[Unobtainable] Microsoft 365 Family 1-Year ~A$30 @ Microsoft Employee Store after Ignite Conference

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Register for the (free, online) Microsoft Ignite Conference now, and you should receive a Microsoft Employee Store login after the conference which allows you to purchase discounted products up to a maximum total of $200.

You can purchase XBOX games, Windows Games, MS Windows, Office 365 family and individual. Office was US$20 last time I checked. You can stack up to 5 years of Office subscriptions.


  • You should receive a link after the conference.
  • The "spending limit" is the maximum you're allowed to spend in the MS Employee Store
  • The offer will expire.
  • I make no guarantees that you'll get a link, it's worked for the last 2 Ignite and Dev conferences.

Other deals as well, search OZB :)

(Edit: Removed ambiguous reference to spending credit. There is no credit on offer here.)

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    • Only a complete idiot pays for it like that - if you're going to steal it as you're suggesting people do, just get it for free.

      • I mean, they're not really stealing. Someone buys an enterprise license (the kind schools and businesses do) and creates a bunch of accounts under it. Then they sell those for a small price to cover the cost of the enterprise license and make money.

        Microsoft still gets paid, but doing this is super against the T&C, so eventually they catch on and ban the whole account.

        It's not the same as using a crack or keygen - the licenses are technically valid. And you're not as likely/guaranteed to get a virus.

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          You're also an idiot if you use one of those accounts for email because the administrator can go view your emails and files without you knowing.

          Simply don't go buying Microsoft 365 accounts.

        • under EU law licenses are transferable after a machine is trashed, lots of these keys are recovered from broken machines, if you check on the license type which you can do from the key, if it’s MSDN, OEM, enterprise, etc. bigger issue is if you have a moral problem with using a key from the EU when you are in australia.

        • "the licenses are technically valid."

          You're violating T & C , but they're technically valid?

          When you use them in a business amongst your employees, yes they are valid.

          The minute you pull crap like this your license becomes invalid. BUT yes, only till Microsoft realises, catches up, and pull the plugs they will continue to work.

        • Most of the time, actually, they get a BizSpark or DreamSpark (free for startups and students) Visual Studio subscription, then generate a ton of keys and sell them.

  • How long before we get an email.

  • Do I have to watch the conference or can I just make an account

  • Hmmm. Sounds too easy. Will research.

  • $200 xbox credits….hmmmm thinking of ultimate game pass top ups.

  • need company name and etc

  • That's insane

  • you should get a MS Employee store login with approx $200 worth of spend credit

    But to sign up for the conference you need to log in to begin with? So they've emailed you in the past with a new login and $200 credit?

  • magic did not work :(

  • I don't get it. You get $200 worth of credit free by signing up? Then why does it say $30 in the title? Is it free or $30?

    • $30 is the price of Microsoft 365 Family 1y through Microsoft Ignite.

    • Ditto, deal description is confusing. $200 credit, office costs $20, why does it mention $30? Is that a typo $20USD, should be $200USD?

      • Nah. More like $200 is discount credits. You have to buy products but the $200 in credits makes the products cheaper to buy. It's not a order up to $200 in items for free.

  • Can I buy a Windows phone? 2013 is calling

  • I would have thought reading was easier than typing, but it appears not given some of these questions.

  • The conference actually had some really interesting presentations last year. There were some great non tech ones, like dealing with the stress/issues with working from home.

  • Noob question - I signed up but can’t see the $30 365 deal?

    • I've highlighted a few keywords from the OP's details

      You SHOULD receive a link AFTER the conference.

  • Stop asking questions about the $200, it's explained in the description.
    I'm going to spend my $200 on💊drugs and 🍺alcohol⚰️!!

  • The "spend credit" is the max you're allowed to spend in the store (You have to actually pay the money as well).

    Still a bit confused… if I just want some cheap games (less than $200), I still have to pay?

