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Toothpastes: Tom's of Maine Whole Care $1.20, Oral-B Gum Detoxify (German Made) $3 @ Coles


So normally most would get their toothpaste at Reject shop all made in China, India or Malaysia

Now you get Tom of Maine from USA and Oral B from Germany for a really cheap price of $1.20 and $3 respectively

I have used both toothpaste and they are really good stuff. Tom of Maine never ever go on sale for that cheap. It is regulated by CEO Tom in Maine, and Grandpa Tom would roll in his grave to see his toothpaste selling for less than a US dollar a pop!!

I bought so many to stock up.

Even catch.com.au sells Tom of Maine for $6.99 a tube imagine the profit they make when we could have got it for $1.20 a tube!

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  • Reduced to clear… Obviously no one buys it.

  • I have been uaing gum detoxify for last year or so and its really good. But it drops down to 6$ at half price. 3 $ is awesome

    • You better stock up as I think the shops are no longer stocking the Gum detoxify one, my dentist recommended me to use this as I have gum inflammation and she gave me a few sample size toothpaste to try and they are great, among them the "enamel restore & gum care" I tried gave me allergic reaction and my mouth has a thin layer peel off after using it each time so I now stick to the Gum detoxify only. I have been looking for it in all supermarkets but they don't stock them anymore so when I stumbled on it at the Sunnybank Hills Coles store at $3 at clearance, I bought 8 to hopefully last long enough for Oral B to bring out another product which is equivalent to this. Don't know why the shops no longer stock it, not sure if it has something to do with the ingredients violating the regulations ???? Anyone knows ???

  • Colgate Palmolive bought out Tom's in 2006. Their products are still good.

    This is a great price!

  • German made…? as long as it was made in ww2 id trust it.

    • Not if it was towards the end of the war. When the Germans were suffering heavy casualties towards the end of the war, they cut a lot of corners.

  • I buy CEDEL, made in Australia. Works well enough.

  • So much marketing in toothpaste, it is crazy. Having active fluoride should be the most important ingredient to most. The most common types are Sodium Fluoride and Sodium Monofluorophosphate. What I really like about Oral B Gum Detoxify is that it contains the better Stannous Fluoride. It does everything the other fluorides do but has extra benefits, like treating gingivitis and helping with sensitivity plus many more. When a good toothpaste costs less than a trip to coffee shop, we shouldn't cheap out on it. Toothpaste is the smallest and best investment you can make for a lifetime of healthy chompers.

    Thanks op I will be stocking up on some Oral B. Your post deserves more up-votes.

    • "Monofluorophosphate" is the word I brought into year 7 when we had to come in with the longest word we could find, before the age of the internet. I don't think any other kid broke 11 letters.

      • I can see smart little you checking the ingredients of everything to be top of the class tee(th)rex.

  • thanks 4agte I like both the gum detoxify and the Tom's whole care I switch back and forth but they both give you a good start to the day - very refreshing and couple with a really good quality soft toothbrush it's heaven!

    so I did a quick check in USA for the same Tom's I posted at $1.20 they only come in one size.

    take a look in US$ and you also need to add state tax in USA the tax is added when you check out usually 7 to 11 %

    so as you can see you couldn't pry this off the slits of tight ass - it's really mega nano tight ass! it's tight ass to the power on nth infinity

  • Toms deodorant is best I have ever used. Doesn't have an annoying smell, nice tree smell.

  • Still waiting for Tom of Finland toothpaste….

  • So normally most would get their toothpaste at Reject shop all made in China, India or Malaysia

    Nope, Aldi's is made in Australia 140g/$1.79
    Nope, Oral B was $1 @ Reject Shop, made in Germany

    • That is a different version of Oral B that is regularly dirt cheap in most places. The gum detoxify is a more expensive version and doesn't have the abrasive feel of the other one. The gum detoxify is my favourite tooth paste but also a rip off unless you get it for half price of better.

      We have the Tom's of Maine right now and I'm really disappointed with it. It probably cleans OK but it doesn't leave your mooth feeling fresh.

  • Can anyone else confirm if this is nationwide?

    • I found the oral b in Adelaide. I think this maybe a discontinued product, so stock levels may vary store to store.

  • oral B makes me feel like the lining of my mouth is coming off.

    • They make a lot of toothpastes. Was it one of their cheaper ones?

    • That's the basic end, which is still expensive. It's very abrasive. The gum detoxify doesn't do that. They have a very confusing set of products so it's no wonder most people stick to something else.