expired SonyEricsson Cedar Telstra Handset $25 with $10 PrePaid Credit - JB Hi-Fi Artarmon


Saw this when I went down to my local JB HiFI to pick up my $52 Sony CD Tuner. This is a Blue Tick Telstra handset meaning it has superior reception especially for rural areas. My Mum has one of these phones and they are pretty good especially considering they are now $25

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    nice, it's usually $39.
    and unlocking fee within 6 months is $100.

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    Anyone know how easy this is to unlock?


    blue tick = manufacturer paid off telstra ;)

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      I've got one. They have the highest Blue Tick rating and I can confirm it's no BS. Really nice little phone.

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      Blue Tick is a Telstra creation, not some industry international standard.

      Of course there has been some goings on between Telstra and SE.

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        Yes, but they (Telstra) must test them because they have different descriptions of how 'Blue ticky' they are - some phones only get a 'works in towns' label, others get 'if you are out in the boonies this is what you want' type. This phone and one Blackberry get the 'out in the boonies' (best rating).

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          What is the test procedure?


          Just found - A video of how they test:

          So obviously they're getting a figure and a way to rank them, but they don't make it public other than the descriptions they put on the site.

          (wrote this before I found the page above) I don't know how they test them but they must otherwise they would just have a Blue Tick. Instead they have things like this:

          Motorola Defy +
          Recommended for rural handheld coverage outside regional centres and towns.

          Nokia N9
          Recommended for customers who want to maximise their coverage.

          LG Optimus Spirit
          Recommended for rural handheld coverage outside regional centres and towns.

          Sony Ericsson Cedar
          Recommended for customers who want to maximise their coverage. This may be because they live or work outside of regional centres and towns, or in rural locations, or simply need a device with the maximum coverage capability.

          Actually they have changed the descriptions from the last time I looked. Last time on the pre paid phones page they all had different descriptions, now they're all the same. On the Plans phones page they're all different. so I'm not sure what the story is.

          From this page:

          'To counteract these concerns, Telstra established the "Blue Tick" as a way of indicating to its customers which Next G capable handset has superior reception in regional areas, as per Telstra's own in-house testing procedures. These tests include practical handset trials both in the labs and on the ground in remote areas, emulating typical usage where possible.

          Because we haven't tested these claims ourselves we suggest that you don't consider the blue tick a guarantee of clear reception, but more a recommendation to help start the conversation with your local mobile phone dealer about which handset will best suit your needs.

          As with all mobile phone technologies, this list fluctuates; with phones being added and subtracted as they become available or are superseded.'

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    No deal at JB HiFi in Hobart. "Boxing day only, mate." Their faux 'Cheapest Prices' slogan is looking pretty tired.

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    I think I saw the same offer in a Coles or Kmart catalogue, I will see if i can't find it again.

    Does anybody have experience with this phone? I'm considering getting one for Dad. He works in a factory, so it must be loud, strong vibrate, good reception. Dust and shock resistance are also desirable features, but at this price the phone can be replaced when it's damaged. It must also be noob friendly, I'm hoping Sony Ericsson won't disappoint here.

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      I have used the phone and found it to be quite good. I would think excellent value at the price.

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        Yes, I have one. Don't know if I'd call it especially loud. Great reception. Normal vibrate. Not big buttons, though I still found it ok to use (and I have reasonably big hands). It's pretty light weight and all plastic so should survive drops. Reasonably simple controls. I'd say either something like this (cheap to replace) or an expensive 'rugged' phone (like Sonim).

        I would consider a bluetooth active noise cancelling headset. I've just got the Jabra Supreme. Not tried it anywhere noisy yet. Another is the Jawbone Era.