Stacking Flybuys Bonus Offers?

I currently have two overlapping offers in my Flybuys app which I am wondering if they will stack.

One is for 4800 bonus points if I spend $80, the other is for 3600 bonus points if I spend $90.

So hopefully if they stack that would mean I could spend $90 and get 8400 bonus flybuys

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    Mine have stacked in the past.

    I often get a 'Xpts for $Y spend' as a once off during my 'spend $Z in each of four weeks to get 10,000pts'.

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      same same
      CL better than WW, a lot a lot

  • Yeah Ive had those overlap before too, first time I've had one like this though. Shocked because I don't normally get generous offers from flybuys, let alone 2 at the same time lol

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    They will stack but check that the dates are overlapping. Sometimes one will end on a Tuesday and next one will be from Wednesday.

    • Haha you are absolutely right. It says on the activated offer "3 days left" but not until you click on it you see the 3 days doesn't start until tomorrow!

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      The offers that end one day and start the next always allow me to double dip. I go the night the first offer ends and I always get both points.

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        Can confirm this works too. Previously I have gotten an offer and not realised it doesn't start until the next day, but if I shop after I activate the offer (but before it's supposed to start) it still works.

        • Yep I've got hundreds of dollars of extra points this way.

        • Damn ive been missing out on this for years!

          • @harthagan: Got 17600 points for double dipping just last week.

            • @Ash-Say: Hopefully they don't figure it out and shut it down

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                @harthagan: They probably will when they read it here..

              • @harthagan: They wont. I think it is set up in this way purposefully. Some Other people call it glitch shopping. You may notice the days always fall on Tuesdays and Fridays when the shopping activities across the stores are low. It is an incentvie to encourage people to shop on these two days. It never occurs on Thursday or Saturday for sure.

                From my exp, 20% chance that you may not get both and it is hard to solve it with customer service for obvious reasons.

  • They will stack if the dates align. I recently got a 1800 points for $30 spend and also a 2000 for $30 spend (the latter was part of a spend it for x weeks offer).

  • Off topic but does anyone else still get fuel offers. Eg double point on fuel . I haven't had any for around a year now. All I get is offers for spending money inside Coles express

    • Got one recently but it was pathetic. Multiple hoops to jump through just to get 6c off per litre lol

  • Another off topic one but when doing the spend x for x amount of points deals. Does using fly buys dollars to pay count as spend?

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      I cashed in a heap of Flybuys dollars recenlty and paid for groceries using nothing but points. Still counted as qualifying spend for offers.

      • Thanks, exactly what i was after

  • If both deals still exist on a Friday try shopping then and you might get double the points on top of the offers ;)

  • Does anyone know if prepaid mobile phone recharge vouchers count towards the spend target?

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      It should count, but it depends on the T&Cs for the specific deal you are referring to. Mobile phone recharge vouchers are typically only excluded from some deals at Coles (e.g. MasterChef knife credits). You can tell if mobile phone recharge vouchers are excluded from a deal if Coles mentions the deal excludes mobile phones and mobile phone plans, recharge.

      This is different from Woolworths, where mobile phone recharge vouchers cannot earn Everyday Rewards points and are an exclusion for all bonus points offers.

      • The deal's T&C say "Qualifying spend requirement excludes purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, charity items/donations, tobacco and tobacco related products and Coles Online delivery fees." so I think you are right, but I recall in the past seeing mobile phone recharges excluded a few times.

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          I never recharge a plan, but I am very sure:

          Prepaid starter packs are always counted even though they are activated instore like giftcards. Grab some Vodafone $30 into purchase from tomorrow.

  • I received an offer for 4,800 points if I spend $120 in one single shop (which i did last night) today is the last day.

    Another offer for 1,000 points if i spend $100 in a single shop or 2,000 points if i spend $130 in a single shop.

    Both we're activated a few days ago.

    My question is; since $147 was spent,which offer will i receive? The higher or the lower points?

    • Should get 6800 points if the offer dates overlap.

      • Yup. You're right. Thank you.

  • Does this loophole still work? Can someone confirm please?
    Thank you

    • I haven't had the spend x points with x spend lately, but I can confirm no stacking occurred the last two times I tried to use it maybe a month or so ago. As in, shopping on a Friday when have two activated offers with one ending Friday and another starting Saturday. It did work a few times for me 3 or so months ago.

      So I felt like it no longer works. Even in the past I treated it as if I get both great, but only spending on assumption I will get the one offer.

      If the dates do truly overlap then should still work e.g. a mutli-week offer and single week offer that overlap.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I think mine didn't work either. Spent last week on Friday when I got offer that ends Friday and another starts Saturday. I thought I did something wrong.

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