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George Dickle Old No.8 Tennessee Whisky $41.65 (Was $56.99) C&C /+ Delivery @ Dan Murphy's


This is a really nice drop for just over $40. A nice sipping whisky. You have to order online, but usually you get pickup notification within 30mins.
I am a bourbon man and usually stick to the $70+ range, the wife bought this for me otherwise I wouldn't have tried it and I was pretty impressed. I have left a review on Dan's for this one as well as another 45 other whiskies I have tried, and I would honestly rate this at this price.

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  • Good price, although Dickel stuff is really weird in that apparently some people (me included) find it really medicinal in taste. Yet other people absolutely love it.

    For this price it's definitely worth a shot as some people rate it way higher than buffalo trace, but it's either a love it or hate it thing.


      Yeh I get a dusty vitaimin aftertaste from it (more so in the no12) and which is oddly appealing,
      I like keeping a bottle in the freezer over summer for a neat pour.

      • keeping a bottle in the freezer

        Bourbon? Never heard this before but sounds like a smart idea to take off the edge. Will try. Thanks.

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          Oh yeh give it a go. It's a good way to enjoy a chilled whiskey in summer without diluting it with ice. Some work better than others but taste is subjective and experimentation is half the fun, I prefer to freezer chill younger whiskey as the oak/tannin tastes funky and bitter when too cold to me, which works out nicely as they're usually cheaper!

    • Heresy. Buffalo trace is the go to $50 bourbon

      • I am a big fan of the Buffalo trace mash bill and their better bourbons, but I would buy this bottle over that. Honestly, I would have never tried it if the Mrs didn't pick it up by mistake. Give it a go, I can't say about the fellas tasting medicine and such, I get strong vanilla and caramel, I think it is a good drop for the money.

        • Big fan of the Buffalo Trace myself, but for this price and a cashrewards bonus I might just have to give it a go for the ol' cola mixer.

  • Good price. I'm trying to contain my urge for more booze.

  • I think this one is nicer than No. 12, which is ostensibly a 'better' whiskey. Definitely one to have in the cabinet for a bit of variety, especially at this price.

  • Thanks OP.. had be heard of it but saw it in a pub today then on Ozbargain so I figured it was a sign!

    • Let me know what you think, I know this will sound bad, but I have had 5 bottles since I found the special, and just opened the 6th tonight

  • Just purchased a lot of whiskey from Dan's but what the hell here's to another bottle! Drinking too much these days!