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[Switch] Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, Fire Emblem Warriors - $39 Each + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Noticed these price reductions while checking JB, seems to be the lowest price for Tokyo Mirage Sessions so far and one of the lowest for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Fire Emblem Warriors - $39

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    Waiting for Amazon to price match haha.

    • +2

      The way Amazon packages games for shipping can be utterly bottom-tier trash.

      Unless they're actually price beating other retailers by a decent margin (or they're the only option left due to stock shortage), I generally much prefer to just get games from other retailers whenever I can.

      • +7

        i dont know what happend to you. but my shopping experience with amazon for video games(actually everything) has been great.

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  • do switch game come sealed?

    • From Nintendo-published games, never.

      • Do you mean non Nintendo published? I’ve received donkey Kong and Zelda both sealed from Amazon. Never seen games in local retailers sealed however.

        • No, they meant Nintendo published, but it depends on the print run/when and where they were manufactured. Some of their recent print runs come sealed but most of the time they don't. In terms of third party titles, from my experience they come sealed most of the time.

    • I purchased this last week from the Amazon for $49, it came unsealed

  • +14

    This version of Tokyo Mirage Session is Censored. I don't support Nintendo on that. Fire emblem three houses is much than this hack slash rubbish Warriors

    I know negs are coming. Go ahead. I'm speaking the truth

    There's a reason why I still keep Wii U Premium for, FE Mirage is a good title only in its original format. And FE Warriors really disappointed me. You might as well play the free mobile game FE heroes

    • -7

      Such passion for anime cleavage. If only you’d put that towards something worthwhile.

    • Wasn't the Wii U version censored too?

      • +3

        The Japanese version wasn’t.

        • They censored the Japanese verison of Encore, then? Strange decision.

          • +3

            @dano: Yes, the Encore version for Switch is based on the international version of the Wii U version so it is also censored in Japan.

          • @dano: The censorship is really strange too. Like a wedding dress that shows shoulders so they painted the character's skin the same colour as the dress. She's completely covered head to toe. It's just… odd.

            • @Yuri Lowell: Doesn’t really make sense considering there’s no shortage of lewd games on the Switch, even from some of Nintendo’s own IPs. Ironically enough, Nintendo is more lenient with lewd content than Sony and Microsoft, just look at the Gal Gun Returns situation.

              • @dano: They're fine with other third parties putting lewd/ecchi games on their system, just not when they're doing it themselves.

                Also, given this game came out during the Wii U era originally, when they were more rampant with censorship (see Fire Emblem Fates as well), I think they just wanted to not bother with doing separate localisations again, and so to do a global release, ended up just picking the worldwide Wii U version as the base to release on Switch - it's why if you pick up the Japanese Switch version, you can still play the English version if your Switch's language is set to English.

                • @Ventak: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is notorious in that regard, which is a Nintendo game. Also back on the Wii U, they encouraged Platinum Games to make Bayonetta’s Link outfit more revealing.

                  They’ve been getting increasingly more lenient as time goes on though, with censorship being more or less nonexistent on the Switch.

            • @Yuri Lowell: Totally irresponsible ver the top tbh. Some are not justified its not like an ecchi game here totally unnecessary

    • +1

      I agree with TMS but why speak badly of Fire Emblem Warriors? Firstly, Fire Emblem Three Houses isn't a Warriors game, they're both entirely different genres. Sure, FE3H is a better game but it's like comparing apples and oranges. You can play both and Fire Emblem Warriors is still quite a decent game. Also FE Heroes is another totally different game to Fire Emblem Warriors.

      • Just saying if you are fan of Fire emblem you might as well spend your money on a different title.

        • I suppose, but Fire Emblem Warriors is still a fun romp if you want more FE but in a different genre. FE3H is an awesome game though.

  • I don't think the censorship is too important really. The story isn't that great, it's more of an excuse plot.

    I found the real selling points for this game was the atmosphere and gameplay being really fun.

    • Agreed with this - I've only finished the first 3 dungeons, but the plot isn't all that interesting. Gameplay utilising those combos though, that's the main highlight.

  • Thanks! Was just looking for a cheap copy of Tokyo Mirage Sessions recently.

  • What's been censored?

    • +1

      Character’s ages bumped up, skimpy outfits removed, dungeon showing sexy models removed, skirted costumes showing underwear obscured.

      I’m not pervy but I’d rather this game was untouched. I prefer playing/seeing the game as intended by the creators. $39 is a great price for this game nonetheless.

      • 100% I don't see the reason why. It should not be changed from the way it is. I'm not into cleavage and anime girls wearing skimpy outfits… I think the game's target audience was teens and some sensitive topics there and they decide to censor it and changed the game a lot.

        Only the original Japanese version is not modified turn on subtitles and you are good to go

        • I wish I had a Japanese Wii U so I can play the uncensored version. Do you have a Japanese region Wii U or you have modded Wii U?

          • @FrugalNotStingy: Yeah modding the only way out unfortunately…. An old thread here where EBgames was selling Wii U Premium for cheap had people buying it just to softmod it

  • Heh. $39 on Amazon now

    • I saw it was still $49 a few mins ago lol

  • Extremley underrated game. If you enjoy Persona, this is as close as you are gonna get outside SMT

    • Depends on what you value in Persona most.

      Persona (at least modern Persona anyway) comprises dungeon crawling, turn based combat involving weakness exploitation (think Pokemon), social bonding with NPCs, and set in a Japanese high school setting, involving a day by day calendar system.

      TMS#FE has the first two, but not really the others - the social bonding is basically completely absent, while the setting is more based around the theme of Japanese idols. The combat also involves automatic combo systems as well as the Fire Emblem weapon triangle.

    • Well it's no where as refined as persona 5 and above. It's social links are passable.

      This game however is bright and colourful had a happy feeling to it.

      The censorship does change quite a bit of dungeons and custumes and even boss fights

  • Is FE Warriors really crap? Is it worth $39?

    • see dynasty warriors fifa edition 8, slap on new IP characters.

    • +1

      I really liked it.

      If you like hack and slash games you'll get a kick out of it, but it's not for everybody.

    • Nah it's great. It's a certain genre though. People love it or hate it.

    • It's great if you enjoy Warriors games. One of the best game in the series.

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