Free Rideshare for COVID-19 Frontline Workers To Vaccine Appointments (Workplace ID required) @ DiDi Australia


Looks like some little encouragement for people to take the vaccine


To say thanks, we’ll go the extra mile for Australians getting the COVID-19 vaccine during Phase 1a by offering safe and reliable rides to vaccination appointments for free.

Check your eligibility and apply for DiDi’s Vaccinate programme below.

To help the priority populations access Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program, DiDi has created ‘DiDi Vaccinate’ a programme offering two free rides for anyone in Phase 1a travelling to get vaccinated. It’s our way of saying thank you..

Eligible Persons under Phase 1a:
• Quarantine and border workers and all staff working in the hotel quarantine program
• Frontline healthcare worker sub-groups for prioritisation
• Aged care and disability care staff
• Aged care and disability care residents

Check the National Rollout Strategy for Phase 1a eligibility

What you’ll need to complete this form:
• Information about your work
• An image of your workplace identification card. (your full name must be visible in the same image)

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Referrer & referee get 2 x $10 + 4 x $5 ride vouchers

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  • Oh damn, gunna need some popcorn for this thread

  • I want my vaccine now not in 6 months

  • Vaccine AND a Chinese company? These comments are going to be wild

  • Sinovac vaccine?

  • +37 votes

    "Didi Chuxing Technology Co., formerly named Didi Dache and Didi Kuaidi, is a Chinese vehicle for hire company headquartered in Beijing"

    An image of your workplace identification card. (your full name must be visible in the same image)

    Ummm…. no thanks…

  • Gimme the sputnik


  • This offer is such a weird PR I feel like maybe 25 people would actually do it…

  • in b4 anti vax

  • I'll only get the one injection vaccine…..Even my gaol mates only get to inject me once

    • I'll be taking one for the team in phase 1b. I'll have to report back later in the year.

    • this 1 year trial has had more funding, more research, more volunteers than any vaccine added together.
      if the base of the vaccine and the foundation of the vaccine is based off another vaccine then you can roughly know the safety profile.

      would you buy/ try anything new? what if it has xxx issue 10, 15, 20 years down the track?

      • I get that it has lots of funding but research and trials are based around time and money. Of course the money is there but the time is lacking

        • Did you hesitate when 3g or 4g and 5g is being introduced? What if it causes you to have long term dry skin in 50 yrs ? Oh no.

          Can you also link to a past vaccine that has so much data on it? So much pre, post and current trial and vacc data ?

          And if you were to look up mRNA vaccine and the science behind it, you'll understand the so called "long term" risk that you're trying to link them with.

          • @astarman: ah dude all that 3g, 4g and 5g stuff never got into that. I personally think its ridiculous. Only possibility is quickens the onset of cancer but I'm a little skeptical of that theory. So no didn't hesitate for the rollout of that stuff.

            Back to the vaccine. The mRNA vaccine is highly experimental I won't go into too much detail on this forum. But I find it a little concerning this is the first time we have had a vaccine that works like this and its gonna be used to vaccinate a lot of people. We are talking about this globally. Imagine if these vaccines cause cancer 5 years down the track, just as an example, it probably wont but lets just say it does. We will literally wipe out a large proportion of the globe. This is why its critical we get this right because this will have a global consequence, like this is huge if we don't get it right!

            It will defeat the purpose of the vaccine which is meant to save people from COVID-19.

            • @RetroMetro: mRNA is not "highly experimental"
              they didnt just invent this technology in Feb 2020.
              It has been years or research and development, but lacked the urgency and funding to push it for completion.
              you seem to choose what theory youre skeptical to. lets say "if" in 5 years a large portion of the globe is wiped from the vaccine. but if you dont take a vaccine now, a larger portion will be wiped away now.

              fortunately for you as well, you will only have the chance to take the viral vector vaccine, aka oxford. aint no mRNA for you there :)

              • @astarman: Well like I don't think a large proportion of people will die from Covid, the survival rate is like 99.75% or something around that value. We've probably had more people die from suicide than covid in 2020 due to lockdown. Its not healthy to keep everyone isolated from each other yet its for the benefit of our health. If the virus had a survival rate of 90% I would be more concerned and willing to take the vaccine ASAP to save lives including my own.
                If I had to take a vaccine I would probably take the Oxford one, not the mRNA one cause its first vaccine ever using it.

                • @RetroMetro: Should we look at survival rate if countries where covid has taken over their hospital systems?
                  Didn't a report come out in Melbourne, suicide rate decreased in 2020?

                  So now you're saying you will take the vacc. Cos I doubt you'll be taking pfizer.

                  But yes take the vacc, to support your suicide argument

                  • @astarman: I never said I was gonna take vaccine please read what I actually said. I said if 'I had to take it'.

