Plane Seat Selection for Kids

Hi guys,
Recently we moved to Adelaide and now we're needing to book flights back to SEQ during the year. In April we've booked Virgin seats to/from OOL and got slugged around $400 for 'seat selection'.

I have two little kids and didn't want them to be on opposite sides of the plane so paid and chose our seats. Tell me what the options are guys! We've mostly flown QF flights before and without kids. What's the cheapest way of buying tix and ensuring we sit together as a family? And no, I can't leave the tin lids at home.

EDIT** After 60mins waiting on the phone Virgin offered me a credit for this unwanted extra charge. Thanks all!


  • Take an Uber

  • Are you a Velocity member? I've never paid to choose my seat on Virgin flights. Then again, this is mainly for SYD-MEL

  • I forgot choosing plane seats was a thing.

  • most airlines will not separate kiddies from parents, and will always have one parent with them.
    Flight attendants will even ask passengers to switch.
    My advice get to airport early and check in…


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      Flight attendants will even ask passengers to switch.

      But then you risk being on the youtube video another passenger posts shortly after…

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    we moved to Adelaide and now we're needing to book flights back to SEQ

    I wouldn't take much notice of the locals, their bark is worse than their bite…

  • When I redeemed Qantas points on a Jetstar flight recently, seat selection was a free option during the booking.

  • This is OzBargain. Save your money. If you are polite, you can easily find volunteers to reunite your family seating.

  • $400 for "seat selection"?

    How many passengers in total and are you travelling with them?
    VA's website says

    If you can't all be seated together, we’ll ensure each child (under 12) is seated with an adult from your group."

  • From memory if you're all on the same booking you get seated together by default.
    Additionally airlines have policies ensuing that kids under 12 are seated with their guardian.
    I think your $400 for seat selection was a nice addition to the Virgin kitty, honestly just book in online 24 hours before and all should be fine.

    • Our flights got changed and all 4 of us were moved to another flight, away from each other. We had to make it very clear that we were not being separated from our children and they fixed it for us.

  • Virgin don't charge for standard seat selection. Are you sure you didn't buy Economy X upgrades by accident? (Those are the extra legroom seats).

    If you don't have status, then you can usually choose seats in the back half of the plane initially. Then at 48 hours before the flight (online check-in), the rest of the plane opens up. All the standard seats are free, and Economy X seats (purple) have an additional charge which is clearly outlined.

  • Why would you want to sit next to your kids on a plane?

  • I only came here because when I was scrolling down the list of comments, I initially thought the post said "Plane seat ejection for kids", and I thought that sounded like a post I'd like to read.

  • Youve stuffed up.
    Virgin have free seat selection.

  • Some of the online travel agencies charge for seat selection over and above what the airline charges (e.g. Virgin charges $0 but the agency charges $20). They appear to be the cheapest on sites like Skyscanner but then get you this way. If you do use one of these OTAs, don't select seats during the booking process if there's a cost - wait until the ticket is issued and just select seats as normal through the Virgin website. As the folks above have said, standard seat selection is free on Virgin (at least for now).