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Quest was okay Highly polished but without the roguelike elements it's a bit flat Heist on the other hand - I think I've bought it three…
17/06/2024 - 15:00
Sorry this was a joke, "doom runs on everything" etc
03/06/2024 - 13:51
But does it run Doom?
03/06/2024 - 09:48
Wow, I just assumed this was Puzzle Bobble and was surprised to see the classic gameplay What's going on with that four player split screen…
21/05/2024 - 09:16
Yep - I was meaning more that we saw more games in NES Remix back on 3ds/Wii U
10/05/2024 - 11:59
A whole THIRTEEN games? Wow Nintendo you know how to spoil us
10/05/2024 - 09:25
I collect switch games... I am not collecting this
31/03/2024 - 11:48
You are *joking* - the original original metal gear games, not even metal gear solid 1??
26/03/2024 - 08:58
So, silly question, was it that you get the trade in value AND a "free" game, or just the free game? Just wondering about the phrasing of…
10/03/2024 - 19:50
Damn, I definitely would have heavily considered for days and then not eventually bought the OLED one!
14/02/2024 - 09:52
whaaaaaat! Was that just a standard price match or through a corporate account of some sort?
18/01/2024 - 14:54
Thank you - hadn't considered that
18/01/2024 - 13:10
I'm thinking of a Motorola, either the…
18/01/2024 - 12:06
Thanks OP - can see the appeal despite online walkthroughs
27/12/2023 - 20:50
I saw a review once that, unlike Banjo Kazooie etc, the collectibles are quite dispersed and will leave you searching for a single item…
18/12/2023 - 16:26
I was quite underwhelmed by this tbh, after loving donkey kong country returns etc... The stage-changing gimmicks are... okay? A bit of…
18/12/2023 - 16:25
I loved the first Pikmin game but found diminishing returns for the sequels
02/11/2023 - 19:08
nah, burn in isn't really an issue over the expected OLED switch lifetime - I believe there was a youtuber who's left their OLED on since…
23/10/2023 - 11:04
+1 for throwing shade on us switch users
21/10/2023 - 10:47
This and Slay the Spire... mmm
25/09/2023 - 16:25
Just a PSA for everyone, despite the title I was actually able to purchase this without a second person present. They didn't even ask to…
22/09/2023 - 18:49
I never managed to slay the spire but loved this nonetheless
21/09/2023 - 08:56
No way they're distracting from the MK8 cash cow
15/09/2023 - 09:22
When it showed the vehicle at first I was hoping for an F-Zero SX I guess this is okay
15/09/2023 - 09:21
Oh my god THANK YOU I always wondered why I didn't receive anything
18/08/2023 - 09:39