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US$30 DAI on US$30 Crypto Deposit (New Customers) @ Celsius Network



Transfer $30 or more of any supported
asset(s) to your Celsius wallet and receive
$30 in DAI.

  • Funds must be transferred within 10 days
    of activating your promo code.

  • You must maintain a wallet balance
    equal to or greater than your balance after
    completing your transfer of $30 or more.

  • Withdrawing $30 or more from your
    wallet within 30 days of completing your
    transfer may disqualify you from receiving
    your reward.

  • Rewards are distributed after 30 days of
    maintaining a qualifying wallet balance.

Can be stacked with codes TRUST and BANTER20 for $50 BTC on $2000/$20 BTC on $1000.

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US$40 Worth of BTC on US$400 Crypto Deposit

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closed Comments

  • Must maintain $30 lol. That could be hard

  • Also a network fee .0002 btc ($14)on min $74 purchase.

    This company is big rip-off in fees.

    • more profitable than mining btc ;)

    • It's not Celsuis but their 3rd party provider (Simplex from memory) that charges the fees. Celsius acknowledge it and know it's not ideal, but its just another way of providing accessibility to platform for clients.
      An easier way is to buy on Binance (BNB) and send to FTX exchange, buy CEL and transfer to Celsius. Apparently, it costs next to nothing, but the trade off is time.

  • I noticed other posts with similar titles were removed as "Referral Spam". How is this one not considered as referral spam?

  • I don't quite understand their reward rates. I got the weekly email but the rates do not match up with what my app says. For instance their stablecoins are meant to be 12.5% and up, but mine is only 10.5%. Are they advertising the platinum rates? Bit dodgy if so, they don't mention that anywhere..