This was posted 11 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Vodafone $30/$40 Pre-Paid Starter Pack for $10/$15 & Receive Bonus $5 Coles eGift Card upon SIM Activation @ Coles


Score a BONUS $5 eGift card when you activate your $30 or $40 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack before 21.03.21. Vodafone $30 Starter Pack for $10, effectively $5. Vodafone $40 Starter Pack for $15 purchase is also eligible.

With Vodafone, you can enjoy Prepaid Plus with heaps of My Data and then use infinite data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps until your recharge expires. At 1.5Mbps, you can scroll and stream music but is not suitable for HD video. Find out more about speeds at

Data for use in Oz. Starter Pack offers end 16.03.21. Available at Coles Supermarket (excludes online). 25GB with $30 Prepaid Plus (15GB included, total 40GB), 20GB with $40 Prepaid Plus (30GB included, total 50GB). Infinite Data available only on selected Prepaid Plus Plans. Starter Pack must be activated within 365 days of purchase.

Bonus $5 Coles e-gift card: Bonus $5 Coles e-gift card (electronic Gift Card) when you activate your $30 or $40 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack before 21.03.21. Eligible plans: $30 Prepaid Plus and $40 Prepaid Plus. Offer starts on 17.01.21 and ends 16.03.21 (inclusive). Once you have purchased the Eligible Starter Pack within the offer period you must activate your Eligible Plan by 21st March 2021 to receive the eGift Card. You will receive the eGift Card via TXT within 72 hours of activating on Eligible Plan. Terms and Conditions relevant to the egift card apply and are set by Coles (eGift Card Issuer). eCard expires 4 years from date of issue. Not for commercial use or resale purposes. Offer not exchangeable for cash and subject to change. Subject to availability. Max 1 gift card per service. Personal use only. Applies only to the number that received the TXT. See for T&Cs.

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  • When do we need to activate to get the gc ?

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      By 21st March 2021. It automatically sends txt to your phone number.

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    Can these be activated for a 365 day expiry, like the aldi ones?

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      Yes, it does.

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      Technically, Neoika is correct in that these $30 and $40 starter packs could be activated for long-term plans on Vodafone. Only the $40 starter pack will give you 365 days expiry (the $30 starter pack will only give you 180 days expiry). See this link for the long expiry plans that Vodaphone offer:

      However, the above plans will NOT be eligible for the bonus $5 Coles e-gift card, as the terms in OP's post state clearly: "Eligible plans: $30 Prepaid Plus and $40 Prepaid Plus." Those plans both have only 28 day expiry.

  • Can this be used for the 5g sim plan??

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    Is it still a bad idea to port between different MNVOs on the same carrier? Currently on Kogan and would like to jump over to this if that's less problematic these days.

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      update: Porting from Kogan to Vodafone was straightforward and fast.

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        That's awesome to hear. I've lived with the doctrine of do not port within the same carrier for a long time…. Glad improvements are still being made in this world! sigh

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    Got a few old voda starter packs. Could i use them first (ie. Is the $5 linked to a special Coles Sim starter kit?)

    • I'd like to know that too.

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      I think it wont work. Otherwise, a starter pack from Woolies will work too?

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      The gift cards will only be supplied to customers activating $30 and $40 SIMs on Prepaid Plus plans purchased at Coles during that period.

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        Havent received the gift card… three days passed but nothing

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    You can activate on any of the available Vodafone prepaid plans however to receive the $5 Coles egift card you need to be activating on Prepaid Plus.

    • i am having problems activating mine called vodafone number they told me to go to store for id verification.

      that will not hinder the 5$egift card qualification yeah?

      • Not at all (as long as it was purchased from a Coles Supermarket), once it is activated, you should receive your egift card within 72 hours.

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          cool it was purchased from coles kilburn, have kept recipt too in case for this e gift card doesn't come up.
          thank you
          after activation will go to test out 5g in outer harbour, kidman park etc

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            @USER DC: Nice mate, Outer Harbour has a bit of 5g coverage, as does Kidman Park/Findon. Check out Vodafone's coverage:

            • @JohnnoT6: tried at multiple locations at outer harbour and royal park as per network map you linked but still no 5g network although 4g speed was good there av around 185 Mb, max 221 Mb download but on 4g network only

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                @USER DC: Hi mate, If you’d like me to look into it further send me an email when you can to: [email protected]
                I’ll reach out and get more info, pass it on to the right team and we can take it from there! Cheers

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                  • @USER DC: i can confirm it doesn't give me 5g , just connected with optus 5g today and works totally fine with upto 320 Mb download

                    although optus had to manually enable 5g

                    in short vodafone sucks at 5g even in coverage areas cant deliver 5g

    • I have already activated last Friday on Prepaid plus, but haven't received any $5 Cole e-gift card yet. Is this normal.?
      Will it take longer than a week to get the e-gift card?

  • How come the promotion is not displayed in 2 Coles stores that I attended today ?

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      It’s in the catalogue.

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    What happens if you activate after 16/3 but before 21/3? Still get eGift card but not the bonus data?

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      Hi, You'll get both. Bonus data isn't ending on 16/3, only the discount on $30 and $40 Starter Packs are.

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        Thank you. I read the T&C’s a few more times whilst waiting for a response to try and understand it a different way and thought it was maybe just that! Thanks for clarifying and confirming.

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          No problem! Basically we just wanted to give customers more time to activate to redeem their eGift cards. Rather than cut it all off when the price Promo ended. Thanks!

