Limit Boot Opening Height?

I'm getting a Toyota CH-R for my mum and the garage door is just slightly too low for this cars boot.

Are there any cables or devices I can buy to limit the boot opening height?

Here is picture of the cars boot for reference:


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    Thanks for the picture I didn't know what a tailgate was lol.

    Is the automatic opening height not settable? In my sisters car she has set it to not open all the way, but you can push on it to open it fully.

    • It's manual opening and not auto.

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    Tailgate or boot..?

    Votes please.

    I'm voting boot.

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      I vote boot now that I think about it.

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        The tailgate is the metal bit. The boot is the area where you put the luggage

    • Me too. Never heard anyone use tailgate in this context (not someone following you too closely)

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      Hatch IMO. Tailgate is hinged at the bottom, hatch at the top and boot at the front under the rear window.

      • Good point, boot makes you think of sedans

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          Boot for sedan, hatch for hatchback, tailgate for wagon, ute or van.

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      its a CH-R - I say toilet seat.

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      Toyota just call it a back door



    • It’s a hatchback!

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    If you don't find a device for what you want, what about liberally covering the roof of the garage with kids foam squares?

    • This was my plan B.

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    $600 plus labour to convert it to electric (aftermarket of course)

    Might be worth a shot?

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    Probably worth asking Toyota if they can adjust something to permanently limit how far it opens.

    • Great idea!

      I am buying new so they may be inclined to help out.

      • No, Toyota don't have a 'fix' or anything

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    Just do what my dad did, let the gas struts fail then use an umbrella or walking stick to hold the boot up.

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      Change out the struts for shorter ones.

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        Did not think of this. Hopefully they exist.

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    Shorter gas rams.

    Just open the boot to the Max height you want and measure the length of the gas struts at the reduced height. Get gas struts at that length.

    • I guess most Toyota struts would be the same design correct? Just the length would vary.

      I remember I purchased some no-name struts for my mums current Camry engine bonnet.

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        That’s it. You don’t have to buy Toyota ones. There are plenty of places that sell these gas struts. Just need the same pressure rating and other dimensions and just change the extended length dimension.

    • If the garage is too low, You may want to be able to open higher when out.

      I know our car doesn’t open fully when in the garage, but it’s too low for normal usage, I’d hit my head even more often! Fortunately the rear window wiper rests on the roller door, so no need for fancy tricks.

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        That’s the only issue. This method is set and forget, but it will be forever set at that height. Not bad if you are short, terrible if you are tall.

        But at least with this method, there is no, “oops, shit, I forgot to put the limit rope onto the tailgate before I opened it…”

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    Reverse into the garage?

    • She wont due to confidence. It is a townhouse complex and you need to reverse a long way down the very narrow driveway.

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        Doesn't she have to reverse up the driveway to get out (under current circumstances)?

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        Wouldn't this be the case anyway? Only she has to reverse up the driveway to get out? If it is possible to turn around before heading up the driveway to get out surely she can turn around to get in.

        Edit: too slow

        Note to self, write short replies and edit after posting

      • doesn't a new chr have a built in reversing camera with guidelines? tie a cord to some point at rear parcel shelf clip and run on rear door tie off at right height you want

        • The old cord and tennis ball trick…

    • Some places if you reverse into the garage you are also pointing all the fumes at the door to the house. One reason we rarely reverse the car into the garage.

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    Shorter stroke strut? But that might be annoying.
    Surely there would be somewhere to attach a cord, perhaps unscrew a bolt and screw back in with a hook trapped, even a child anchor point

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    I’d probably go for a cord or strap fixed in a suitable position, but make it releasable so the full height can be used when out.

    Alternatvely, use pool noodle or something to protect the hatch against the roof.

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    Just put a piece of carpet or foam where it makes contact

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    Call struts r us (or your local equivalent), and they will supply gas struts that are shorter. Can come to your house and get it exactly right.

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    Help me out folks! This post is doing my brain in - having one of those brain freeze moments.

    OP says door is too low for boot. Does the OP mean garage door or the garage roof? Is that with the boot open or closed?

    Why would you drive in with the boot open?

    Assuming that OP means that the boot (when open) is too tall for the inside of the garage - why are there posts suggesting reversing in? How will that help?

    • Damn, everything was making sense until you questioned it. Now I need answers…

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      the garage door is just slightly too low for this cars boot

      Garage doors are typically lower than the garage roof, they hang off the bit at the front?

      Reversing in means that the boot won't hit the garage roof, assuming it is high enough. The problem isnt the garage roof, it's the garage door.

      • Um why reverse with the boot open?

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    • Maybe it's a tiltadoor, not a roller door, so the hatch would hit the raised door, and maybe the garage must be accessed through the garage door only, so the garage door has to be open when opening the hatch.

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      I've made a diagram lol

      • In Your diagram , the door doesn't finish horizontal? , if its a panel door with auto opener it can be set to stop further along the rails.

        • Agree. The panel door should go horizontal. Maybe still not enough room after that either?

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    Get a new garage.

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    Put some rubber/foam somewhere on the garage or car

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    Length of rope from latch and door. Cheaper option until it snaps and you have a dented door.

  • Tie a strong rope from one end of the gas sturt mount and make a hook at the other end which can be placed over the other end of the gas Sturt/mount.

  • It's called a boot lid

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    Throw a bunch of nails on the ground so it slashes your tyres on the way in. You will gain a few centimetres as the tyres go flat and the car sits lower.

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    Why has no one suggested buying a car where the boot does not open so high. Is it critical to have this car?

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    Attach a polyester rope to a cargo tie down eyelet & then the other end to where the removable cargo shelf pops out.