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HP 512GB MX330 Class 10 MicroSD Card $81.33 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


HP 512GB MX330 Class 10 MicroSD Card $81.33

Noticed this on Amazon this morning.


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  • Is this a rebadged samsung?

  • Crazy how much memory you can fit on these tiny things…

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      You watch Johnny Mnemonic? It was a sci film where couriers deliver data inside their heads. It was made in 94.

      Keanu could hold a maximum capcity of 80GB in his head (which was considered massive at the time). But he overloaded it to 160GB at the risk of his own life. The data was a cure for AIDS or cancer or something. Pretty big cure.

      The film makers didn't envision a day where you could store 1TB in something the size of your fingernail. Otherwise, you wouldn't need to download data to your brain. You can just carry one of these.

      I love going over old sci fi.

  • Is this the equivalent of a SanDisk Ultra.
    If so it's too slow for switch is that right?
    Hmm actually the new SanDisk ultras are quicker. https://www.amazon.com.au/SanDisk-512GB-microSDXC-Memory-Ada...
    I might end up getting that instead. The older gen was similar to this from memory

    • In theory this is quicker. It's U3 (Minimum 30MB/s write speed) vs the Sandisk that is U1 (Minimum 10MB/s write speed).

      Keep in mind the read speed isn't as important as write speed (especially when trying to write 512GB worth)

      The quoted write speed of 100 vs 120 are in perfect world scenarios (writing sequentially, peak speeds). Ignore that and look at the U rating.

      But unless you can find benchmarks you can't really compare apples to apples.

      • The Amazon comments are really commenting on how poor the performance is. I mean the Samsung Evo is another card to consider but at $101 I'll hold off as well until reaches similar price to this.

        • Make sure the comments you are reading are based on the 512GB model.

          The only bad reviews I can see for the 512GB is people complaining it formats to 480gb and people saying it writes at 2.5MB which I'd put down to user error. It wouldn't be rated at U3 if it tops out at 2.5MB.

          But I'll leave it at that. The Samsung Evo is a good budget card as well.

          • @stratbargain:

            and people saying it writes at 2.5MB which I'd put down to user error. It wouldn't be rated at U3 if it tops out at 2.5MB.

            They are likely writing tons of small files, which is much slower than big files. For that you need random write speeds, which are always much slower than sequential.

        • I'd wait for the Samsung Evo Select. A much better card

  • That's an amazing price indeed for U3, nice find.

    Having said that, I prefer to carry 4x 128gb (and even those I don't use to full capacity) because if this one stops working, it's a lot of pictures/video footage lost 😎

    • SD cards are not recommended for storage. You would have backed up your data other ways like on HDDs or in cloud. For important data you double or even triple backup.

      • Of course, but say I go out flying drone for a day, and I change the card after every landing, or before next take off in a different place, so that if I lose the drone I still have something. Then when at home I transfer it somewhere else (have NAS with raid and a other backup to external hdd). If that makes sense

  • Damn. Slept on another great deal.