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[PS4] The Walking Dead: Complete Season One $5.38 (was $17.95)/Bridge Constructor:The Walking Dead $8.97 (was $14.95) - PS Store


Great prices for these two Walking Dead games - all time lowest on the PlayStation Store.
Walking Dead Season One is a great deal at this price and definitely a must buy if you like Telltale games.
Note that the sale for Walking Dead Complete Season One ends on 4 March 2021.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0822-PPSA02346...


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  • Best to buy the walking dead definitive edition Telltale game

    • For trophies hunters, best to buy single seasons for more platinum trophies than only 1 platinum from definitive edition.

      • Yer true but the game has issues and it’s all fixed up and looks way better in the definitive edition

        Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game and I own this version too just letting everyone know who may be interested what’s the best one to get

        • Yes mate. I agree with you. I have a physical copy of definitive edition for collection and digital seasons. Enjoyed it very much. The only complaint was that we only get one platinum trophy from definitive edition.

  • Never played Walking Dead TT, but played the Game of Thrones one and loved it. Worth a pick up?

    Also what is the bridge game, never heard of it. Has anybody played it? Love the show

  • If you happen to have Game Pass, the entire Walking Dead is on there if you want to save some cash. :)

  • The Walking Dead Season 2 is same price for those interested.

  • Thanks OP - you reminded me to check on the price of the definitive collection as I hadn't looked in a while and was previously always around $60.

    Grabbed it on Xbox for under $30 delivered from OzGameshop last night :)

    I think the PS4 version is around $40-$42 if you're on the hunt.

    Now I can offload the prior collection disc/set as it didn't include the final season, and also the separate final season disc.