Hard Drive (6TB+) for NAS

Trying to set up a NAS solution for home/business to handle a bunch of backups. Are there any good deals on hard drives (willing to shuck if that gets me a better deal) out there?


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    Shucking will get you a better deal. They're around half the price of bare drives.
    Personally I go for at least 8TB so I get CMR rather than SMR drives. Either seagate or WD is fine just have backups set up (admittedly mine's not the best…)

    With WD you will normally get white drives which are relabelled red drives. Should be 5400rpm which generate less heat and noise. I believe WD have mislabelled as some are actually 7200rpm and air filled rather than helium.

    Seagate put in better drives imo. Tend to be either barracuda pros, exos or ironwolf.

    $25/TB is the general good price point but has been lower.

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      +1 to everything here!

      Haven't seen any really good deals since Black Friday though

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