Interested in an Oppo Phone, but They Apparently Are Not Real Android - Does That Matter?

I need a new phone in the $300-ish price range. Oppo phones seem to be good value, but they appear to run a modified version of Android. Does this cause any issues with apps? Do the Oppo phones use the normal Google Play Store, and run standard Android apps? Or does Oppo have their own app store, and you can only run apps that are in that store?


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    Yes it uses Google Play.

    I really dislike it. I have tech illiterate family members with Oppo and it's a real pain to help them with problems as all the menus are slightly different.

    • Every manufacturers menus are slightly different. If your having problems helping people because of slightly different menus then use the search function in the top right corner of the setting menu and you'll find anything you need.

      I would not recommend a Manufacturer to someone because of its "slightly different menus"

  • What are they used to? If they are used to samsungs better just to give them one if they don't adapt to new phones easily

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    Not real Android? What does that mean? They run Android with a skin on them like every other Android device so YES they are as REAL Android as any other phone except for the pixel lines and some Nokia phones the run pure Android (no skin on top). As for ease of use etc, they are just as simple as any other device that runs "real Android"

    All manufacturers run modified versions of Android apart from Google. The only manufacturer your will have issues with is Huawei who have been banned from using Google services. You will NOT have any issues running apps, Google's services etc. On Oppo devices. They are pretty good phones and good value for money.

  • Not real Android? What does that mean?

    That was my point entirely. Oppo say that their phone runs ColorOS. I didn't know what that meant, and the Oppo web site isn't really very forthcoming. Thank you for setting me straight. I didn't want to end up with regret.

    They are pretty good phones and good value for money.

    Any views on the A52 versus the A72?

    • I think the difference betweeen the A52 & A72 is a better camera setup and price

      I have the A52 for almost a year now

      it's an ok budget phone to do the odd browsing, youtube, viewing streaming media
      gaming on it is ok (not as fast as my old Mi Mix 3 )

      personal gripes about this phone right now
      camera lag / missing frames in burst mode (was good/fast when new, maybe i've taken up too much storage space)
      not enough storage space for photos ( I have a spare sd card, but too lazy to put it in)

      good things about this phone
      + can get for around $220?
      + long battery life, charges relatively fast
      + big screen
      + love the split screen mode or watch streaming media in a small window whilst doing something else (most of the android phones can do this)
      + slow mo video is fun
      + pretty good with security or android updates

      latest version / update (just checked, there's a new update)

  • ColorOS is just OPPO's OS that they put on top of Android
    It just adds more stuff to play with and adjust, if you don't like it, you can turn certain ones off, or just leave them on; it is highly customisable
    There is even a website that will help you remove ColorOS if you don't like it, or help you customise it even more
    OPPO phones take all apps from the Google Play Store

  • I ending up purchasing an Oppo A72 today, and so far it seems pretty good. It's a little tough to find out where they've hidden some of the settings, though.

    • Just do a search for it on your mobile

      • Do you mean by using the Search function of the Settings screen? More often than not, I don't seem to get the right words and get no results. I've found it easier (but still sometimes fruitless) to use Google.

        • Yeah that thing. I have the same problem & I keep going around in circles.
          What r u after? It is in the latest ColorOS, I have an OPPO A91
          Did you download the manual? You can do a search of the manual, that might help
          I use duckduckgo, I hate google stuff

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