    • I assume the MS Employee store has special (discounted) rates. For example 365 for $30. You can shop in the store at these special rates up to $200. But you have to pay for it. It is not free but heavily discounted!!

    • Which bit of "(You have to actually pay the money as well)" is unclear about the fact that you actually pay the money as well?

      • Spend credit part is confusing. Basically, you can purchase up to $200 worth of discounted products.

        So, spend up to $200 in MS employee discount store is basically what this deal is. I don't think Microsoft would offer Office standalone edition this year. Microsoft seem to be pushing people to subscription model.

  • From last years offer:

    Thank you for attending Microsoft Ignite! We are excited to extend the following offer in partnership with the Microsoft eCompanyStore team.

    You can receive up to 50-80% off MSRP on select digital downloadable products, which includes Windows, Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Xbox games, and Office. You can purchase a maximum of $250.00 USD on these select digital products at our heavily discounted Friends and Family Program prices.

    In addition, you will also receive $5.00 USD off your first purchase.

    • So there will be no so called $200 AUD in free store credit unlike what this deal description is claiming. How false. Is it $200 worth of discounts but you've still got to buy stuff?. No $200 in free credit to spend without any expense from your own pocket.

      You only get a few dollars in free actual credit only on the first purchase.

      I've cancelled my registration. Not worth my time and effort just to gain discounts.

    • The best worded comment, thank you!

    • This is a much better description, the "$200 spend credit" wording in OP is quite misleading.

    • Thanks for that explanation. Definitely needs to be updated in the deal. $200 credit is not accurate at all.

    • Please add this to the deal description - current wording is unintentionally misleading.

  • Anyone know if this can somehow be used for OneDrive?

    • I hope you're not expecting to be able to obtain a OneDrive plan subscription for free. This doesn't work like that. It only causes products to be bought cheaper.

      You can still use it to buy Microsoft 365 Family for $30. That includes a OneDrive Premium subscription with it.

      • Not expecting anything. Asking.

        • Well going by the details you can only use the credits to obtain discounts with digital download products at a discounted rate. Such as Microsoft 365 Family.

          OneDrive itself isn't a digital download product so it would be excluded. It's a service only.

          So if were going to get a OneDrive subscription. Why not get the discounted Microsoft 365 Family with the 1 year of OneDrive Premium included.

  • Signed up.

    I can kill anyone for $30 a year subscription… Torture of attending a BS conference is merely nothing.

    Thanks OP.

  • Anyone know what the prices on Xbox games will be like?

  • +1 vote

    Can I continue $30 subscription after one year ?

    • Yes, but you have pay for those additional years (up to 5 years max) during the offer period. So $30x5 thru this offer will net you 5 years of Office 365.

  • will try later, thanks for sharing :-)

  • Cheers OP. I was thinking of a MS 365 Family subscription. $30/yr stacked for 5yrs sounds good to me.

  • Do you sign in as a Microsoft Employee or a normal work or student account?

    • This is probably the most critical info to include in the description of the bargain.

    • Well, do you have a Microsoft email account? If not, how are you going to sign in as an employee?

    • Attending this event doesn't make you a Microsoft Employee.

      It will simply give you access to their store for a limited time to buy a limited amount of stuff.

  • Do you think Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 for PC would be on the discounted list, any discount on this would be worthwhile taking

  • How much was xbox gold last year via this offer?

  • How much was win 10 pro?

  • getting errors on linkedin and hotmail sign ins, neither worked.
    An error has occurred
    We are sorry for any inconvenience. For assistance, please contact [email protected].

  • Getting the same with multiple attempts to register: An error has occurred

  • worked for me, watch the video on the page before registering :p

  • Wasn't working for me so I did what the error message said to do and they fixed the issue. Signed up successfully.

  • Was planning to get a (personal) MS365 plan .. if I can purchase for $20 USD a year for a "Business Standard" type plan .. it'll be worth it. Would be even better if I can get it with AAD. heh.

  • Anyone got an email yet with the store code?