This was posted 8 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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EVGA GeForce RTX2080Ti XC ULTRA GAMING 11GB GDDR6 - $1039 + Shipping or Pickup @ PLE


I know this is going to be an ongoing trend, but I thought this was not a bad price considering the model. How much lower they can go I dont know.

updated looks like its out of stock now

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  • if you don't mind pre-owned and really really really want one now rather than try and get rtx30xx when it lands in aus, there are many $800ish listings on ebay.

    • Can you link me, they're all above $900 from what I can see

      • They all start out at $800 but somehow end up at $900-$1000. I guess that's what people are still willing to pay. Either desperate or ignorant…

        • yeah man, none of them sold below $900 this past week, the strix even sold for $1100 from what I could see

        • I saw a listing appear this morning for a used 2080 Ti Strix that the seller listed with a $1 reserve. Within a couple of hours it had 15 bids and had jumped all the way to $780. A few hours into an auction that will run for a week. Just silly.

          • @MrMaestro: Yeah I am selling mine as well. They is a lot of demand atm hence why they are still selling. i got like a 50 people offering me $800-$1000 within a week of listing it, but no one wants to pay more. Hence the higher priced sales.

    • Local Gumtree listings get as low as $750.. usually gone within the hour though

      • Can confirm ive picked up one with week for 750 and resold my normal 2080 for the same price, Just have to be patient :)

    • These will be $800 new next week when the $1,139'ish GTX 3080 lands.

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    Only a brave man posts 2000 series cards right now

    • Yup, was on a reddit thread when the 30xx series got announced and tons of people were selling them for $700ish US because the 3070 is launching there for what, five or six hundred?

    • Only yesterday I listed my Gigabyte 2070 Super. Sold it for $700. Purchased an ASUS 2080 Super Strix for $700. Sold it today for $800. Funds are going straight to a 3080. I think I was pretty lucky though, it's a tough time to sell with NVIDIA crashing the market.

  • Haha this models not bad though $1000 dollah not bad…. it is new!

  • ha wow! amazing! This is the result when a company destroys its own product.

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      lol, this card never worths the price tag.

    • How did they destroy their own product?

      • i'd like to know this too

        • as jayboi said below:

          RTX 3070 launching for $800 with slightly better performance

          • @undadog: And why would Nvidia care about underselling their own product? They have already sold plenty of the RTX 20X0 series cards, and will continue that with the next generation.

          • @undadog: i will quote jayboi when rtx3070 launch

            he said AIB 3070 will be $700

            gonna ask him for money if it turns out local retailers selling 1000 here

            talk is cheap

      • By making the next generation mid-level card perform better than the top of the current top-end model the price of RTX 2080ti has gone from 2k to 1k overnight

        • manufacturing of these stopped a while ago so has little to no effect on NVidia, Sure it makes the old gen cards look expensive, especially the last cards of the gen but this is normal for all computer parts.

    • The stopped manufacturing these chips/cards months ago. These are just what ever left at the retailers.

    • I don't get the logic of having "destroyed" a previous lineup… the whole idea of evolution is that it gets better and better as time goes on. Like nVidia care that the 30 series sh*ts all over the 20 series. They've capitalised enough on the 20 series as it is and now have made a move that will compete against Big Navi and next gen consoles that will see them continue to dominate the market share. It was their only move, if you ask me.

    • how dare Nvidia innovate

      • How dare their cards that come out this year be faster than a card almost 2 years old?!

        • They are actually on track

          When releasing cards yearly, new models would be 1 tier better than old models.

          Now it's 2 years later, and 2 tiers better product.

    • Nvidia sold more 2080 TIs than AMD sold 5700 XTs lol

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    Would buy it if they offer buy 1 get 1 FREE :-)

  • Decent price for people that must have a GPU now. But if you can wait, wait.

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    Good price only if a buyer needs the best available right now. Otherwise, enjoy another ~$150-200 discount in ~two months time.

  • RTX 2080Ti for $1039

    RTX 3070 launching for $800 with slightly better performance

    ME: hahahaha. hell nah. nice try tho

  • One week ago- this would would get 200+ votes and everyone creaming their pants

    Today- WTF you think this is? OZ RRP?

    • This is still a good price, only $100 more expensive than the cheap 3070 model, and it is a top tier 2080 ti so it should also better and with more vram

    • Sad part is they could have offered a small discount in recent and they would have had people clamouring to get them, now big cuts or bust and arguably more cuts are required since PCCG still has a lot of stock even after 24 hours of similar prices.

  • Still seems pretty expensive. I bought my 1080ti for $894.20 over 3 years ago from this deal-

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    When rtx30xx sell out faster than nVidia can make them (because everybody wants to replace every video card ever sold) and become unavailable for months, perhaps we won't be laughing at $1000 purchases of a 2080 ti (which are then jacked back up again). Gotta admit it's tempting.

    • I'll still be laughing because by then I would have purchased the AMD card that is meant to outperform the 3070 (and by extension the 2080Ti).

      • Yeah but the drivers wont work, 5700xt owner here. My last AMD GPU.

