Time Lapse / Security Camera with Manually Adjustable Zoom and Focus

I'm after a video camera to monitor a piece of plant equipment that has an intermittent fault. I'd like to set it up a couple metres away from the equipment (a transition in a conveyor belt, about 50cm wide and about 1m long)) and be able to clearly see boxes about 10cm cube moving along it - not too fast, about half a metre every second. Can be an IP camera (Ethernet only, no wifi) or (preferably) have it's own storage (8 hours is enough) or wired to a dedicated box / hard drive. Also need it ASAP so a brick and mortar store, even Harvey Norman, preferred.

I see lots of security cams at bunnings, etc. but not sure how well they'd work with a task like this.

Can anyone recommend something that fits the bill?


  • A GoPro could do timelapse like this for you with minimal effort.

  • Is "time lapse" what you really want? With time lapse, the camera takes an image, waits a while, then takes another image, waits a while, and so on. When you play it back, time seems to be moving faster, however you're really missing a lot of what happened. You didn't say what you were trying to capture, but could it be that the thing you're looking for happens while the camera is not "looking"?

  • my wyze camera can do that, pretty neat adjustments for time-lapse on sd card, but it's Amazon USA import.
    also my viofo dashcam, but can you get the car to be properly aligned on that conveyer belt? :)

  • I ended up getting a Swann security camera system - 4 cams plus HD for $300. Did the job well. Will repurpose it for its original intent at some point.