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[Switch] Huntdown $17.99 (was $29.99), Mega Man 11 $19.97 (was $39.95) - Nintendo eShop


Huntdown at its lowest price ever on the eShop according to Deku Deals.

Mega Man 11 also at its best price, but it's goes on sale regularly to this price.


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  • Mega Man 11 is strangely… Outdated? I bought it along with the first legacy collection. Sure, 11 has the gears and some QoL updates but overall I just didn't feel it was worth it compared to the first few all in the one game

    Should probably retire 'classic' Mega Man and look to updating 2-3 as remakes with improved graphics/boss elements

    • It still really irks me that they even went past Megaman 9.

      We have Megaman X series as the faster/more upgrade related content.

      WHY go past MM 9 and into MM 10 and 11?

      Also they won't remake Command Mission or new Zero/ZX content but will push out subpar MM OG series? Cool story