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5% Cashback on Choice eGift Cards (eBay, Kogan, Uber, Harvey Norman, and More) @ Cashrewards


I bought today at 4% for the eBay promo. I received both the card and tracking right away. 5% is much better.
Enjoy :)


By clicking ‘Shop Now’ you will be directed to True Rewards. The collection of payment and distribution of Digital eGift Cards is provided by True Rewards. Please review their Help Centre, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more information. Once directed to True Rewards, choose your Gift Card value from $30 to $500.

The Choice Card recipient will receive an email or SMS with a link to swap the value of the card for up to four eGift brands. There are over 30 to choose from including Myer, Sephora, Harvey Norman, Uber, Kogan, Xbox, Hoyts, eBay, and many more. Note: brands and values are subject to change based on availability. Physical gift cards are not available.

A $0.50 charge applies for optional SMS delivery. Cashback will be ineligible on this charge.

Review all terms & conditions of the eGift Card prior to finalising your order. These terms are set by each retailer (not Cashrewards).

For queries regarding the purchase of your eGift Card, contact True Rewards on 1800 850 739 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 9am to 5pm Melbourne time, or email [email protected]

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Good deal. Wish I had seen this before I bought $50 of eBay GCs at Suncorp's paltry 3%… but didn't want to take too long and miss out on a deal.

    • SB always had Swap gift cards at 5%. Choice used to be 5% too, but they lowered it to 4%. Probably reinstated it because everyone was going to SB for the 1% difference.

  • I think few options like kogan won’t available in 30$ voucher.

  • even with 10% cashback for ebay gift card i will never touch them again! I used $1200 ebay gift cards for a transaction on ebay and due to their technical issue the transaction was not successful but all the balance on my gift cards are gone. Contacted ebay multiple time and they never come back to me, they promised me 3 times a supervisor will get in touch me within 48 hours, nothing! its been more than 2 weeks and i still haven't received my refund, not even an update. Worse customer service ever! Not to mention there are so many scammers on ebay, purchased a phone and paid via paypal but the sammer sent a tracking number that is delivered to a business in my area instead of my house, maybe they sent an empty box to fool the paypal system, and I have to open a dispute and don't know if ebay is going to side with me. Stay away from ebay!

    • definitely heard this happen before, the dummy parcel sent to some random place in the same suburb since the tracking will only show the suburb and then they will always side with the seller since it will show as delivered. scummy as hell

    • I have never buy an item value over $40 on eBay!! Too many scammers. Unless it is legitimate sellers that has physical shop front eg. Bing lee, officeworks etc

      • yea i learnt my big lesson now, i thought paying via paypal is safe but scammers will always find a way to steal your money, and ebay support is very very poor. Yes if you do use ebay only buy low value item.

        • Low value items from overseas are commonly not delivered. Due to their low value, many buyers forget about them. Even you remember them, you can not leave feedback after 60 days.

        • I sell on eBay regularly (just clearing out my books, blu rays, video games etc) and I am horrified that a seller would consider doing that! If 1 of my items sells for more than $60 I generally just pay the $2.95 so the buyer has to sign for it on delivery. If I were ever to buy anything over $100 I would request signature post. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences, I have no love for eBay either because of the amount of fees they take out when I sell items really adds up but I do it for the convenience compared to Marketplace.

        • Did the seller have many negative feedback ratings?

    • It sound like Fair trading then financial ombudsman can help you

  • +4 votes

    A $0.50 charge applies for optional SMS delivery.

    I remember when SMS cost 50 cents and you could only message people who used the same carrier, are these people living in the past?

  • Is there a qty limit or Cashback limit, to how many of these you can purchase?

    • Shouldn't be any. But it was Choice I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that tried to pull some dodgy move at its first offering by pulling ebay cards out 'after its allocation was exhausted', despite the ebay logo clearly being on the card face. Loads of people bought $100 in cards only to find out they weren't giving out ebay anymore, which meant people were stuck with these choice cards. Took an hour of OzB backlash for them to reinstate it.

      E: Here it was

  • Where do i find the full store list?

  • Can we still pay with Kayo egift card if using voucher code (got from plus rewards) to bring price down?

  • Can this be used with Amazon?

  • Can you double dip, I mean get choice card now with 5% CR, then use it on Amazon/Ebay and get another 2% or whatever on the day via CR/SB ?

    • Yes though ebay been 0% cb for a while. But I've double dipped with 3% off ebay for ebay plus so almost 8% equivalent

  • Is 5% permanent?

  • How long before the cards are emailed? I am waiting over 6 hours. I just got an order confirmation from them.

  • i wish to use this for eBay for $ Lenovo ThinkPad X13: AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD Delivered for $1,359.20 ($1,325.22 eBay Plus) @ Lenovo eBay - OzBargain

    Which is more reliable? Shopback's Swap Gift Card or Cashrewards Choice gift car? Shopback has instant cashback whilst Cashrewards takes 5 days?