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HP Chromebook X360 12" Intel Celeron N4000 CPU/4GB RAM/32GB SSD $348 + Delivery/C&C/in-Store @ Harvey Norman


First post, I believe, so go easy on me.

This laptop is $300 off. It's very well made, a girlfriend has the 8GB version and loves it. This one at 4GB of RAM isn't going to be a work horse, but it would be great for the kids, browsing while on the couch, etc.

I especially like the USB-C charging, that it automatically unlocks when my Android phones is nearby, and the build quality at this price is just great.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    a girlfriend šŸŒ

    • +7

      A) either it was posted by a female and was talking about one of her friends


      B) Noice.

      • +2

        android phone? usb c charging? a female yeah nah

        • Youse two can make a good detective/thriller series for Netflix, it will be super hit.

      • -3

        A girlfriend has the 4 inch version and loves it.
        Good for her some are blind, some deaf and some can't experience any sensation.

        Rugs can be 90% off or free for 1 lucky lady.
        Seriously 4gb should not even be allowed to be sold as 'new' - tablets will do a better job.
        The Processor sucks - better deals second hand, 13.3 inch upgraded notebooks I had 3 laptops ago would still sink this garbage.

        • +1

          Different people have different needs :)

  • Google is spying on your girlfriend, btw

    • Along with Microsoft, Russia, Apple, ASIO, and everyone else.

      • Nope, only Google. And Facebook. No one else gives a flying fark, not interested. Only these two make their money on user data.

        • If you're talking about advertising… Have you heard of Bing?

          • @tiskael: Yea ?

            • @nuker: So have you set up a windows OS lately?

              • @tiskael: Nope, Mac/Linux/BSD for me. But good point. MS is trying to jump on that wagon too, but they are kids yet, compared to these two.

          • @tiskael: Yes it does ring a bell.

  • How much storage would be left after the OS?

    • I'm not sure, but it's expandable with an SD card.

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    I own a lower tier Chromebook, 2GB Ram, some older Celeron and MMC storage and it works quite decently, so I'm sure this is really gonna hit the nail on the head in terms of performance.

  • Any reason why this is better than the Lenovo with the same specs and same price?

    Seems crap specs for the retail price. For $700 Iā€™d want a chromebook with 1080p screen at least

    • +1

      For a start, the HP is a 2-in-1 with a touchscreen.

      But mostly, the overall build quality is much better, similar to their whole x360 range up to their $3000+ laptops that compete with MacBooks and surface.

      Look at how big the bezels on the Lenovo's screen are, for example. And it will be all plastic.

      Sure, at $700 it's not a deal and I wouldn't get, but at $348…

      And you can use it as a LapDock/NexBook to Dex your galaxy phone.

      • Good point, although I have an x360 laptop through work and the specs are… a little better.

        Iā€™m looking for just a browser laptop though, for a 12ā€ screen the res is probably fine at that price.

      • Sorry if this seems like a silly question

        So the HP would be a better choices over the Lenovo?

        • When it comes to Chromebooks, it appears so.

          Not necessarily elsewhere, such as the high-end laptops.

  • Any deal on the 8gb ram one or what is the price difference at this point in time?

    This might be what I am looking for although a bit on the heavy side but great value wise.

    edit: damn I just realised this is not detachable so it will be like using a laptop on your chest in bed maybe a pass then for me but great value for simple usage thanks for the post op

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