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Bundaberg Soft Drink Varieties, 12x 375ml $13.50 / $12.15 (S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    Lemon, lime and bitters also available

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        Reading some of your comments has the same effect

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          Maybe see a doctor…

          • @jv: I got a script:
            Rx B.i.d JV on OzB = OD on BS

            I think it's a suppository

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              @Lizard Spock:

              I got a script

              I hope you have private health insurance because that's not on the PBS….

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          some most

    • I always get the LL&B diet. Great drink.

  • No sub and save on creaming soda

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    Mix them with Vodka and ice.
    Drink responsibly 🥴

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    Good add on if you want to get over the $39 purchase threshold for free postage on other items

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    I can’t finish one bottle, felt having too much sugar

    • If each one had 60ml of vodka in it then I’d be interested.

    • It is a SODA afterall. 12 sugar cubes minimum

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    Wish they had Peach available :(
    Passionfruit is listed twice by the way

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    These are currently the same price at Coles Supermarkets, so you can get them now at your local Coles if you don't want to wait for delivery.

    • I bought these last Wednesday's night around 11pm while I was in bed. They arrived at 10am in the next morning

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        But I want it now!

  • The drinks have $10 promo on app.

    So $13.50 less $10 is $3.5.

    I don't have prime (i could do free 1 month trial).

    Shipping is $5.99

    So $9.49 delivered.

    With prime trial, then only $3.50 delivered

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      That's probably your first purchase, would apply to any order ya prime noob

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        Have had prime for many years, I paid $2.15 delivered !

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          How please?

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    Pity there are no sugar free.

    • The diet ginger beer is awesome, pity not included in this deal…

      • They really need to expand their diet range. The ones they have taste good. Would love to try the others but the sugar content kills it for me. :/

  • Just in time for a restock. Thanks OP!

  • This seems like standard price at woolies and coles.
    They altenate specials for the full range pretty often for $4.50 for a six pack
    Currently on special at coles.

    • Sub & save brings it down a bit more.

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      I think you're 2 short of a six pack mate

      • Aha - you're right! - thanks

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    I approve this post. Bundaberg is life lads

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      Username 95% checks out

  • Apple cider also available but no S&S

  • Not quite as cheap as last time https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/599606 but that's Coles fault who Amazon are obviously matching, but still cheap enough. Cheers OP.

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    No ginger beer?

  • Available again

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    I wish bundaberg make their drinks just less sweeter.. Literally couldn't stand the sweetness..

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      oh boy then don't try the mango one :P

    • All that QLD sugar needs to go somewhere lol

    • Mix it with some soda water.

  • Bought a bunch last time. For some odd reasons, I had a few where the cap refused to budge, where the flip to pull it up, snapped off at the edge. Anyone have any ideas to safely remove the lid safely now and still drinkable? Thanks, bk

    • happened to me once, maybe try a bottle opener / knife (need to be more careful)