rehashing them.

      The yanks betrayed their military allies in syria and left the kurds to be raped and massacred by the Turks.

      When Biden brings them all back from the dead things will be different, until then its the same shit different face. We are next to be abandoned because we an outlier and we have pissed on all our neighbours.

  • +1

    from the new daily article today

    critics fear the code and its associated deals will worsen the concentration of media ownership in Australia – tilting the scales even further in favour of multibillion-dollar news organisations.
    five major news organisations – News Corporation, Nine Entertainment, Seven West Media, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Guardian – will receive more than 96 per cent of the $150 million in funding that the tech giant has reportedly offered to cough up.
    The rest of the country’s publishers – such as Solstice Media, Motion Publishing (publisher of The New Daily), Junkee Media, Australia Community Media and Private Media, which publishes Crikey, SmartCompany and The Mandarin – will receive less than 4 per cent between them.
    “the grim reality” of the legislation it entrenched the advantage of the nation’s largest publishers while doing little to advance the cause of public interest journalism.
    “Even though this legislation is specifically created to support public interest journalism, there is no requirement for the funding to be spent on news journalism; it could be paid out in dividends or spent on other parts of the business,” Mr Beecher said.
    There’s no accountability.”
    Mr Beecher said public interest journalism comprised a “very small component” of the revenues generated by the three biggest recipients of Google’s funding: News Corporation, Nine Entertainment and Seven West Media.
    in stark contrast to small and regional publishers, which generate almost all of their revenue from journalism.
    this legislation supports and enshrines the concentration of public interest journalism ownership in the hands of five billion dollar-plus organisations, dwarfing the news publishers who, between them, constitute diversity of Australian media,”
    “It arms five enormous organisations with additional funding to dominate and, in some cases, wipe out smaller players.”
    The legislation provides a framework for publishers to hash out commercial deals with Facebook and Google for using and linking to their content.
    government amended the laws this week to placate Facebook after it blocked the sharing and publishing of Australian news on its platform.
    code may have already teased out all of the concessions it is going to get from Facebook and Google – even though it has yet to become law.
    it requires that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg take into account whether a digital platform has “made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Australian news industry through reaching commercial agreements with news media businesses” before he can specify that the code must apply to it.
    Facebook and Google are only bound by the rules of the code if and when the Treasurer says so.
    And given Google has already struck multiple deals with individual news publishers, it’s a big stick that the Treasurer may never choose to use.
    Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance union that represents Australian journalists, said it looked as though we are “going to have a code with no platforms that are responding to it”. 
    it would make it easier for the companies to pocket the money rather than investing in public interest journalism.  because the public would have even less oversight over deals struck outside the code.
    “But even if it was inside the code, there’s no guarantee [on] where the money would be spent,” Mr Strom said.
    media union said the success of the legislation will depend on whether it boosts the number of journalists or number of news publishers in Australia.
    federal government should have focused instead on squeezing more tax out of the tech behemoths.
    It could have then funnelled the extra revenue into expanding its Public Interest News Gathering Fund, while introducing more generous tax incentives for new media startups and for Australians who subscribe to local news, he said.

    • thank you taking the time to post this

  • again from the
    With the amendments to the mandatory news bargaining code , Australia ended with the worst deal – that strengthens old media and big tech monopolies, particularly their most socially malign elements in News Corp and Facebook.
    Old media got what they wanted: Free money, almost 90 per cent of cash to line pockets of News Corp, Seven West Media and Nine.
    these three stand to gain about $110 million of the $125 million offer to private media from Google.
    Expect a similar split in the Facebook deals.
    • Related: Watchdog hits ‘like’ on media bargaining code
    This free money will undermine media diversity by subsidising old media and prioritising their content on the web, making almost uncrossable the gap between their resources and the resources of start-ups.
    It threatens to hurry death of printed papers.
    Big tech has also got what it wanted: No regulatory restraint on its continued deepening data collection or its algorithmic processes, which is how it wields power and makes money.

    • and this 'No regulatory restraint on its continued deepening data collection or its algorithmic processes, which is how it wields power and makes money.'

  • I’d be drawing a bashed bruised Josh Frydenberg with black eye, stitches and Band-Aids, saying “You should see the other guy” while unscathed Mark Zuckerberg sits.
    Not that the cartoon would make sense to people who relied on nation’s mainstream media for information on the government’s media code, alias Australian political establishment’s shakedown of Google and Facebook for its media mates – Murdoch’s News Corp, Nine Entertainment and Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media. - Michael Pascoe in the new daily

    • you left out the guardian and the abc, whose recent pro government positions are suitably rewarded with the scraps…

  • Google and Facebook are very large, very nasty, highly manipulative, tax-avoiding monsters – but the media code extortion is simply wrong in principle and practice. - again from another new item from it would be better for ozBargainers to stick with bargains rather than waste their time without bothering to read real news sources, rather than forming knee-jerk views to sound bites cleverly delivered by the team of scomo at marketing which purports to provide leadership. This is just gossip passing as intelligent discussion, otherwise and a waste of your time by the poster.

    • but the site is used to sell this shit by the local 77th, and you don't let fascists free rein like the liberals are….

  • Like i said

    Reap what you sow Australia when you vote

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