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[Backorder] Chuckit Ultra Ball for Dogs - 2.5" Medium - 2pk $4.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Update: Looks like it's available for backorder, just make sure you select Amazon AU as the seller

Bounces and floats for fetch without limits
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Product Features
1. Bright blue and orange design ensures high visibility for pets and pet parents
2. Smooth rubber surface resists mess and is easy to wipe clean
3. Natural rubber construction provides high-impact bounce and buoyancy for water games
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No matter where fetch takes you and your pet, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball brings the fun
Natural, high-bounce rubber encourages dogs to leap to new heights
Lightweight and buoyant for splashing fun at the pool or the lake
Orange and blue colors attract dogs' interest and allow high visibility for pet parents
Available in 5 sizes ranging from small to XX-Large; compatible with Chuckit! Launchers for enhanced games of fetch, available for purchase separately
Chuckit! toys are designed to take interaction with your dog to the next level. Chuckit! creates toys that enrich the human-animal bond. This special connection is at the heart of every toy we make

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    Thanks OP, about time my dog got a new one. His favourite has survived 6 years and spent a few days in a creek lost before being found again. Really good product, especially at this price!

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    Problem with these is… everyone has them. Trying wrestling your ball off a passive aggressive French bulldog and it's butch lady owner 😔

    • +1

      Hahahaha, I (male) have a couple of French bulldogs and besides myself this is quite accurate 😂

      • Stick a dress on and it sounds like you have the complete package

        • You mean jeans and a cut off t shirt?

    • is she single?

  • This will sell out again or have a price change. Thanks OP my doggo also passes on her regards

  • Thanks OP good pickup

  • Cheers OP - good deal here, my dog really loves these (she’s had a similar glow-in-the-dark Chuckit for a couple years)

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Great quality!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought 2! Now I just need an inexpensive launcher

  • This product is the dog’s balls.

  • +3

    I don't even have a dog, but bought two!

  • +1

    Damn. Back to normal price?

    • Still available for back order, just need to select Amazon AU as the seller

  • +5

    I knew some balls were arriving from Amazon so I’ll let my dog open the box. She was so stoked but now every time an Amazon box comes she gets so excited and wants to open it

  • Price is up. Got to be quick on these. Best balls for my staffy.

    • Just ordered, had to select different seller as it had defaulted to USA.

  • You can order with same seller at same price and they send when they get stock in :)

    • +1

      Thanks for the info. I've updated the description =)

    • +1

      Thanks - ordered some more.

  • OOS back on back order. Picked up one anyway. Thanks OP…

  • +3

    Still available at the same price if you click on
    *May be available at a lower price from "other sellers", potentially

    • +1

      Thanks for that!!

      This worked!!

  • Got some from the previous deal for my doggo. Fetch game has improved by 15%. Highly recommended.

  • Ordered 2 packs. Hoping they fit in the tennis ball throwing sticks as I have two already. They seem to be about the right size.

    • +2

      If your throwing stick fits the tennis ball, this fits too

    • +1

      Yes it will

  • +1

    What launchers do you guys use with these?

    • +1

      I use a $5 one from pet barn, came with a few tennis ball (rubbish bin quality ball). $2 ones from bargain bin shops work just as well the.$5 one. Brand name ones probably last longer as the holder in cheap ones is not strong. Mines 2 years old and still working, just have to give the holder a squeeze to tighten it up.

    • +1

      Chuckit classic medium size, any that will fit a standard tennis ball size

  • chuckit in every household! ozbargain is bringing dog's balls to the whole Australia

    the future is now!

  • +1

    Got a small pack for my cat. She loves jumping and running behind thrown balls. Current one I use is too big for her mouth to fetch

  • +1

    My dog literally goes nuts for this ball (other than tennis balls which he shreds so we don’t give him that often). And he’s a power chewer so these balls can withstand his destructive chews!

  • Nice balls OP

  • Anyone found the new ones bust a lot quicker? As in splits where the two halfs join?

    • Yes, I've found this. But my dog is a chewer so they never really last. I try to keep them strictly for playing fetch nowadays. Bought 3x packs.

      • Maybe is a bad badge and explains low price

        • +1

          Or maybe the sell more balls this way. The ones at my dog park (other owners) seem be lasting as long either. A few others have been going through more than they used to.

  • Hey, quick question how do I place a back order? Just as my onlyt two options seem to be Amazon US and UK? Did I maybe miss out on the deal this time? Thanks

  • No longer available from Amazon AU.

  • Small still seems to be available for $5 on Amazon AU