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CP Authentic Asia Prawn Wonton Ramen Soup 6Pk $16.99,Kirkland Signature Portuguese Tart $13.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


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  • Anyone tried the soup and want to offer an opinion?

    • you mean the wonton noodle soup?

      that freezer gets empty when it goes on sale at Costco. at $2.85 a serving its cheap lunch, i wouldn't call the noodles ramen unless they have recently changed it.

    • Surprisingly good for its price. If you can follow the cooking instruction to the letter, the noodle ain’t half bad. The wontons are solid with prawns and taste better than expected. They even include a few green leaves in the soup. The bowl once prepared looks like a proper wonton noodle soup you can find in restaurant, in smaller portion. All in all, good instant food at an ok price.

    • They are really good. I bought a box and have been bringing them to work for lunch. The noodles are really good, and you actually get decent amount of wonton in them ~5-6. I originally thought these were going to be really salty, but the soup is nicely seasoned. It is obviously msg, but they don't go crazy with it.

      I'm def gonna go and get more at this price.

    • Yes, surprisingly good and addictive. Decent amount of prawn in wonton. Only thing i don't like is that it takes up so much room in freezer.

  • Love how they make it like they are doing you a service for discounting it.

    But the wonton noodle soups are great! Though they waste a lot of freezer space

    • i try to buy more when they are on sale, but cant even fit more then 2 boxes of them in my freeze when its empty lol

      • you'd need a HUGE freezer and own a house to have this haha

        • i keep 1 box in the work freezer and pray no one steals any, we have a small workplace and i can sniff out who's stolen my noodles