Remember Just before The RTX 3xxx Launch You Could Get a 2080ti for $999?

And people were like “not a deal” (which I do understand!).

I’m just curious how many people with the benefit of hindsight would have bought one but didn’t back then?

I’ll put up my hand!

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  • When were they $999?

    Edit: It's been close to $1K

  • Yes I remember seeing one MSi gaming 2080Ti open box on shopping express for either $975 or $1075 with a bunch of other included goodies. Case + SATA SSD and something else.

    I thought I'd just wait for a 3080 because it was newer and had better ray tracing. The following day I had changed my mind but it had sold. :(
    I've hated myself ever since.

  • They were $550 2nd hand for a couple of weeks. $999 was not a good deal then, and its not a good deal now.

    If the 30xx were not so artificially restricted, there would be no question.