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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (International Version, 40mm, Bluetooth, Aqua Black) $269 + Shipping (Free with First) @ Kogan


Seems like a pretty good price for this watch.
Can stack with 5% discounted Choice eGift Cards
44mm also available in Black for $286 from a different seller here
Additional $5 off the 44mm (or 40mm if you have free delivery from Kogan First) through first app purchase using code 'APPLOVE'.

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  • Any difference between this and local bluetooth version?

    • I'm pretty sure there's a chance that Samsung Pay may not work but that's all I'm aware of. You can also get around the issue by changing the CSC of the watch according to google.

    • I'm guessing no Samsung Pay? (ed: beaten)

      • Completely unrelated. But I bought my Galaxy Frontier from Kogan about 3 years ago. It was an international model, and it has worked fine, Samsung Pay seems to be working for me. I didn't flash any new software or whatnot.

    • Just to add onto what others have said, I bought a grey import active 2 and flashed the aus firmware on it pretty easily, there's plenty of guides online on how to do it.

  • I have both iPhone and s21 ultra so this or Apple watch? Cheers

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      apple galaxy watch3 series 12

      on a serious note, I did some extensive research recently, this and the galaxy watch3 now has blood pressure monitoring while the apple watch s6 only has the ecg and blood oxygen. on the other hand the apple watch has a lot more apps vs samsung watches.

      • $269 is also quite a good price I would have to say. The next watch wouldn't be much of a difference I suspect. Probably a better screen and a diabetes tracker I assume. But judging at the rate of how Samsung is still waiting for the Australian government to approve the ECG, the diabetes tracker feature will probably take a couple of years to be approved.

    • Apple watch does not work with Android. Samsung will do either, but not both.

    • It's popular opinion, even among Android enthusiasts, that the Apple watch is a much better product overall, as long as you have an iPhone. In fact, Linus from linustechtips daily drives (or used to) an iPhone specifically because he uses his Apple watch a lot.

      In saying all that, this is ozbargain so the price of a product might be more important than for others so there's some non Apple watches that might be better option for much less of the price, Samsung watch 3 and active 2 being the big ones.

  • How many times do you need to charge this watch in 2 days of use?

    • I have Active 2 (local stock) and had installed the Blood Pressure apps. It works like a treat as i have a blood pressure.
      I normally charge the watch every 3rd day but if i use the apps (such as walking or running) i need to charge 2nd day.

      • Nice! Is your watch active 2 Australian firmware? Or did you install other countries firmware? Didn't know it was working here!

        I was talking to Samsung online and they are refusing to give me a definite answer as whether the blood pressure monitoring is on Active 2 :/

        • BP and ecg has been approved for australia so local stock and most international firmwares have it

  • Waiting for the Wear OS Samsung watches

  • Why it has Bluetooth in the name? Other smartwatch doesn have Bluetooth behind their name.

  • Thanks OP! I've been looking at buying a Smartwatch for the past few months and finally pulled the trigger on this one :)

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Aluminum 44mm SM-R820 for $280.99 + Free Shipping