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[Android] Free - Tank Army (was $2.99) - Google Play


Another freebie for your Android devices - looks pretty good and still free.

From the website:

Tank Army - Fast Fingers Shmup has been awarded the “App of The Day” by MyAppFree (https://app.myappfree.com/). It will be free to download from Feb 26 to Feb 28! Get MyAppFree to discover more offers and sales!

[Has been nominated for the 3rd International Mobile Gaming Awards - SEA.]
[One of the New Indie Highlights of Google Play on March 2018.]
[A spotlight on Sony smartphones on June 2018]

Tank Army – Fast Fingers Shmup is a fast-paced action-packed shoot ’em up game. Assembling a line of tanks, the game is played by tapping on a tank in order to fire at the enemy as you move around the terrain. You can use various bonuses in the form of air strikes and other useful support units and items. Enjoy the exciting one minute stages that you can pick up and play everywhere.

Tank Army Story :

The deadliest terrorist organization has created a weapon that will bring an end to the world and hide it somewhere in a remote area. A special force Tank Army is on duty to ease up the situation. The race for the salvation of the world began. There is nowhere to hide. No time to lose. Find it and destroy it!

Tank Army Features :

– Enjoy 60 stages of fast action shoot ’em up gaming.
– Quickly tap on a tank to shoot at the enemies that advance along a wide front.
– Slide up and destroy all the enemies in sight with a powerful airstrike.
– Surprise with the unpredictable enemies and bosses.
– Several kinds of tanks, items and support units are there to help you in different situations.
– Enjoy the exciting one-minute stages that you can pick up and play everywhere.
– Pay once and you get it all. No advertisements or in-app purchases.


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