        • Because i run hackintosh and windows dual boot so I've had RX 580, Vega 64, and now been running the RX 5700 over a year. I gotta say I never had any issue with the drivers, Windows or Mac OS.

    • This, used consoles are selling for RRP with new gen just around the corner.
      Do people think Nvidia will somehow magically be able to supply enough of these to meet demand? What happened to GPU prices during the mining craze. When demand heavily outstrips supply good luck with RRP let alone deals…..

    • Exactly, I sold mine for a good price and I'm still worried I jumped the gun and will be amazed if I can get a 3080 this year or even in the first quarter of 2021. Like you said these will probably be the most popular cards ever released and the fact that NVIDIA aren't allowing preorders makes me think they don't have anywhere near enough stock.

    • Most people will not have top end cards, no way in hell everyone has this budget plus the cost of a new power supply. With used RX 570's going for around $100 and offering great price/performance, there's no need to upgrade except for enthusiast level with high res and high refresh rate.

  • Wow, so many sellers are trying to offload their stock of RTX 2000 series cards before the price crashes.

  • Don't do it

  • I see PLE are still trying to offload some of them for over $2K, amusing as hell

  • Holly cow. I bought the exact same one for $2050. Lucky I returned it.

  • Hahahah , another dumb try to offload 2080 series…….come on …aint work with Ozbargainers while people know 3070 coming soon….lol

    • I'm actually soooo keen on it at this price as I have a Waterblock for this exact gpu ready to slap it on.

      • Good for you mate :)
        But all logic is pointing to people to wait …..wait folks……3070 comin soon

        I totally understand 3070 initially will be so hard to get , i'm patient , one or two month wont kill me to wait for it knowing it easily outperforms 2080Ti.

        *********Also AMD unofficially the other day announced RDNA2 cards equivalent of 3070 will be around 550 (to kill 3070 somehow) which would itself be another killer of 2080Ti…..happy days coming boys…hold on a bit more*********

        • Nah I'm still gonna get this card regardless. I'm just waiting for the price to drop further.

          Like I said I have a Waterblock for this card sitting at home ready to slap it on.

          I Do hope that amd will kill the 3070 so the price of this 2080ti will drop even more!

        • *********Also AMD unofficially the other day announced RDNA2 cards equivalent of 3070 will be around 550 (to kill 3070 somehow) which would itself be another killer of 2080Ti…..happy days coming boys…hold on a bit more*********

          This same rubbish is speculated before every AMD GPU release, and it's never accurate.

        • Waiting for 3090 and AMD to match 3090's performance for cheaper…..

  • I old enough to know this was coming. does Not surprise me this prices. I expect $800 for 2080ti when the 3070 comes out

  • These will be great deals when noone can get their hands on limited stock $900 AIB 3070's

  • hmmm $899 and free delivery and i might consider it

    • he got around 6h to retract his bid :P

      • Bidder Action Date of Bid and Retraction
        o***r(169Feedback score: 169)
        Retracted:AU $945.00
        Bid:8 Sep 2020 at 11:27:02 AEST
        Retracted:8 Sep 2020 at 22:55:19 AEST

  • Nice try. Over 1000, definitely no. Under 1000, may be.

    • $999?

      • I was thinking around 800-900, 999 is still a little too much at this stage.
        Probably will wait to see if the extra memory is worth it. Most 4k contents requires high gpu memory these days.

  • If you can wait… wait. Once the cards can actually be tested then there might still be a case for good 2080ti cards, even with the 3070 price point. The key point is… wait! I wouldn't pre-order if you can avoid it as well.

    • Finite amount of 2080ti's floating around its going to be a little bit of a bet now which way it goes… I'm waiting for an ebayplus deal around $1k for a 2080ti… the free returns are gold

      • Totally up to each person of course. You can place the bet now if you want, but we've really only got Nvidia's word for things. Plus, i'm still curious what AMD will do with price points, it might create some interesting gaps.

  • To be honest I think that you'd be better off waiting a couple of months or so for the 30 series to come out. The 3070 is supposed to be equal/ slightly better than the 2080ti and will priced around 799$ instead of around 1000$.

  • No thanks - a better future awaits.

  • Hope nvidia and distros are giving the retailers rebates on stock they've bought and are holding lol… From what I can see so far some of the distros haven't changed their pricing… And margin on comp parts are Bloody small… So dropping 45-50% is a decent sized loss on cards that retail for 2k…

    • I honestly have no sympathy here. They've known for ages the new series was going to be unveiled. Barely any of them made an effort to reduce their inventory through any discounting and instead raked it in over recent weeks. They made the choice to hold so much stock and not discount it, sitting on these things like they were gold bricks that were going to appreciate further in value..after a new series launched.

      Well turns out they had lead bricks and now they've been forced to do deep discounts instead. Cost of poor business decisions imo

  • Any advantage from a power standpoint (vs 30 series)? I use itx form factor and my psu is only 500w.

    • 3070 is 220, 2080ti I believe is 250 ish and zotac have a small 3070 itx card in their products list so id say you'd have to aim for that. But I'd wait for reviews to get a better idea of the power draw

      • Cheers mate for the info. The case should fit a full size card as has a 1070 in it now.