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Cenovis Multivitamin and Minerals 200 Tablets $7 (Min 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Seems to reach all time low again at Amazon AU

Minimum order quantity: 2

Chemist Warehouse now on special 50% off RRP at $10.99

About this item
Supports Energy Production: Supports Energy Levels And Healthy Immune System Function
Supports Bones; Eyes; Heart And Skin: Supports Bone Health; Eye Health; Heart Health And Skin Health
Maintains General Wellbeing: Helps In The Maintenance Of General Health And Wellbeing
Antioxidant Properties: Helps To Reduce Free Radical Damage To Body Cells
Always Read The Label Follow The Directions For Use If Symptoms Persist Talk To Your Health Professional Vitamin Supplements Should Not Replace A Balanced Diet

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    I'm a healthy person. Do I still need to take Multivitamin.. ? 🤔


      Please do send us some feedback if it also works on Planet Pandora…

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      I'm not sure how many of us are truly qualified to answer that.

      I eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, but really don't know the nutrient availability (age, storage, quality of soil etc).

      So I take one every day, and understand my body will pass what it doesn't need/use. I'm no expert - just seems like a cheap insurance policy.

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        Then just listen to the people who are qualified who all say there is almost zero benefit from them.


        If you're really worried then eat some liver, all the things you need in their most usable (for humans) forms. Many synthetic vitamins and minerals can't be as readily absorbed by the body.

        E.g. this contains "1mg Iron (from Ferrous Fumarate)", 1mg is nothing and you'll be absorbing bugger all of it as it's non-heme Iron.
        Incidentally, it's one of the reasons given as to why vegan women often stop getting their periods, even with iron supplementation. The body desperately trying to hold on to what little iron is left and is unable to absorb much of the non-heme iron.


      Not really if you have a healthy, balanced diet.

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      If you are a vegan, yes

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    The recommended dosage on this one is 2 tablets per day. So there's really only 100 servings in this bottle. The value is not as good as I first thought it was.


      Not all multivitamins are created equal. The cheaper brands usually have less quantity of ingredients and more fillers. Blackmores is the best vitamin/supplement brand in Aus.


    Cheers! Picked up two bottles with Subscribe and Save. :)

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    Woolworths is also $7 but says only half price of $14

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      Chemist warehouse ajust there RRP every day it seems I find them real bad if u lift the labels the price under the tag was cheaper before it went on sale Ive pulled them up a few times then I took pictures and sent to Accc.


    Cheers just got my cheap insurance policy

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    Skipping the "vitamins don't replace a balanced diet" argument… unfortunately a cheap multivitamin such as this is only marginally better than nothing at all. Basically all these cheap multis use the cheapest active ingrediends that are poorly absorbed by your body. Expensive urine is a blanket expression I don't like to use because it generally misses the point, but in this case it kinda fits.

    Higher quality highly bioavailable is the way to go if you want results and that's going to cost a lot more than $14 but whats the price of good health? The problem with the balanced diet is, it's actually very hard to get everything you need daily from diet alone, the idea is to suppliment a good diet with vitamins rather than expecting vitamins to be the magic bullet, but I'm sure everyone gets that.

    IHerb is a good place to start.

    By all means neg me if you don't like the truth and continue to believe this multi will fix everything. Better yet, one of you should explain how I'm so wrong about cheap multis, that would add value to the thread.


      Can you recommend any better brand?


        The brands recommended by my doctors / healthcare professionals are always the same… blackmores, ethical nutrients/inner health, thompsons, or their professional/practitioner counterparts (bioceuticals, eagle and metagenics)…

        I don’t actually know if they do make a difference but I know that when it comes to probiotics (if I use them), that the inner health brand has been way better than any other brand I have ever used. I do feel a difference on those.

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    The dosage is 2 capsules, so the 200 capsules bottle is equivalent to a 100 capsule bottle. So $7, becomes $14. For $14, you could get the Cenovis Mens or Womens ones for $12.99 here:



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    Vitamin supplements are scams.

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    No point taking a multivitamin unless you actually need one because of a poor diet. If you do need one though, this one is on the list recommended by the RPA Hospital Allergy Unit as not containing any additives that have known negative reactions. So at least it's safe.