[Unobtainable] DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo - $759.20 (20% off) @ Anaconda

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1st time posting of deal for me
Anaconda having 20% off storewide tomorrow.
Manager gave me the discount this morning on the mini 2 fly more combo = $759.20
Maybe another 5% off at Officeworks?

receipt: https://ibb.co/QQBQ06W
full receipt with date: https://ibb.co/VmWXvYB

Moved to the forums as unobtainable as DJI Drone is not part of the sale.

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    anaconda sells drones?? :O

    • Strange! I was going to say "mavic has prime appeal to the great outdoors. why wouldn't anaconda sell mavics and gopros?", but then I went to their website and I couldn't find GoPros! lol

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        Think they used to sell them as I scored a pair of official GoPro suction cup mounts for $5 each or something a few years ago. They cleared out all GoPro accessories so I presume they had the cameras too.

  • Thanks! I've never really been interested in drones but my old man was after one for fishing so trying to do a bit of research on it. Looking at the Mavic Air 2.

    Will the 20% be off the club price or regular price?

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      If you're using it for scanning for fish mini is ok. If you want the "drop line" attached to the drone then yes Mavic Air 2 is the way to go. Mini is very weak.

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        If its for the line drop, get some cheap $100 drone any DJI is just an overkill for this

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          Thanks guys what do u suggest for drop line and decent camera to check conditions. I'm not that keen on him forking out $$$ with a chance of it failing and dropping 200m from the shore.

          • @andyman1908: I'm interested too!

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            @andyman1908: haha I can just imagine a cheap drone losing signal and just flying away with the line, your old man trying to reel in the drone as it fights the line haha.
            (I've had a cheap drone loose signal and just fly away into the beyond)

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              @camshandez: Haha can just imagine. Call a mate from NZ and tell him to keep a look out for a drone on its way in about a day or so.

    • my old man was after one for fishing

      There are better drones for fishing, for (I guess) dropping the fishing line further away from the sand.

      Examples are Swell Pro and Gannet

  • I have one, can't recommend it enough.

    Everyone should get on this, great price for the fly more.

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      i got one from amazon late last yr.
      Awesome drone.

      Wife talked me out of the mavic pro 2…. im still going to get one

      • Mini 2 is already a big step up from last years Mini! Range is the same as the higher end units, and camera is improved too!

      • Got mine in December. Have only had maybe 3 chances to use it. Awfully wet summer + living bang in the middle of a no-fly zone has really limited the opportunities 😔

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    This is a very nice little drone, while has everything you need as an entry to medium level user. Very good value, can't recommend it enough. I've got Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom and Mini 2, and I'm also an FPV pilot. This drone is the one I favour most. Just nice and handy and cute.

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    do you mind posting the whole receipt with the date on it? im trying to get it price matched and they need to see that it was purchased today. TIA.

    • done

      • Thanks! Was quick enough to be able to get it price matched. 😁

  • already got one with jb 15% off gift cards to around this price, but i feel like i need a 2nd one just in case the first world leader assassination attempt fails.

  • Does this mean MA2 fly more will be on sale as well?

  • will JB match price?

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      If there is no code, they probably should.

    • +1

      Just tried and no luck, they said they don't price match receipts. Needs to be advertised price, so may need to try again tomorrow.

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    Good deal mate. Is it possible to please post a copy of the receipt including the date? They want it for price match.

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    Thanks, OP. I have been after this since Black Friday Sales. Finally! Guys in Mel, just FYI, just called Officeworks, they do not have any stock to do the price-beat in VIC. You might want try somewhere else.

    • Just popped in the anaconda hoppers crossing store. Staff said the fly more combo is not on sale, BUT not sure it will be on sale tomorrow as the future sales information is not yet shown in their system. Check the price on the website tomorrow. Don't lose hope, ozbargainers. Fingers crossed.

  • Good price. Well done.

    • +1

      Well drone ;-)

      • I see what you did there!

  • This is almost on-par with the Mavic Pro which cost $1800+ for Fly More back in the day. And it's a third of the weight and size, with small bump in battery life. Very good option for entry drone.

  • What time tomorrow does the 20% off commence?

  • Great drone but dont forget to pay for additional coverage as you will crash it and probably lose it if you’re noob like me. Fell into the beach and dead.

    • Sorry to hear that. I know how it feel to lose a $$$ drone as I almost lost mine. Didn't bought the DJI care package as well.

      • you can still buy it after the 48 hours. Just need to jump through some hoops to prove everything is still working.

        • The additional coverage is only valid if you can retrieve the drone i.e. if it drops into the ocean then the coverage won't give you another one.

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            @mitch21: They now include fly away coverage included in refresh for the mini 2 and air 2. You pay about half the cost of a new one if you can’t retrieve it

            • @Pennypacka: Thanks for the heads up! Definitley worth buying for me when I get the mini 2 ( I live with closed waters on one side and ocean on the other.

        • Yeah, didn't thought I need it after watching so many youtube online I thought it was easy as pie.

          • @Kamsi: Noob tips:

            a) always check your surroundings especially in quick shot mode.
            b) they are NOT water proof
            c) avoid windy conditions

            • @Junzi: Last week went down to Mt. Stilwell, talk out my drone wouldn't dare to fly too far, the wind over there was like yo-yo and I got warning of no signal. So yeah pretty dangerous on a windy conditions.

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    I just called anaconda and DJI is excluded from the sale. I think OP may have just got lucky.

    • Heh, nobody wants to acknowledge this post :-D

      • I’m surprised it got the run that it did. DJI and apple are very rarely included in these deals. Apparently there’s f*all markup on them.
        I just bought 2 of them this week with the afterpay eBay deal.
        But with the strengthening AUD Amazon now has them shipped from the US for $628 (not flymore). As far as I understand as long as you activate the drone in Australia you can use local care refresh.
        DJI Mini 2 – Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter for Adults and Kids, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera, 12MP Photo, 31 Mins Flight Time, OcuSync 2.0 10km HD Video Transmission, QuickShots, Gray https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08JGYF5W1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f...

    • Yeah agree, spoke to Anaconda also and it sounds like an error on the managers part.

  • Awesome price.
    Might pick up a CamelBak tomorrow when its 20% off.

  • Damn. Confirmed with anaconda that DJI is not on sale.

    OP was very lucky.

  • Apologies for getting my wife to agree that a drone was indeed an essential purpose and thus scuppering the deal…

  • If people have confirmed that is not part of the 20% sale tomorrow, shouldn’t this post be pulled, as it’s not achievable?

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    Not sure why people keep upvoting this. It's been identified as a false bargain! - edit, looks like it's been dealt with

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    Well at least one of us come out on top! Gotta say I'm pretty chuffed!

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    I feel terrible. I got a store to price match and I feel bad now

    • Matched or rejected?

      • They matched it, I bought it. They umm’d and ahh’d but finally did it. I have a relos who works at jb and they best they can do at staff price is 18% off

        • +2

          Why feel bad, you should be proud. Rest of us are envious

    • +1

      Was able to get it price matched as well earlier. 😅

  • I’m surprised places will price match off a receipt. It would be easy to fudge any receipt in photoshop

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