      • I have already activated the $30 starter pack last Friday on Prepaid plus, but haven't received any $5 Coles e-gift card yet. Is this normal.?
        Will it take longer than a week to get the e-gift card?

        • Hi Gundala, could you please email your activated mobile service number and name to [email protected] and I can get our team to investigate.


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            @vodastel: Hi Vodastel, email has just been sent. Thanks.

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            @vodastel: HI Vodastel,
            I activated on Saturday 20/3, I did not get confirmation that my service was being ported until monday 22, neither have I been given a link to the $5 coles GC, any Ideas? I already emailed [email protected] . Not a peep back yet.

            WIth kind regards.

  • The package says 'Recharge on Prepaid Plus'.
    So if I am already on Voda Prepaid Plus plan, can I 'recharge' on my current Voda Prepaid Plus plan using this card after purchase at Coles?

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      I don't think you can. These are "starter packs", so you need to port in a non-Vodafone number or activate with a new numbers.

      About the word "recharge", it seems telcos usually consider activating a SIM as an activation with $0 value then immediately do a recharge. Hence "1st recharge" means the initial activation.

      • Someone also pointed out there is a 30 day waiting period for being re-accepted as a new VF customer. Current VF numbers can not make it for this deal.

      • Thanks for the info. Still I believe 'recharge' on $0 sim is not 're' charge as it has no charge record and first time hence misleading and confusing. Anyway not so bad deal.

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    I signed up 6 days ago and haven't received my gift card.

    Has anyone actually received their gift card from this advertised deal?

    • I have not activated mine. It looks like epic failure promotion.

      • I have emailed them on [email protected] so I'll see what they say.

        • Hi @imieebeans, we’ll have a look and come back to you.

          • @JohnnoT6: Received a response to my email and my gift card via SMS. Thanks!

          • @JohnnoT6: Hi Johnno, I've also sent an email yesterday as I hadn't received any gift card text within a week of activation. Thanks in advance for helping sorting it out.

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        How is it an epic failure promotion exactly?
        Multiple thousands have been sent and activated.

        • About to port over to Vodafone. Bought my $30 starter pack from Coles last week. Nothing else I need to do, just sign up online as per usual and the $5 e-gift card should arrive via text?

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    I bought a 30 dollar pre paid starter sim card from Coles last Monday 1st March. I activated the card last Thursday 4th March by porting number over from a optus pre paid plan.

    I haven’t received my $5 coles egift card yet

    Just wondering if it’s still coming.

    Emailed [email protected] yesterday and sent you a message Johnnot6

    • Just got it by sms lol

      Now, Wondering whether it was late or was it because I sent the email yesterday or the message to Johno

  • I emailed on Saturday. I haven't received my gift card, yet.

  • Just activated mine today. Got eGC SMS even bf porting was done.

  • I just emailed too as haven’t received the gift card within the 72hrs it states

  • Conditions say you need to activate by 21/03/21.

    Does that include the 21st or does it actually mean you have to activate it BEFORE the 21st?

    • I ended up activating my service on 20th, however the porting team had already closed on that saturday and the service did not come online until porting started again on monday 22nd. I later contacted Vodafone and got a follow up call from someone in the indian call centre, they told me to go back to coles as the offer was from coles, however I advised them, this was an offer if purchased from coles stores would only be given to those vodafone customers, so it was an offer from vodafone exclusively for customers who purchased vodafone from coles stores only.

      Their indian call centre team clearly did not undertand the offer, I have also emailed the address the Rep in this thread provided, not a single response from that email or the Rep, looks like a cold case!

      Still waiting as of today 27-03-2021.

      • I got eGC SMS right after activation, before porting was done, also on the 20th but in the morning. If only you had inserted SIM at that time!

        Now I know why some people did not receive it because the eGC SMS was sent to default number on the starter pack! When they inserted the SIM, it was already their ported number.

        • Inserting the sim, while it was not activated? Was I supposed to get the sms to the Tempoary number? I had ported in to Vodafone. This is very unfair if the SMS was sent to the Tempoary number?!

          • @theone83: But possibly, for people who opened a new number, it wont be a problem. Thats just my thinking!

            • @Neoika: I was advised on the website to not insert the sim until porting had occured. You would expect once your service is moved to Vodafone that everything would flow through, the only sms sent to me was how to install the Vodafone app for my phone. This offer sounds like a major failure, even the Reps who have been responding on this thread have gone quiet!

              I left vodafone many years ago, I thought things might have changed after the vodafail situation a few years ago, doesn't seem like much has changed!

              • @theone83: One positive side is the speed is actually not capped after data runs out, from my last month exp. It is essentially unlimited data!

                • @Neoika: That might be one positive aspect, however I am not satisfied by their customer service rep response over the phone. I would like what I purchased honoured. Maybe a rep my DM me here. There is clearly no loyalty to the customer.

                  • @theone83: The speed is indeed capped after data run-out now. Just did the test, 1.57Mbps.

  • Same issue here, still yet to receive the gift card after almost 2 weeks. I ported out and didn’t insert sim beforehand like others.

    • I have finally been sent the eGC from Vodafone. My service was applied for activation after Saturday business hours on Saturday 20th, on Monday 22nd it was active when the porting team came back online. On Wednesday 31 March I was sent the email from AUVODAFONE.

      Hope anyone in the same situation get theirs soon.

      Happy Long Week End.

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