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[PC] Epic - Mafia II: Definitive Edition ~$5.68/Mafia III: Definitive Edition ~$5.68 (buying w Russian VPN requ.) - Epic Store


Fantastic prices for the two Mafia games.
You need to buy via a Russian VPN but VPN is not required to play.
I would suggest the following:

  1. Make a Russian Epic account using a VPN with an exit node in Russia
  2. Buy the games you want - I used a normal ANZ credit card to pay and it worked fine
  3. Then download the game and play

As a precaution I strongly suggest not to use your main account with all the freebie games in it should there ever be any issues which I do not expect.

Mafia III: Definitive Edition: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mafia-iii-defi...


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  • Amazing game, terrible platform and method.

  • Mafia 3 was great. Give it time and support for Epic, and these could possibly be freebies in 18 months.

  • i never understood these VPN deals
    If I wanted to OPEN A NEW EPIC account in Russian just to buy the two games then what is the point
    I will end up having 3 epic accounts, 3 GOG accounts and the rest and my games will be all over the place with no idea what user name/password is for each game
    if I had to do this I would rather illegally download it using my Russian VPN so I cant be caught and have a free DRM game instead

    • Sure, people make new accounts to say, get a DLC free, or say Morrowwind (which is a very old game that did not age well graphically and very few of the people getting it will be playing) saving maybe $5 but it is too much hassle to open a Russian account where one can save $40 per game on many games.
      Makes absolute sense.
      And putting an extra set of username and password into a password manager is also super complicated and takes days - also totally makes sense.
      Also, not giving the devs any money rather than buying the game legally also absolutely make sense.
      Never saw these obvious truths - my mistake: I apologise. ;-)

      You know you can always change regions and NOT open a new account if you want to. Completely up to you.

      • ok, opening new accounts aside using VPNs to buy games is wrong on many reasons
        its because of ppl like you that most other stores don't have set pricing for regions to begin with - props to Epic Games, GOG etc to allow this but lots of other places have closed this down as it was abused by ppl in wealthier countries that can afford to pay full RRP but pass this as some sort of a "deal"
        sure Im not going to be popular by saying this - not do I care but if you want to support a dev as you say then you buy the game here - pay your tax here, you earn the $$ in Australia and we are lucky we are getting the money we do vs other countries

        leave the Russians to buy in Russia as they will shut this down if ppl abuse it
        Steam has done it
        besides I am sure its against T & Cs

        • What if I do not earn a lot of $$ here in Australia but get paid according to Indian standards and wages because I am stuck here? Then what? Or if I am a student from a poorer country in Australia? Then I pay Aussie prices without the Aussie income.
          Please read the T&Cs before you claim it is against them. With Steam you are correct but with Epic you are not.
          Plus, Steam has not shut it down either as they still have regional pricing but implemented properly which means the Russians can still buy at lower prices.
          Plus, in case you have not noticed, five companies (including Steam) got fined recently in the EU for geographical pricing and stopping people to buy in cheaper regions.


          Things are not as simple as the simplified "mob" posts on various forums suggest.

          I normally do not condone VPN deals but in a case where a game that is 10 years old gets repackaged a bit and is then sold at full price again, I have to admit the guilt is a little less, especially if I bought the game already twice other platforms.

          • @Lysander: if you don't earn $$ then you shouldn't game
            is gaming bread that you must have?

            I am no saint or crusader - not do I have all answers for you but there should be REGIONAL pricing so poor countries get a chance to buy goods at a rate that is acceptable to their economic status and I want this to continue and not be abolished because its misused by ppl in wealthier countries

            It is not hard for epic or GOG to update their T&C's and I'm sure if there is pressure to do so they will - that is all beyond point

            VPN fraud is fraud, even more so as most people don't even see it as fraud (which is it, you are obtaining goods through misrepresentation)

            and Yes you sure are right that this game should not be $40 but $5 - again if you don't agree no one is forcing you to buy it here, buying with Russian VPN wont help - not buying will
            In any case - it is not my intention to argue here all day or try to change your mind - just my 2 cents worth

            • @botchie: You are treading on extremely dangerous territory with your argument that poor people should not game. If that is your opinion, then why should people in India game rather than buy bread??
              Plus, regional pricing is not abolished. Steam has implemented it.
              If Epic and GOG wanted to implement it they would and could. Epic is a big company with quite a few lawyers (some of which I have previously worked with so I know they can deal with those issues easily if they chose to do so).
              Using a VPN is not fraud - have you actually read the article I provided?

              In fact, there is an overwhelming opinion in academia and among legal practitioners that geo-blocking and preventing the free movement of goods is in fact what is illegal.

              For example, a Russian student studying in Australia for four years is not committing any fraud when he wants to make a Russian account and uses his home address as the right address. But in order to keep buying at his home country prices he is forced to use a VPN in many cases.
              Where is the fraud?

              And do you really think a dev would choose getting $0 over getting $6?

              • @Lysander: are you calling ppl in India poor?
                I am talking about Aus here
                you have Auzzie prices and should pay them
                India should pay Indian prices
                thats the whole point
                you are from OZ - don't go to Indian VPN to buy with their currency

                the other point is - one that was my first argument
                ppl need to open a new epic account each time they buy a new game when using VPN in fear they will be locked - you even said it in your post
                so this makes it not worth my while anyway
                if others want to have 50 accounts with 50 different games locked to different region then go for it

                • @botchie: I did not say that. You open ONE account in Russia. That is it. Not one account per game - where did I say one account per game? You added that in your mind and caused an issue where there is none.
                  Plus, how do you know I am from Oz? I might be from Russia or India or somewhere else? I live here at this time but that does not automatically mean I am from Oz, does it?
                  So, do not make so many assumptions. You just throw around statements "This is fraud", "This is against T&Cs" etc. without checking the validity of such statements.

    • I tend to agree, I've already got too many accounts. Even with GOG galaxy tracking all the accounts, I still end up spending money on games … i already own … and havent played … in the digital pile of shame.

      Any extra accounts would be more lost money for me unfortunately.

      • Simple solution to that: only buy the games you will definitely play in the next two weeks. Otherwise do not buy games.
        Make yourself a list of games of all accounts you can search easily. Should avoid duplication of games.

        • Oh I will always have a digital pile of games never played unfortunately. I just don't have time to game enough to be honest :D.