Customs Tax Charges With Phones Purchases @ AliExpress

Hi , guys I ordered a Xiaomi Mi11 including shipping it is $1,088.36 , seller is saying now they have to declare th exact ammount of the package to DHL that may lead ot extra custom charges ? Anyone have similar experience like that , and how much custom you have to pay link of he phone below.

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    All goods imported into Australia by sea, air or post with a customs value that exceeds $1000.00 must be cleared by submitting a completed import declaration form (B650) and paying duty, goods and services tax (GST) and other taxes and charges that apply.

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      Its disturbing people don't know the over $1000 rule.

      • Not many people spend $1000 plus with online shopping. OK I know some do, but I am referring to the average person.

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      I thought the GST component was collected by AliExpress at checkout?

      • Only when the value is under $1000.

  • Yep, it makes a 'cheap' deal not look so good any more.

  • Buying something over $1000 at AliExpress is already dangerous and risky operation and you are worried about tax???

    Do you really have no need for warranty?

    • You also hoping OP pays $109 GST only to receive a stone in a box?

    • I will pay through paypal

  • How much you have to pay will depend on the value of the goods, shipping, etc. Check - they do free duty calculations.

  • I won a Sony camera from competition, UPS (i think) values it as $1900, so got a $290+ custom charge

  • GST/importation duty will be 10% of the total of:
    The value of goods
    The shipping cost, and
    Any insurance cost.

  • sorry to hijack this post but is there any online shops based in Australia that sells the Xiaomi mi 11 Global version?
    i found that kogan and dick smith only sells CN version.

  • Merged from Phone from AliExpress and Tax

    Hey all,

    I just recently bought a phone on Aliexpress and paid 10% GST at checkout (which was around $100). Now the DHL contacted me and said I have to pay another $200 for GST and some other duties… I tried contacting DHL and explaining that Aliexpress has collected GST for my purchase for Australia (at least that's what they say), but that's like talking to the wall.

    Does anyone know what to do in this situation? They told me I have 7 days or the phone will be returned. Should I just pay and then discuss it with ATO or Aliexpress and hope for return?

    • Just get a refund and buy from somewhere else

      • this phone currently sells from china only, it's xiaomi mi 11 so this is not really any solution, I just want to understand why I'm being charged 10% twice

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          Apparently ato has been contacting overseas folk like aliexpress to get them to charge tax for the Australian government. You will (should) only be charged once. So you're right, if you've already paid gst then something has gone wrong or aliexpress is pocketing an extra 10%?

        • What happens when you need warranty or support?

          • @Hybroid: I have had some experiences with Anycubic wchich is Aliexpress 3D printer manufacturer and their support was the best support I've ever had. They just sent me all the parts without asking too many questions. That said, whole printer is worth only $300 so that's not even 1/3 of the phone.

    • Now the DHL contacted me

      That's correct.

      When goods with a value of more than AUD $1,000 are imported the buyer has to pay duty GST, customs fees, and other charges.

      There's already a recent thread about this.

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        I understand there is some more duties on purchases over $1000 the issue I have is that I paid 10% GST already, so someone has to refund me the 10% because at the moment I'm paying it twice

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        The buyer has already paid GST to AliExpress. DHL is running a 5 year old scam where they charge GST + cost on unsuspecting customers.

    • Refuse to pay. Let them send it back and get a refund.

    • contact customs and see what advice they offer. possibly they could refund the double tax

      • Yeah, I think I'll do that because DHL will not let me have it unless I pay and they gave me only 5 business days to pay so that's probably not enough to get anywhere with customs. I have little hope to get my 10% back though.

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          actually this might be relevant

          from what i can gather you might have to seek a refund from aliexpress. good luck with that ….

          in any case i would get advice from ato & customs

          have you tried supplying your tax invoice from aliexpress to dhl?

          • @mtg: I haven't, I only told them I was charged GST on a purchase and heard that the customs duties have to be cleared in Australia. I was stupid to use DHL, they are well known for doing this. I've had similar experiences with DHL in the past while living in Europe.

          • @mtg: this link is great, it seems to explain that I shouldn't be paying GST. Thanks for sharing it!

            "If you have been charged GST on import and at point of sale you will need to seek a refund of the GST paid at the point of sale from the supplier. Refunds of GST paid at the border on consignments of multiple low value goods with a customs value of more the A$1,000 will not be available from the Department of Home Affairs.

            Before refunding the GST paid at the point of sale, the supplier will require proof of payment of the GST you paid to the Department of Home Affairs."

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    you will need to seek a refund of the GST paid at the point of sale from the supplier.

    Hopefully not, but trying to collect the GST back from a supplier in another country relies totally on their co-operation and honesty.

    That's assuming that they have even paid the GST to DHA and not just pocketed the money.

    AFAIK there's no way they can be forced to remit the GST component to DHA.

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