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50% off Nature's Own Products @ Chemist Warehouse


50% off sale at the moment for Natures Own @ Chemist warehouse Ends March 5, 2021

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  • Might want to correct title as it says 40%

  • Most people don't need vitamin supplements… Except for probably vegans.

    • But then the pharmacy chains wouldn’t have their high profit…

    • last i read, many has vitamin D deficiency

      not enough sun ? or wear too much

      • Actually that's a very good point

        There also seems to be a misunderstanding of what sufficient levels are and what amount to supplement (UI) each day.


        Going off on a tangent, but I've always thought this entire pandemic could've been avoided if everyone (truly) deficient had supplemented vitamin d at 8-10k UI per day. In the context of coronavirus, there's a casual link between vitamin d deficiency and susceptibility as well as vitamin d deficiency and bad outcomes.

    • With all the alcohol deals posted here I'm sure some people need a little B1 boost

  • It’s just so frustrating that iron supplements can be labelled with iron so obviously.

    Nature’s own - https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/20832/nature-s-own-i...

    Only has 16 mg of ferrous fumurate, and doesn’t contain vitamin c, which actually would help. Compare that to ferro tab which has 200 mg… one would need to take 12 tablets of nature’s plus one to have the same effect as one tablet of ferro tab, and even then, a lot of times it still doesn’t work…

    There really should be more restrictions in the marketing of supplements.

    • Does the ferro go on sale often?

    • ferrograd C also costs like $15 but does contain i think 30 tablets?

      you also get constipation with those as their iron content is so high, so maybe as this is a supplement they are just not wanting to increase the content so high?
      it's a lot easier to change your dosage when the tablets contain less, rather than go the other way around

    • Ferro has 105mg of elemental Iron. My doctor has me on Maltofer for an Iron Deficiency which has 100mg of elemental iron but apparently it’s gentler on the stomach an less likely to cause constipation.
      Seeing as this is amount is what someone with a deficiency takes, it’s probably a good idea that there are brands with less in them for those that want some upkeep. As my dose is likely too much iron and could lead to issues. Not all tablets with the “highest amount” are fit for everyone.
      As for vitamin C, yet it helps with Iron absorption but not all those deficient in Iron are deficient in vitamin C. So it shouldn’t be an automatic inclusion.

  • 50% off is normal