[Unobtainable] Microsoft 365 Family 1-Year ~A$30 @ Microsoft Employee Store after Ignite Conference

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Register for the (free, online) Microsoft Ignite Conference now, and you should receive a Microsoft Employee Store login after the conference which allows you to purchase discounted products up to a maximum total of $200.

You can purchase XBOX games, Windows Games, MS Windows, Office 365 family and individual. Office was US$20 last time I checked. You can stack up to 5 years of Office subscriptions.


  • You should receive a link after the conference.
  • The "spending limit" is the maximum you're allowed to spend in the MS Employee Store
  • The offer will expire.
  • I make no guarantees that you'll get a link, it's worked for the last 2 Ignite and Dev conferences.

Other deals as well, search OZB :)

(Edit: Removed ambiguous reference to spending credit. There is no credit on offer here.)

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          ffs how did i miss such an obvious call out at the top… time to seach the site for a deal on glasses.

  • Is this only for people that work for companies with some sort of arrangement or can you just use your Gmail address?

  • Maybe I was too late - get "We are sorry, the resource you requested cannot be reached.
    The resource you are looking for is currently unavailable." when trying to register.

    • I registered earlier today and was fine but now goes to a redirected page. Perhaps try later in case they are updating the site and Servers are down OR its been OzBargained!

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    Just a reminder to log in to the conference today (or tomorrow).

    I registered last year but didn't log in to the conference and didn't receive the offer, so it seems it only went to those who "attended".

    • Good point. Thanks for the reminder!

    • This bit seemed kind of key point that wasn’t mentioned anywhere else….

  • Worked a few hours ago…..

  • -1

    I have registered with the conference. But I cannot find where to purchase the software.
    Could someone tell me how to do it?
    Thank you.

    • Read the description again. After the conference you may get an email.

      • -2

        The conference has finished yesterday. I received a few message: ad about Surface, etc, survey etc, but did not see any link to purchase the software.
        Have I missed something? Which email will have those links?
        Many thanks

  • +1

    I got the post conference evaluation email let's see if I get anything else

    • Same here, evaluated a couple of sessions that I listened to. Probably wont get anything this time.

    • Same, gave feedback on a few sessions I watched.

    • You got a post "SESSION" eval email not a Post Conference email. One has to wait until all sessions are done and the whole Conference is finished. Only then "might" we get something………………not the word "Might".

      • +2

        No I got post session eval and a post conference/event evaluation.

        Hopefully something comes through, if not no big deal.

      • Stupid Microsoft, calling it an "event survey." If only they'd asked you first what they were getting people to evaluate.

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    I gotta say some of the sessions are actually quite interesting to watch.

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    Damn! I forgot to log into the conference… just been that busy over the past few days. Just logged in to watch some of their on demand stuff. Lets home this qualifies me if they do send out a link.

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    I received a "Thank you for joining Microsoft Ignite" email this morning.
    That's it so far :)

    • +1

      Yeah same here.

    • Same here. Office trial finishes this weekend 🥺

    • same here .. but I totally forgot about the conference

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    Really hoping this deal is true… my OneDrive is 99% full atm lol

    • +3

      Ah well, can only wait hope.
      As the OP wrote: "I make no guarantees that you'll get a link, it's worked for the last 2 Ignite and Dev conferences".
      I signed up without too many expectations. Enjoyed a few Vids while there so was a good post regardless.

      • I know… but as a long term OneDrive user this would have been the cheapest way to sign up to 5yrs worth of storage. I've far exceeded my 30Gb of free storage especially with all the pug puppy videos I've been recording lately.

        I've just signed up to 100Gb of extra storage for $3/mth for now since I missed the 15mth Bing Lee 365 Family deal too. I'm a bit disappointed that the 100Gb replaces the free basic 15Gb (luckily I kept my 15Gb camera roll bonus for a total 115Gb of storage). I might look into cleaning up my OneDrive account a bit when I get a spare moment (which I don't see coming around soon).

  • Yeah, I got an email "We are sorry you missed you at Microsoft Ignite". Doesn't sound like anyone who actually logged in has got an offer yet, but fingers crossed watching a few on demand sessions is sufficient - and this thing actually happens.

    • +3

      You missed you. I miss me, too.

  • Anyone got anything yet?

    • +2

      Nothing for me yet

    • +2

      Same. Nothing for me.

    • +1


  • +2

    Nothing shown up in my inbox so far.

  • Anything folks?

    • +1

      I'm getting spam…

      • +1

        Probably because you have subscribed to lots of things. Turn them off.

      • I think they meant in relation to this particular event, not your overall issues.

    • nope nothing

  • Nope nothing

  • As no one has received an emails with the Microsoft Employee Store login, this deal will be moved to forums as unobtainable.

    • The Ignite Conf itself was a bargain and free. No major loss not getting the discount offer as the OP clearly wrote "I make no guarantees that you'll get a link". In turn wasn't just about getting the email and deserved its place in Ozb for the Conf alone (in my opinion) regardless. :-)

      • The product/price in the title was unobtainable, which was what the decision was based on.

        • +2

          Fair enough and was more noting that I was glad it was posted at the time as was a Bargain regardless. All good.

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