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Noctua NH-D15 PWM Chromax Black CPU Cooler $148.50 Delivered @ Noctua Cooling Solutions Newegg


Very nice price for a great Air Cooler from Noctua . I believe this is lowest price so far correct me if wrong . Includes delivery and GST .

EDIT : Just noticed if you're paying with PP it will be $156.20 due to currency exchange . Pls be aware .

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  • Big fan of this cooler especially at this price.

  • Would love to get it but not sure if I have enough clearance for it. Only 170mm from the motherboard to the side panel and to make it worse my rams are Trident z neo in dual channel.

    • Google says your ram has a height of 43mm
      That means you would need a CPU clearance of at least 176mm

      • I know, if I'm only gonna go with one fan then what's the point of buying this and if I raise the front fan to fit it above the RAM it won't fit. Bloody sucks.

        • yeah I know.
          I am choosing a new build at the moment so am only looking at cases with a decent CPU clearance.
          It does limit things a bit.

    • I've got G.Skill Ripjaws so they fit under the heatsink fine, but the case isn't wide enough to support the second fan, which needs to be raised above the RAM. Clearance is a pain with this cooler.

    • With the Tridents, I prefer to use the NH-U12A. The fan doesn't even overhang the memory.

  • been this price more or less for a while at newegg - its not a bargain particularly - its a yank company getting market share courtesy of our governments market controls…

  • EDIT : Just noticed if you're paying with PP it will be $156.20 due to currency exchange . Pls be aware .

    Don't use PayPal currency exchange? Just pay in original currency and pay with a credit card that has no OTF. PayPal's exchange rates have a huge spread because they obviously put a margin on top of it..

    • Most times the original currency works out better, but I had a bad experience recently.

      PayPal's exchange was ~$4650, so I tried the original USD currency and paid $4870.

      The original currency was converted by my ANZ account, so seems like ANZ was more greedy :'(

      Just sharing my experience with you all, doesn't work out better all the time

      • you need a card that is better for overseas purchases like 28 degrees or various other cards.

      • Of course, you should use an international card like Revolut or 28 Degrees or anything that uses the interbank exchange rate.

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    big fan such cool many wow

  • IMO unless you are overclocking very heavily or are absolutely adamant about having an extremely silent air cooler, then there are comparable options for around half the money. Fantastic cooler though for the right person

    • I think the main advantage Noctua have over their competition is the very long warranty on their fans, which is largely mitigated by purchasing from NewEgg.

      99% of PC users will not be able to tell the difference between this fan and the $40 budget coolers though in terms of performance.

      • arctic fans have always had a very long warranty, and last a very long time…

      • I'm really impressed with their support. I bought this cooler 5 years ago and just got a new motherboard which the cooler doesn't fit. Noctua have just shipped an adapter kit to me from Germany for free.

        • receipt required?

          • @petry: yeah, for the cooler and new motherboard

            • @grumpybum: they only wanted the cooler originally i seem to recall - then they made you wait till after the new board….

              • @petry: I wasn't bothered by that. I was just impressed that they did it for free five years after I bought it

                • @grumpybum: good job you kept both your receipts then

                  • @petry: They were both emails. Noctua do say this though: "In case you've lost the invoice of your Noctua CPU cooler, please write your full name and the current date on a piece of paper, take a photo of the paper next to your CPU cooler and upload it as proof of purchase"

                    • @grumpybum: interesting - they must have changed that because I have seen people who were rejected because they had lost their original receipts and photos were also rejected.

                      I used to do a lot of cooling stuff have bought hundreds of fans and being negged by twats on this site who weren't around when these companies started out is dumb. You can see why this site is far less interesting these days….

    • It is annoying hearing constant computer fan noise. So much more pleasant to have either no fan or really quiet fan. Noctua fans really help with sitting next to a computer.

      Maybe the fan noise could be a motivation to get away from the computer? :)

      • and so do arctic except way way cheaper historically

        • Noctua airflow and static pressure (depending on the model) is higher given the noise level. The comparisons are annoying to do as Arctic choose to specify their noise level in Sonne.

          • @g1: in real life virtually none

            • @petry: That's a big statement with zero numbers to back it up :)
              I hear a big difference between different fans. 3dBA makes a really big difference to me and I am happy to pay extra for 3dBA reduction from 25 to 22dBA. Noise from multiple fans adds up so starting with fans below 20dBA is important to me. But it's still important to have airflow. Thus, quiet fans are worth the price to me and some others.

              • @g1: mate i've been using both since they started - you wanna start some argy bargy over what i know for a fact, whatever…

                i have arctics from 2010 still purring away…

    • The non chromax version is $100 and so cheaper than most of the "like the DH15 but cheaper!" coolers that get brought up all the time

  • For those looking for case fans, you may want to check out the Scythe Kaze Flex (instead of Noctua)

    • are they as cheap as arctic's use to be?

      • they go on sale now and then, but they are slightly more expensive than Arctic.
        The video recommends Arctic if you need to buy a lot of new fans as you can get a 5 pack for a fairly good price.