Bathroom Renovation Advice

I want to renovate my apartment bathroom.

The bathtub will need to go. The sink and dunny moved. Hopefully washing machine taps added and a space for washing machine and dryer to be stacked.

How much will this cost? (basic products) and do you guys have any contractors/ service peeps youd recommend in Melbourne?

Also - if I renovated the bathroom do I need to advice the council?


  • I'm assuming by "apartment" you mean a Strata unit.

    You may not need council approval (but go see them and ask - they don't bite) but you will almost certainly need approval from your Owners Corporation/Body Corporate. Contact your Strata Manager for details. As well as approval from the OC/BC you will probably need a new by-law drafted that passes all responsibility for water-proofing from the OC/BC to you (and any future owners of your apartment) so that any water leaks from the bathroom will be the apartment owners' responsibility and not the Strata. It is possible that such a by-law already exists for your property but if not, you will most likely have to pay for the drafting of the by-law and any legal fees for the approval of it.

  • Not worth renovating an apartment unless you're adding a new room or bathroom…you'll likely loose money when it comes to selling it.

    If you're looking to live there for many years then go for it knowing that it's not a great investment but at least you'll get use out of it.

  • How much will this cost? (basic products)

    How long is a piece of string?

    If you talk to a builder who organizes all the trade, he'll probably quote 15k+ .

    If you manage the individual trades yourself and buy the products locally, you can probably be done in under 8k.

    If you buy stuff on ebay/gumtree, you can probably be done in under 5k.

    The sink and dunny moved.

    Might be hard to do this in an apartment.

    • agree, $15k is the going rate to have someone do it all for you. if you project manage all the trades, you are looking at least $2k for a tiler, $2k for a plumber, and then fittings at least $1k, and then sparky if updating lights and fans etc, then tiles and paint. Easily 8k I'd say (wow, I just came up with that after only reading your comment up to 15k, we're right on).

      The sinks can be moved as long as you are willing to run a waste on the floor (under something) and can make that work. I've moved these things, but it meant getting the neighour downstairs permission and rip through their ceiling, core drill slab and then make that good for them. You don't wnat to be doing that unless you are adding serious value to the property (e.g. adding an ensuite). You can build up a false floor and have the pipes run in there if you have the ceiling height, I've seen it done but why would you want to?

      BTW you dont need to notify the council of anything but you do need approval from strata/commitee/body corp

  • Basic full reno 15 years ago for small bathroom was 5k. Wiser now but still feel that was cheap. Cost me $200 for a dorf shower head from bunnings 2 years ago. Get the Sq mtr tiles needed and do ur own shopping for the items and pick up yourself, it will definitely save you.

    • Cost me $200 for a dorf shower head from bunnings 2 years ago.

      Lots of the branded stuff in bunnings in way overpriced. Tradies often get a >50% discount on the same stuff. Just imagine the margins to offer that sort of discount.

      You could probably buy 4-6 nice shower heads on ebay for $200. Yeah, there's the quality/warranty/labour argument, but it's something for the OP to consider.

  • Things normally double every 10 years so I assume 10-15k

  • Please tell me how you move the dunny in a unit?

  • You cannot move a toilet mate
    Particularly in an apartment where you are likely sharing the same sewer pipe

    But money talks
    But if you posting in ozb and asking how much then the toilet will stay where it is. LOL

    • You cannot move a toilet mate

      Itโ€™s an easy blanket statement to make, but not accurate. Moving a loo can be difficult, but may not be impossible. It depends on what sort of move, a bit or completely different wall. It also depends on access to pipes. Our loo was moved a bit to the left to suit a new vanity, simple.

      Sometimes all it takes is money and effort, other times it canโ€™t be done because the pipes cannot be moved.

  • The major problem you have is that you are wanting to move waste pipes, which go through the slab and therefore you will need to get strata approval and need access to the bathroom below you. In order to get approval the strata will if they are good ask for an engineering report so that any of the changes do not affect the building's slab.

    As the slab needs to be concrete drilled you may need to put in a council DA and ensure that the contractors you hire have enough insurance so that if anything goes wrong it can be fixed. You will also need to make sure the bathroom below you is returned to the same condition as it started with and as such you will nee to replace it's ceiling and put in new pips for the new waste S bends.

    This assumes that the waste is like the apartment's I have seen in the past.

    Overall IMHO you will NOT get approval to do this, so you are better trying to use the existing waste and adjust your plan. You can run cold and hot water as they will "just" need chasing in the walls you have to move the taps, but saying that you need to be aware that a plumber may have issues moving the plumbing if it is a big move.

  • Amazing info everyone! Really appreciate it!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