                    I also have my opinion on the media and what comes out but you are pretty much gonna disagree with everything I say so there is no point talking super in depth. In terms of your arguments you take your evidence from mainstream media which is why everything you say makes total sense but the way I see it is absolute nonsense. Like the buzzwords with covid are overwhelming hospitals, protect the elderly, flattening the curve, lockdown, deadly disease, new strain. Sounds convincing but use reason and something starts to sound really off about this whole situation. The fact that the survival rate is 99.75% or something around there, sounds really strange why they are going through so much effort to contain this "deadly virus". My two cents on this okay but don't try attack someone cause you don't like what they say like I said at the start I don't wanna start a war.

                    You see my arguments as a suicide argument but I see yours as a blind follower of the media.

                • @RetroMetro: I'm going with the Oxford one too. Less effective, but more like the standard flu jab.

    • That’s great saves doses for us

    • The vaccines we have now were synthesized 48 hours after the covid-19 genome was mapped back in February 2020. The period between then and now has been spent evaluating vaccine effectiveness and safety across countless well-funded trials. It's not like any "shortcuts" have been taken in developing these vaccines, it's just that global governments are funding and streamlining the process. They're not using any experimental vaccine fillings or mediums that we haven't used before, and the mRNA vaccines we have now are the safest to date, as they use inert protein structures found in covid-19 as opposed to inactivated viruses. The only side-effects we have seen are the expected allergic reactions or strong immune responses in a small number of people across hundreds of millions.

      There is a LOT riding on these vaccines being effective. Politicians and world leaders were amongst the first to receive it, and we are in the midst of vaccinating the entire world to eradicate the virus (not the first time we've done this) - the only reason the vaccines have taken this long is because we needed to be 110% sure of their safety. Nothing in these vaccines remains in your body for a long period of time, there isn't an avenue for long-term unexpected issues.

      I think some skepticism is healthy, especially when we are all concerned for the health of ourselves and our loved ones. But refusing the jab and putting members of your community at risk by impeding the herd immunity initiative is not really fair to all those who have died thus far and never got the chance to be vaccinated, and the frontline workers around the world who have often given their lives to slow down the spread and damage of virus to get us where we are now - our one shot at eliminating covid-19 before it mutates further.

      • People think this is a rushed vaccine

        Maybe the focus should be on why other vaccines aren't rushed and funded like this ?

        The medical research world has proven if funded properly then research and vaccines can be made faster…

    • Don't worry.. like most things. The majority will be doing the heavy lifting for those too precious/opinionated to do their bit.

      Minor side effects like a sore arm and possible headache are nothing compared to the long term effects of covid on the human body.

    • It's good to be careful, but it's not experimental and it's not 'rushed'. A vaccine needed to be develop and we're lucky there's something, rather than nothing.

      Also, if you think about it, if you're going to get all of the frontline medical work force vaccinated, you wouldn't want them having significant problems/issues. There's no logic in killing your first line of defence.

      Just my opinion.

  • Woah
    I’m booked in next week for my shot

    Travelling Sydney airport to Liverpool hospital for it

    They’ll drive me for free??

  • I doubt that Aged care and disability care residents will have a workplace identification card.

    Then again, I'm yet to find any information about when or how the vaccination programme is rolling out (apart from a high level phased approach). Unless you are in a photo opportunity.

    Does the government advise me when I am able to get vaccinated? Is that the Feds or the State?
    Do I need to arrange my own vaccination, or will someone allocate me a time / location?

    • Depends on which category you're in.

      If you're at risk the government, either state or local will contact you and arrange a time.

      If you're not in a high risk category it's likely you'll have to book your own appointment after a certain time. But the details are still being confirmed.

      • Thanks.
        Wasn't there supposed to be a multi-million $ campaign by the Feds to get this info out?
        I can identify which 'phase' I am in, but there isn't a timeline or a process outline.

        • They haven't started full-scale general public rollout yet. Pfizer is in early rollout and isn't likely to make it past health, quarantine and aged/other care centres any time soon with the limited supply. The big public rollout is the AZ vaccine which is likely to be via pharmacists and GPs, hundreds of thousands of doses a week, maybe a million a week as that is what CSL is going to make, but that rollout is still a few weeks away.

          No doubt the advertising blitz will start ratcheting up in a few weeks.

          • @CJ31: Thanks.
            I just heard a Fed parliamentarian say that the first 'phase' will take six weeks. Not sure if he was speaking from a place of knowledge, or if he was supposed to say that, but to me that seems to be a long time before the next 'phase' even starts.

    • I saw some pic maybe it was on reddit that in qld the vaccine roll-out was in LNP electorates.