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[PC] Steam - Frostpunk $14.60 (Was $42.95) - Steam


Nice discount for a decent game on STEAM.

Frostpunk is the first society survival game. As the ruler of the last city on Earth, it is your duty to manage both its citizens and its infrastructure. What decisions will you make to ensure your society's survival? What will you do when pushed to breaking point? Who will you become in the process?

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    I bought this game and gave up. First game I’ve ever given up on. I watched some YouTube stuff to try find out what I was doing wrong and even after that I only made it to like day 18. Very unforgiving game. At the start, you pretty much need to follow a specific pattern of development otherwise you’ll almost certainly die further on in the game.
    Saying that, online there were guys bragging that they beat the initial story on the first try. Maybe I’m just terrible at the game but I thought I’d share my experience.


      For this game you need to plan ahead, not like usual strategy game where if you short of a resource then you ramped up the production.
      For example if you see the weather will be getting colder in a few days, you need to focus on coal production and technology that allow you to level up the generator ahead.


        I honestly feel like my version was broken lol…I did exactly what this YouTube guy did and had stopped gathering wood/coal/steel from the ‘free’ resources by the time day 4 arrived with the -40 degree temps. But on his version that building you research for raw food was feeding his whole town and he said he wouldn’t need another until much further in the game. On my version, that building and another hunters hall still wasn’t enough. The buildings were operational and everything. I just couldn’t be bothered after all that effort. They need a proper tutorial for people like me.

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          Maybe he is playing easy or different scenario.
          You can check what you missing in economy tab. I mostly trying to get everything in surplus so I have stock for a few days.
          But at start it so hard because you dont have that many worker.

          I think the point of this kind of game is you can learn from your mistake and start over with that knowledge, similar like FTL.

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    Excellent game and very well made but also really depressing. Reccomended if you enjoyed "This War of Mine"



    Love the music rapping for this game


    Game is better than decent. It's great