Where Can I Find a 65W+ PPS USB PD Charger?

Looking for a charger for both my laptop and my Samsung Galaxy S20+. The laptop can charge up to 65W through USB C and the phone can do up to 25W. In order to get super fast 25W charging for the S20 I hear you either need a Samsung charger or something with PPS technology like the ZMI Zpower Turbo 65W.

However, I haven't been able to find any options that are compatible with Australian Powerpoints. Anyone got any suggestions?


  • Actually the ZMI Zpower Turbo 65W wall charger does not have PPS but the ZMI 65W powerbank does.

    I have both and a Samsung Note 10+ and have tested them.

  • I bought a xiaomi powerbank 3 or PM072M - 20000Mah - simply amazing - charges laptop and phone.

    On the laptop it transfers power very quickly (good thing) and can charge phone about 3/4ish times
    Is the best powerbank I've owned - a bit more pricey but works flawlessly

    Consider the Xiaomi range for sure

  • Lenovo has one. I got one but not sure if 45W or 65W. Suspect 45W PD. My Lenovo original power brick is 65W. Depending on your laptop you might be able to do with a 45W.

    It is the PD standard you are worried about which most laptop USB-C chargers would be compliant and written in the specs.

  • I have an Aukey PA-Y12 that claims PPS support, but it seems to be discontinued. Anything that's QC4+ might(?) also support PPS.

    If you want 45W charging, you'll also need an e-marker cable supporting 5A, and a power supply that can do ~4.5A @ ~10V. Just 25W should work with a normal 3A cable.

    On the charger side, there really don't seem to be that many options available. There's a fairly comprehensive list of chargers and supported outputs at https://switchchargers.com/chargers/. Unfortunately, only some 3-4 chargers listed there even support PPS, and none of them come in an AU variant.

    Your best bet is to either use a plug adapter (ugh), get a Samsung official charger (many chargers, but at least it'd definitely work), live with slower charging (better for the battery?), or wait another year or so and hope more options open up.

  • have you found any? there arent many GaN charger with PPS that also has AU plug, such a shame.

  • Checkout Powerpod-66 at zyrontech.com

    Has AU Plug changeable and supports PPS






    C1+A1: PD45W(PPS:3.3V-11V/4A) + QC18W(SCP:5V/4.5A,4.5V/5A)

    C2+A1: PD45W(PPS:3.3V-11V/4A) + QC18W(SCP:5V/4.5A,4.5V/5A)

    C1+C2+A1: PD30W(PPS:3.3V-11V/3A) + PD18W(PPS:3.3-5.9V/3A) +QC18W (Max 66W)

  • I found a lot GaN chargers with PD3.0 PPS in Google.